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1 Early 2012 Saturday, March 10, 2012 James L. Knight International Center2 The call begins on Saturday, March 10...

2012 Begins Saturday, March 10, 2012 James L. Knight International Center

Opening Session Saturday March 10, 2012 | 12:00 Procession (please stand up) "Pomp and Circumstance".......................... ... .... . . ........................................... ................................................................ .. Mister. edward elgar

Alumni of the Order of the Procession, Faculty, Club Bearers, Convocation Speakers, Board of Directors, Officials, Academic Leadership

Presentation of the Color Porta "Stars and Stripes" ........................................ .. .... .... .. .................................. .. ........... ..... . ................................ .......... ....Francis Scott Keys sung by Ms. Ashley Shaw, Kaplan University Admissions Counselor Please take your hat off during The Star-Spangled Banner.

Order of welcome events to the Probst ................................................ . ................ .................................. . ....... ........ . .................................. Dr. Geri Malandra, Dean, Announces American Freedom Foundation Scholarship .. . . ... ............ Mrs. Karri Turner Recognition Awards ............ ...................................................... .................. ............................ . ....................... ....... ..... .. ........ Dr. Geri Malandra, Message from the Rector President......................................... ..... . ..................................... ....... .... .. .. . .................................................. ..Dr. Wade Dyke, President's Positive Speech............................................... . .. ... ...................................... ... . ..... . ...........................Coach Tony Dungy Delivery of diplomas. ................................................................ .. .................................................. .... ... .... ........... Dr. Geri Malandra, Rector Postgraduate Recognition...... ...... ......... ......... . ............................ DR. Wade Dyke, President, and Dr. Geri Malandra, Provost Closing Remarks..................................... ..................... ..... . ................................................................ .. ................ ... . ................................................................ .. . .dr Geri Malandra, dean

Recession (All guests remain standing until the last graduate leaves.)

You may be photographed, videotaped, or filmed by authorized persons during the Kaplan University Winter 2012 Graduation Ceremony. Your presence/admission constitutes permission for Kaplan University to use these images. Commercial photography or filming is prohibited without the permission of Kaplan University.

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The live stream is available online at

www.graduation.kaplan.edu Courtesy...

• Remain seated during the ceremony. Professional photographers will photograph each graduate when they receive a diploma. Photos of the ceremony can be purchased later. • For everyone's safety, please do not stand in the aisles or on chairs. • Turn off all cell phones or set them to vibrate. • To make sure everyone enjoys the event, we ask that crying or whining children be taken outside.

A Special Gift for Those Who Served Our Country Immediately following the ceremony, all graduates who have served in the United States Armed Forces or who are spouses of active duty military personnel are invited to stop by the Center's booth Military Student Support Center (near the glass wall in the Hyatt lobby).

Kaplan University American Freedom Foundation Scholarship Kaplan University is proud to partner with the American Freedom Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping service members and their families. Today, Kaplan University is proud to welcome Ms. Karri Turner, an actress whose roles include Lt. Harriet Sims on the television series JAG. Ms. Turner has made more than 12 trips abroad since 2001, lifting the spirits of men and women serving in areas as remote as Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Korea, Kuwait and Uzbekistan. She is a board member of the American Freedom Foundation.

Karri Turner Actress Karri Turner was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas. She is best known for her nine season run on the CBS television series JAG, in which she played Lieutenant Harriet Sims. Other television appearances include: Heroes, The Sarah Silverman Project, The X-Files, Suddenly Susan, Caroline in the City, and Kathy Griffin My Life on the D-List. Recent movies of hers include Get Smart and An American Carol.

