Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices and Benefits (2023)

What the website reveals about this company


When I first visited the PhdEssay website, I thought it looked good, if a bit generic. The black design and personal image of the project create an elegant impression. But when I scroll down, I see that the palette has suddenly changed. Bright white will turn pale green. It doesn't look like a good fit - it looks like someone mixed colors and patterns in random combinations. This is a factThe best sites to write your essayTrying to look as attractive as possible to attract more clients, I think PhdEssay fails at this. Then there's the problem of too much text everywhere. Chat box messages, the chat window that appears on the other side, are offers to read samples and hire writers. This creates an overwhelming feeling.

Is PhdEssay Good at Explaining Everything Your Website Does? partially. It provides limited information and students must start ordering to find relevant details. This is the only way to find out what services a company focuses on and how much those services are worth. Samples and plagiarism checking are available from Better News. Finally, there is content. The text on this site is small and I can see why: they have language errors, especially punctuation. Whoever wrote them had a soft spot for using hyphens throughout. A little editing wouldn't hurt. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices and Benefits (1)

Academic services and sample collection available


Because I didn't find PhDEssay reviews online, I couldn't see how many topics students described. There is also a problem with the website as it does not mention what services customers can request. To find out, you need to place an order. I don't like that, I don't think so.Best essay editing servicesWill use this method forever. It sounds like a scam: You tell these people what you want and they immediately connect you with an expert in that field. What if your topic is weird? What prevents companies from supplying writers who have no knowledge in their field to make money? They will meet your needs, but they will not provide a list of services that they will definitely offer. In theory, you can find help here for anything from theses to projects, dissertations, research and other assignments.

During my review, I was curious about the samples. They deal with free assignments on different academic topics that students can use as homework guides. Although the company is relatively new, they have a collection that amazes me. I was impressed. There are many categories, with a total of almost 100,000 samples available. I picked one at random for my review.

title: Positive and negative effects of technology on family life

length:5 pages

analyzes:The quality of this final work is low. It starts with a direct quote without reference, which counts as plagiarism. Shocking that the company would publish something like this as an example of their author's work. Paragraphs are very short: less than three sentences, which is necessary in academic papers. There are grammatical errors, the style is too simplistic, and the authors use mostly non-academic sources.

quality:low Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices and Benefits (2)

Explore our PhDEssay review policy


It is important to know your company's policies. onlyBest Essay Writing Services ReviewsThey are given attention because most people find the idea of ​​reading a lot of boring text unpleasant. I'm used to it after all the reviews I've written so it's an easy challenge for me. Let's start with privacy. Companies list all types of information collected from customers. This is good, but the variety of this information makes me cringe. They will learn as much as possible about it by trusting whatever source you give them, knowingly and unknowingly. Without a PhdEssay review, I can't say what students think about it and whether they noticed it.

The agency also acknowledged that it distributes personal customer data to third parties. Technically, the components are all connected. They share a line of business, which means they can be marketers or focus group researchers. However, knowing that your data could be in anyone's hands is unsettling and unsafe. Revisions are unlimited and refundable. Looks great, doesn't it? Theoretically yes, but practice shows that not everything is so simple. Companies don't like refunds, and if the student receives the paper and automatically agrees to pay the writer, that's it. Your chances of getting a refund are slim to none. PhdEssay should really improve the way you approach clients.

How the PhdEssay Operator Works


PhdEssay offers several ways to communicate with its staff. You can strictly rely on a bot called James to place orders and see how many offers writers are giving you. He is a charming man who will always understand and conscientiously convey your words to the relevant specialists. I love him because interactions with him are quick and easy. Talking to a human operator proved much more difficult. While the company shared email and phone numbers, it declined to respond to the students' requests. I have a feeling he wants to save time, so he trusts James.

