What is a focus keyword? More practical examples of focus keywords (2023)

Did you know that focus keywords are one of the most important aspects of SEO? Without focus keywords and keyword phrases, your content will not be optimized properly and will be less likely to rank in search results.

To give your site the best chance of ranking and getting targeted traffic, you should use a focus keyword or phrase for each piece of content.

The question is, how do you find and use a focus keyword for SEO accents?

In this article we will analyze the following:

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  • What is a focus keyword? How does this help SEO?
  • How to find the perfect focus keyword
  • How to use a focus keyword in WordPress
  • How to track if your focus keywords are working

Here we go.

What is a focus keyword? How does this help SEO?

A focus keyword isa keyword or keyword phrase that you select for content (for example, a blog post, article, or page) to focus on in order to rank in search results.

Focusing your content on a keyword or phrase is the best way to rank your content in search results. Of course, there are other aspects of SEO that are very important, but using akeyword focussets up your content for initial success.

When Google's crawler views your page or post, they want to see that your content matches a topic (or key phrase). Don't confuse Google by writing about more than one topic in a single piece of content! Using a focus keyword can help you avoid this.

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You're more likely to rank for your keyword phrase on Google Search if you follow all the best practices for using focus keywords. Read on to find out what they are!

How to find the perfect focus keyword

To find the best focus keyword for your content, you need to do keyword research. Without keyword research, you can only guess what your target audience is looking for. After investigation, youknowledgewhat they are looking for.

Here's how to find the perfect focus keyword for your next article:

Use a keyword research tool

Before you start typing, you need to find out what your audience is typing into search. To do this, use the keyword research tool of your choice. There's so much to choose from! We recommendSemrush(free or paid),Ahrefs keyword generator,Ubersuggest, oword flow.

For this example, let's say you sell used musical instruments. A large part of its audience are parents looking for a used instrument for their child who is just starting out. You want to write an article about the best children's instruments geared towards these parents.

if we useSemrushTo explore this topic, let's find some potential keyword phrases you can target with strong monthly search volume:

  • The best instruments for kids - Volume 210
  • Best instrument for children to learn - Volume 90
  • easiest instrument for a child to learn - Volume 320
  • Best Musical Instrument for 4 Year Olds - Volume 140
  • Musical instruments for babies - Volume 90
  • Musical Instruments for 5 Year Olds - Volume 170

Our research now shows that "the easiest instrument for a child to learn" has a volume of 320, but "better" and "easier" are not the same thing. So let's save it for another blog post.

For this post, we chose “best instruments for kids” as our main keyword, with some titles breaking the article down by age.

Another example of a focus keyword

For this example, let's say you have a travel blog and you want to write a post about the best mountain hikes. If you are looking for your "ultimate mountain hike".keywordsearch tool, you will see something like this:

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What is a focus keyword? More practical examples of focus keywords (1)

This research shows that more people search for hikes in specific mountain ranges or parks than the general term "mountain hikes". This is great inspiration for more blog posts!

There's still a volume of 210 "best mountains to hike" monthly searches, so let's assume you pick that one. Let's go ahead and search and see what we find. These are the titles of the top 5 Google search results when we enter "best mountains to hike":

  1. 15 Best Places to Hike in North America | usa news travel
  2. The 25 best hikes in the world right now - Outside Online
  3. Best Hike in Every State - Fora Online
  4. The 15 best places to hike – Wildland Trekking Blog
  5. 18 Best Hikes in the US | Travel + Leisure

Good thing we researched this term before deciding to use it! Google pretty much ignores "mountains" and only shows the best overall hikes. Based on this research, you should scrap your idea and focus on the best hikes in general or hikes in specific mountain ranges or parks. any of the otherssearch termsfrom our keyword research above would be a great focus keyword.

How to use a focus keyword in WordPress

Now that you have your focus keyword, it's time to write your post around it. The best way to achieve this is with aWordPress-SEO-Complement: All in one SEO.

What is a focus keyword? More practical examples of focus keywords (2)

All-in-one SEO (AIOSEO)is a great plugin that can help you to scoreOnpage-SEOtactics and bring in more traffic. The plugin has powerful features that not only allow you to easily manipulate your title, meta description, layout and more, but also scan your content and give you specific, actionable tips for improvement to keep you on SEO success for get set up.

After writing your article and filling in your title and meta description, you can enter a focus keyphrase:

What is a focus keyword? More practical examples of focus keywords (3)

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The all-in-one SEO plugin will examine your article content, title, meta description, and more to see if it's well-optimized.

What is a focus keyword? More practical examples of focus keywords (4)

You can then scroll down for even more.Onpage-SEOSuggestions in the Analytics section of the page. Use the tabs above to see all the suggestions:

What is a focus keyword? More practical examples of focus keywords (5)

How to track if your focus keywords are working

Great, you've used the focus keyphrase field in All-in-One SEO for all of your posts and optimized your articles accordingly. So how do you keep track of which ones are working and which items need more?SEO effortsrange in search?

Analytics is your answer. The best news is that you don't need to be a Google Analytics expert to track your focus keyphrases, just use it.accurate metrics!

What is a focus keyword? More practical examples of focus keywords (6)

ExactMetrics makes it easy to track which of your posts, pages, and focus keyphrases perform best, right in your WordPress dashboard.

ExactMetrics comes with a complete list of things to configure and monitor in Google Analytics and the WordPress dashboard. our morepopular resourcesto contain:

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  • Simplyimproved e-commerce setupand tracking by WooCommerce
  • main protrusions andTop Affiliate Link Clicks
  • GDPR compliance
  • displacement tracking
  • Formularverfolgung
  • Widget for popular posts or products
  • And more

With ExactMetrics, all your most important metrics are in your WordPresspanel.

now back toFokus-Keyphrase-Tracking. Not only can you see which posts and pages are performing best at any given time, but you can also configure ExactMetrics to track yours.Focus AIOSEO - Key Phrases. You can quickly see which focus keyphrases work best:

What is a focus keyword? More practical examples of focus keywords (7)

Using this data, you can decide which topics you want to expand to drive even more traffic, or which may not bring you the expected traffic.

To set up focus keyphrase tracking, you need ExactMetrics in theProfessional level. So follow ourGoogle Analytics Custom Dimensions: The Complete Beginner's Guide.

That is all!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on using focus keywords to improve your site's overall SEO. Did you know that ExactMetrics can also get your AIOSEO TruSEO score from Google Analytics and WordPress? visit theEssential On Page SEO Guide for WordPressfor more information on how to track your TruSEO score.

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