Head Coach Tony Dungy Represented exclusively by the Washington Speakers Bureau Tony Dungy retired in 2009 after 31 years in the NFL. In 13 seasons as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dungy compiled an overall record of 148-79 and made the postseason an unprecedented 10 consecutive times. His teams have averaged more regular season wins than any head coach in NFL history. On February 4, 2007, Dungy became the first African-American coach to lead his team to a championship when his Colts defeated the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI. At 25, Dungy became the youngest assistant coach in league history at the time, and at 28, the youngest coordinator. As a player, Dungy won his first Super Bowl ring in 1978 as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers; He is one of only three people to win the Super Bowl as both a player and a head coach. After retiring from coaching, Dungy became an analyst for NBC's Football Night in America and was nominated for an Emmy in his first season as a television commentator. Known for a leadership style that emphasizes decency and respect, his priorities of faith and family were always evident in his upbringing. Dungy discussed these values, which were lauded and embraced by a group of his assistant coaches who took on NFL head coaching jobs, in his memoir, Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, and Priorities of a Winning Life, a No. 1 New York Times bestseller. Dungy's second book, a children's book titled You Can Do It!, reached No. 1 on The New York Times Children's Illustrated Books Best Seller list. In Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance, a New York Times bestselling hardcover advice book, Dungy charts a path to success and meaning in life and reflects on the lessons he learned from his parents throughout his life. career and learned through his trust. In August 2010, Dungy published The Mentor Leader, another New York Times bestseller in the hardcover advice category. Tony and his wife Lauren recently published a new book, You Can Be a Friend, which teaches kids what it means to be a good friend. Dungy is involved with a variety of organizations, including Abe Brown Ministries, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Dungy Family Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs, and All Pro Dad. In retirement, Dungy dedicates his passion and experience to the programs that inspire him, especially those that benefit and engage youth, and enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and children.

A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Turner spent years on stage. After graduation, he performed with the famed Groundlings Sunday comedy troupe and the West Coast Ensemble theater company. Ms. Turner is deeply involved with Stars for Stripes and the USO, organizations dedicated to providing celebrity entertainment for troops stationed overseas. He has participated in 13 foreign tours. Working closely with the National Youth Challenge, the Wounded Warrior Project, the American Freedom Foundation, and many other charities that support the US military, Ms. Turner is busy year-round supporting soldiers. She was a "regular" at Walter Reed and Bethesda visiting wounded heroes.


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Kaplan University Board of Trustees Kaplan University Board of Trustees Dr. Paul Bott Larry David (Vice President) Lisa Gefen Sicilian (Secretary) Lucien B. Gosselin Lieutenant General (Retired) Normand Lezy Gregory Marino Kay K. Runge (President )

DER KAPLAN UNIVERSITY EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS Andrew S. Rosen, JD, CEO, Kaplan, Inc. Gregory Marino, MBA, CEO, Kaplan University Group Wade Dyke, DPhil, President, Kaplan University Geri Malandra, PhD, Dean, Kaplan University John Staten, MBA, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, Kaplan University Group Ronald Zoromski, MBA, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Kaplan University Group Lisa Gefen Sicilian, JD, Chief Administrative Officer, Kaplan University Group Raghu Krishnaiah, MBA, Senior Vice President, Excellence in performance Sophie Vlessing, MBA, SVP, Strategic Marketing and Student Experience Betty Vandenbosch, PhD, Studiendekanin, Kaplan University Ron Kishen, MS, SVP, Campus Operations John Danaher, MD, President, Health Andrew Temte, PhD, Präsident, Connie Bosse School of Professional and Continuing Education, MBA, Vizepräsident, Öffentlicher Dienst Stephen Burnett, JD, Vizepräsident, Juristische Ausbildung

KAPLAN UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP Keith Smith, EdD, Vice Chancellor, Governance and Administration Kara VanDam, PhD, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs Lorraine Williams, PhD, Vice Chancellor, Curriculum and Innovation Sara Sander, PhD, Dean, Thomas Boyd College of Arts and Sciences , PhD , Dean, School of Business and Management Mike Brackin, EdD, Dean, Jodene DeKorte School of Criminal Justice, PhD, Drew Ross School of General Education, PhD, Dean, Ginger Cameron Graduate School, PhD, Interim Dean, David DeHaven School of Health Sciences, PhD, Dean, Frank DiMarino School of Information Systems and Technology, JD, LLM, Dean, Sheila Burke School of Legal Studies, RN, MSN, MBA, Dean, School of Nursing Greg Brandes, JD, Interim Dean , Concord School of Law