If there are more reviews, I'm sure they will share my experience. I have tried many times to contact a human operator but never succeeded. They didn't respond when I needed them, and when I did, it was hours or even days later. More importantly, they sound annoyed, like they wish they were anywhere but here talking to me. I'm not a big fan of this because it's the operator's job to make customers feel comfortable. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices and Benefits (3)

Analysis of paper quality for my readers


I know what students want most in a PhDEssay review: high quality information. How reliable is a company? Can your experts actually follow academic guidelines? I ordered Sociology and asked for 5 pages to arrive within 2 weeks. Soon after, I received dozens of messages from writers expressing their desire to work on my article. Unfortunately, most of them sound unprofessional and eager to earn at least something. They swore they understood my duty and would do it to the best of their ability. Everyone gave their prices and I picked a candidate at random. I paid $75 which is the average of the most expensive market prices. There are lower offers, but I have done this.

My PhDEssay review shows that my concerns are justified. The author did not submit my paper by my deadline. They contacted me three hours before closing, asking for more time and citing an emergency. Are they likely to actually experience delays due to unforeseen circumstances? for sure. It happens sometimes. But so much has happened during my exposure to various academic services. I can't do anything but tell my writers to hurry up. I didn't give a specific new deadline and the paper didn't arrive that day. It came almost two days later and by then I was pissed. When I started reading, I was shocked. Without a doubt, this is one of the worst pieces of production I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. There are grammatical errors, complete violation of academic rules, occasional arguments and uncertain thoughts. I request an immediate reconsideration. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices and Benefits (4)

Placing an order: how it happened


Ordering at seems easy. It still has drawbacks. You must place your order through James the bot.

  1. Briefly describe your project.Click on the window named James. Start asking questions: choose any subject or topic you like, mention the due date and the size of the task.
  2. upload files.If you have instructions ready, please share them. Upload your files. You can also choose to do it later.
  3. Choose an author.Depends on you. Many writers will contact you, and how they contact you is my main concern. They sound hungry and most of their information is wrong, which doesn't inspire confidence.
  4. Fill the account with money.Add the desired amount to your account.
  5. After reading an article, release the remaining amount.If you like your order, pay the balance to your specialist. If you don't like it, you can apply for a check, but you won't be able to transfer money to your card. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices and Benefits (5)

Is academic writing expensive here?


Another reason many students are interested in PhD thesis reviews is the price. How much should they pay for the services of this company? Because it has a bidding system, there is no fixed system. Authors can ask anything they want, from ridiculously large amounts to suspiciously small amounts. I was not happy with my initial choices, they were too expensive. Things will only get better when more offers come out. Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices and Benefits (6)

Do you want to be a real expert or a non-expert?


After reading his message, I feel sorry for my writers, it is not a professional practice. I did not find them competent in English or the subjects I ordered. As you know, the detailed PhdEssay review left me very disappointed.

Could a modification improve the situation?

As you can see from the ratings I give in this section, the mod isn't very effective. You have 14 days to put them in, but you must give writers at least 12 hours after the previous deadline. This can greatly increase your time. To make matters worse, my review had nothing. If a bug disappeared, I didn't notice it: everything looked as bad as I remembered.

Free tools for students


I like what companies havecopy checkersand provide them for free. PhdEssay also has this option but what I don't like is that it is ineffective and the company is misleading. The more academic tools the site has, the better. PhdEssay appears to have at least 4, but on closer inspection it is clear that they are the same. There is "Originality Checker", "Plagiarism Finder", "Plagiarism Scanner" and "Copyright Detector". Pest Checker has a different name and doesn't work very well. I used a plagiarized article and didn't notice.

Read PhD thesis reviews or try

I found no reviews on any general platform. This surprised me because PhdEssay has been around for several years. You only have reviews on your site but they are fake.


without comments.

trust the pilot

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without comments.

doctoral thesis Review 2023: Services, Discounts, Prices and Benefits (7)

Check out this circus. Do you think students writing PhD reviews will use their names and photos publicly? Yeah, I don't think so either.

social media

The company has Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles, but they are outdated and do not engage with students.

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