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Macebearer: Stephan DeLong, MS, President of the College Senate Readers: Connie Bosse, MBA, Vice President, Public Service Stephen Burnett, JD, Vice President, Legal Education John Danaher, MD, President, Health Andrew Temte, PhD, President, School Continuing and Professional Education Diploma Support: Thomas Boyd, PhD, Dean, David DeHaven School of Business and Management, PhD, Dean, Frank DiMarino School of Information Systems and Technology, JD, LLM, Dean, School of Legal Studies Drew Ross, PhD, Dean, Sheriffs Graduate School of Education: Erica Arnold-Wyche, MA, Full Professor, School of General Education Carol Edwards-Walcott, MEd, Full Professor, Lidia School of Information Systems and Technology Goris, MBA, Assistant Professor, School of Health Sciences Tim Kozyra, JD, Full Professor, School of Criminal Justice Penny Lorenzo, JD, Associate Faculty Dean, School of Legal Studies Patti Pelletier, EdD, Academic Chair, Millicent Richards College of Arts and Sciences, MSN, Full Professor, Lois Turetzky School of Nursing, EdD, Adjunct Professor, Graduate School Presenting the Colors of: Marine Corps Detachment 4 of the United States, 4th Tank Battalion, 4th Marine Division Hialeah, FL Singer: Ashley Shaw Sign Language Interpreter: Keith Muller Caroline Partin Photography: Jolesch Photography will contact students via email to request images.

We are especially grateful to the many Kaplan University staff members who have volunteered to serve as ambassadors. Your commitment makes a significant contribution to the success of the graduation ceremony.


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Nancy Moretti Recipient of Outstanding Teacher Award, EdD (ABD) College of Arts and Sciences The Outstanding Full-Time Teacher Award is presented to Nancy Moretti of the College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Moretti inspires her students by sharing her personal and professional experiences and by her cheerful and pleasant demeanor. Her students describe her as "incredible" and "extremely supportive," with one student commenting, "Professor Moretti gives great feedback and is ALWAYS engaging. I look forward to more teachers as committed to academic success as they are." Professor Moretti began her career at Kaplan University in 2007 and has more than 25 years of experience in the field of early childhood care and education. She has worked in the child care industry as a paraprofessional, lead teacher, principal, director and CEO and is the owner of the Just For Kids Early Childhood Learning Center in Smithfield, Rhode Island. She shares her extensive experience of owning and operating her own daycare with her peers and students to enhance and support the latest trends and philosophies in early childhood care and learning. Professor Moretti is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and the Association for Early Education International (ACEI). Congratulations to Professor Moretti.

Craig Owens, MSW, LCSW College of Arts and Sciences The Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award goes to Craig Owens of the College of Arts and Sciences. Professor Owens teaches courses in human services, social work, and cultural diversity and maintains his counseling practice in rural Maine. His students enjoy learning from his professional experience and he encourages them to apply what they have learned to work in the recruitment agency. "His work skills are transmitted to his class and he never judges: he gave us a great example," commented one of his students. Professor Owens began teaching at Kaplan University in 2009, giving him the opportunity to support and coach students and help them achieve their individual learning and growth goals. Professor Owens has worked for a variety of for-profit and non-profit health and social services organizations over the past several decades, most recently serving as manager of operations and vice president of clinical program services for two of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Maine. . He also took on the role of curriculum facilitator to influence all students with his vast knowledge and experience. Congratulations to Professor Owens on his Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award.


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Outstanding Teacher Award Nominees Full-Time Teacher Nominees

Candidates for Assistant Professors

Jeffrey Bailie, EdD, Graduate School John Berube, JD, Terry Campbell School of Legal Studies, MPA, Criminal Justice School Judith Cardenas, PhD, Graduate School Steven Cates, DBA, Jennifer Claire School of Business and Management , MS , Edward Cumella School of Health Sciences, PhD, Elizabeth Donnellan College of Arts and Sciences, MEd, Charles Fail College of Arts and Sciences, PhD, Jaclyn Felder-Strauss School of Business and Management, MS, School of Business and Administration Patricia Grace, MS, College of Arts and Sciences Rita Gunzelman, PhD, School of Business and Management Carol Hancock, DBA, Glen Jenewein School of Business and Management, MS, School of Information Systems and Technology Teresa Kelly, MA, School of General Education Jennifer Koslo, PhD, School of Health Sciences Dina Krois, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences Craig McCoy, PhD, School of Business and Management Jan McDanolds, MS, School of Systems and Technology at Information Martin McDerm or tt, MBA, School of Business and Management Nancy Moretti, MS, Hochschule der Künste und Wissenschaften Michelle Reinhardt, MA, School of Business and Management Michael Renick, MS, School of Information Technology and Systems Stanley Self, DBA Monique Sluymers Management School of Business and Administration, MIT, School of Information Systems and Technology Carolyn Stevenson, EdD, School of Arts and Sciences Jerry Taylor, MBA, School of Business Administration Leslie Young, MS, School of Health Sciences

Sarah Barrett, MS, College of Arts and Sciences Brian Baugus, PhD, School of Business and Management Deborah Bianchi West, MEd, School of Health Sciences Jay Blatt, MA, School of Information Systems and Technology Julia Blockberger, MBA, School of Business and Management Bruce Bordner, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences Susan Calhoun, MS, School of Business and Administration Jamie Camp, MS, College of Arts and Sciences Rhonda Chicone, PhD, School of Information Systems and Technology Melanie Clay, PhD , Escola de Pós-Graduação Bildung Heather Coffey, EdD, School of Graduate Education John Craddock, PhD, School of Business and Management Diana Dee, PhD, School of Information Systems and Technology Chet Effler, MA, School of Criminal Justice Debra Elliot, MS , College of Arts and Sciences Blake Escudier, PhD, Larry Farrer School of Business and Management, MS, David Forgues School of Information Systems and Technology, PhD, Kathleen Gambsky Graduate School of Education, MEd, Faculty of Arts and S W issenschaften Rebecca Gilliland, PhD, Cynthia Glewwe School of Health Sciences, MS, Martin Grill School of Health Sciences, MS, Stacie Haen-Darden School of Criminal Justice, MS, Dianne Hargrove School of Criminal Justice , MEd, Escola de Ciências da Saúde Virginia Hayden, MA, College of Arts and Sciences Jason Jackson, MS, School of Business and Management Kim James, MA em Rechnungswesen, School of Business and Management Ray Kalinski, PhD, School of Business and Management Edward Kaplan, MBA, School of Business and Management James Kent, JD, Steve Lazzare School of Legal Studies, PhD, Andre Lee College of Arts and Sciences, DPA, John Lee School of Health Sciences, MBA, School of Business and Management Elaine Lerner, JD, School of Business and Management Aline Major, MA, School of Criminal Justice Sheila McCray, MS, School of Health Sciences Michael McGivern, PhD, School of Information Systems and Technology Ph Ilomena McPhee-Brown, PhD, Michell e Medlin Graduate School of Education, ME d, Craig Owens School of Strafjustiz, MSW, Thomas Piotrowski College of Arts and Sciences, MA, Jean Riese College of Criminal Justice, MBA, College of Management and Business Cathlene Scoblionko, MSN, College of Health Sciences Brian Scully, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences Fahlino Sjuib, PhD, School of Business and Management Mary Springer, MA, School of General Education Andrea Standley, PhD, College of Arts and Science Janet Stebbins, MA, College of Arts and Sciences Tamra White, MA , School of Criminal Justice

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“USE WHAT YOU LEARNED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE” 1st Place: Alissa Lee, BS Human Services 2nd Place: April Teichrow, BS Nursing 3rd Place: Shonee Smith, BS Health Honors: • Michelle Bright - Mack , MBA • Dwanna Crowder, MPH • Kimberly Parks, Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology • Ashley Stoutt, BSS

Alissa Lee Graduate Alissa Lee made a commitment 14 years ago to do what she loves: working with children. She started her own daycare and continued to be a strong single mom to her two children. In addition, she renewed her commitment to make this world a better place for children to grow up, and she felt drawn to the most disadvantaged: orphans around the world. Ella alissa she knew she needed to educate herself to make the impact she wanted. Today, Alissa is earning her Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Child and Family Care. Her upbringing inspired her to think deeply about the challenges of international adoption and the needs of orphans. In 2011, Alissa was inspired to start a charity called Sweet Miracles 4 Kids (sweetmiracles4kids.weebly.com) that sells chocolates and candies. In 2011 alone, Alissa's charity raised $8,000 to fund two mission trips to orphanages in the Philippines, bringing much-needed supplies and joy to the children in these orphanages. In 2012, she plans to expand her work to help families raise adoption funds and to help graduate Joana, an 18-year-old orphan who overcame difficulties to become a high school valedictorian. Check out the winning entry at alissaleeinspirecontest.weebly.com.

ACADEMIC AWARDS Students who earn an associate's or bachelor's degree are eligible to receive academic honors based on the following criteria: * Cum Laude: Students who graduate with a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 to 3.69. ** Magna Cum Laude: Students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.70 to 3.79. ↑ Summa Cum Laude: Students graduating with an overall grade point average of 3.80 to 4.0. ^^ Kaplan University Excellence Award: Students graduating with a 4.0 cumulative GPA.

HONOR SOCIETIES Cords 2012 Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society ............................................ .... ............. . ................................................................ .. ................ .................. .. Alpha Phi Sigma Red and Blue Honor Society. ................................................... ... .. ......................... Wealthy Ambassadors entwined in royal blue and gold and Executives ............ ..................................... . ................................................................ .. .................................................. .... Black gold and white keys International Honor The Company.................................. ............. ....... ............................. .............................................. .... .. . .. .....Blue and Gold School of Nursing, Kaplan University International Honor Society. ............. .......... ............................ ................. ...... .. ... ............... Garnet Kappa Delta Pi... ............ .......... ....... ..... ...................... .......................... ...... .. ................... ..............Purple and Green with Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society Ornament. .......................... ............ ......... . ........................ ................ ......... . ...................................... National Red and White Society of Collegiate Scholars ... .... ............................. ............ .... ................... Brown and Gold with Psi Chi Ornament......... ............... . ....... .......... ........... ............ ............................................................ ............ ....... ..................Sigma Beta Delta Platinum and Dark Blue Honor Society. . ...... ....... ............................. ....... . ..... .. ..... ..................................... . ............ ......... .............. Green and gold stoles 2012 Golden Key International Honor Society.. . .......................... ... ........................ ..................... .......... . ........................ .......... Gold and blue letters Honor Society Iota Sigma Tau..... . ............................................................ . . ..................................... ............ . ................. Blue and silver letters Kappa Lambda Honor Society............................ .......... ... ................................... .. ................ ...... .. ........................ .. ............... Psi Qui lettering in royal blue and gold............................ . .......... .......... . ................................................................ ....... ....... .. . ........................................ ..... .. .. ... ..Platinum and Blue Letters Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society..................... ..... ... ... ................................ ... ......... ... .. ....................... Green and gold letters Please note that these students are invited to join previous honor societies as students from Kaplan University because they met the academic requirements they met for membership.

HONORS PROGRAM, Faculty of Letters and Sciences and Faculty of Health Sciences In Cursu Honorum..................... ... . ................................................................ .. ........................................... .. ......................... Purple Cord Eligible students enrolled in select programs in the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Sciences of the Salud are invited to participate in the honors program. These students have met certain academic and extracurricular requirements.

KNOWLEDGE-DONATION PROGRAM Knowledge-Donation-Program..................................... .. ... . ................................................... ... .. .... ... ................................... Light Blue Wire At Kaplan University , we believe that investing in our people and their education is an important component to the success of our community of professionals. The Gift of Knowledge program helps members advance academically while advancing professionally at Kaplan University.


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Kaplan University Graduates Please note that attendance at the graduation ceremony does not constitute certification of graduation. All requirements must be met and verified by the registrar.

KÜNSTE UND WISSENSCHAFTEN Master-Abschluss Adamski, Tiffany Andersen, Kimberly Appel, Tania Babbitt, Kristina Bailey, Stephanie Barnes, Lorrie Bassett, Jennifer Behling, Catie Bennett, Ayanna Berry, Stella Bishop, Hazel Bowden, Rainey Bower, Ann Bradsher, Kimberly Breault, Carrie Brewer, Gerald Carter, Kim Castellanos, José Coffey, Jennifer Cornell, Sara Dallas, Sarah Eden, Patricia Ellis, Stacy Estime, Yvette Evans, Ahmad Florey, Tina Franklin, Shanta García, Aracely Gaughan, Dawn Gentry, Christy Glaser, Charlene Godfrey , Carinn Graf, Lisa Harding, Stephanie Harwood, Jessica Hebl, Jessica Hicks, Lisa Hobbs, Jessica Hodges, Peter Hurlburt, Marjorie Huss, Jaime Ireland, Tina Ivey, Kerryann Jacuzzi-Wischmeier, Melissa John, Antoinette Johnson, Keyonna Johnson, Robert


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Karmen, Miriam Kerr, Nikolas Kopchak, Lisa Lance, Quadirah Larkins, Debrina Lewis, Tiffani Marsh, Gypsie Marshall, Octavia Martin, Kimberly May, Crystal Mayhall, Michael Mayr, Josef McCloud, Tyrus McGrath, Megan Merchant, Melissa Moore, Zipporah Moorman, Randee Muck, Christine Nelson, Danielle Nwachukwu, Patricia Orimoloye, Olufunso Pena, Awilda Petersen, Christina Phillips, Angela Picard, Jaclyn R. Pickens, Somesha Powell, Jami Propp, Jason Purscell, Cyndi Ramirez, Alice Renfro-Armstrong, Effie R. Revis , Keith Rivera, Leilani Russell, Tonya Santiago, Maria T Savage, John Sessa, Jennifer Shanahan, Dorothy Shutkova, Oksana Siegfried, Jessica Sierra, Lisette Smith, LeMeita Snyder, Maura Spangler, Jessica Todd, Jacqueline Todd, Jennifer Tolbert, Brandy K Traeger , Sarah Turner, Shalon Umstattd, Jill Vail, Jennifer

Vian, April Vogel, Mary Clare Waltz, Hayley M. Ward, Doristien H. Wayne, April Weyer, Erin York, Guinevere Young, Shana

Licenciado Abbas, Batoul Abraham, Betsy Adair, Anna * Adams, Deborah Adams, JoAnna Adams, Louise ** Adelman, Brian A ^ Agustin, Abigail Ahmed, Aliya ** Aiello, Joseph A * Alardo, Albanien ^ Alexander, Edan Alexander, Krystle * Alexander, Sharon ** Alfano, Dawn ^^ Alford, Heather Alfred, Michelle Allen, Angella ^ Allen, Delia * Allen, Dionne ^ Allen, Jacqueline Allen, Kathleen Allison, Barbara ^ Alston, Barbara Amaral, Sherry ** Amdahl, Kenneth * Amonye, ​​Judith Anderson, Chanda ^ Anderson, Diane * Anderson, John ^ Anderson, Julianna J ^ Anderson, Melissa Anderson, Ola ^ Andrews, Michelle ^ Andruczyk, Daniel ^ Aranda, Katherine Ard, Lisa Arispe, Ashli ​​​​^ Armendáriz, Jessica Armstrong, Karen Atherton, Dawn R

Attari, Brandie Atwood, Denita ^ Austin, Terrisetta Badgley, Kristen Bailey, Brandy ^^ Baker, Kimala Banayat, Sarah * Banks, Faith Baquera, Stacey ^ Barker, Renee ^^ Barr, Veronica Barrett, Brigid Barroso, Rosa Barry, Chelsea * Bartlett, Angela ^^ Bartlett, Juanita ^^ Batson, Raquel * Battle, Bruce Battle, Sherronda * Baxter, Thomas ** Bays, Fredia Beauchamp, Brandy ^ Beeman, Timothy ** Bell, Chrystal * Bellace, Christen Bellmon, Quisha ^ Bennett -Felix, Desiree ^ Berg, Michael S ^ Berry, Virginia Bertino, Rosemary Bethea, Tonya ^ Bezinque, Julie Biegaj, Melodie ^^ Black, Dorothy * Black, Kathy ** Black, Kiara ^ Blunt, Nicole Blutner, Zachary Boas, Amanda ** Bohannon, Jennifer Bonynge, Cheryl ^^ Boreman, Heather N ^ Bosmediano, Gabriela Bottoms, Stephanie Boyd, Chemarin Boyett, Carole ^^ Bozeman, Tavion Braboy, Divine Bradley, Erica Brady, Deborah ^ Brandt, Kayla *

Bridges, Clinton ** Brim, Vicky ^ Broody, Kristine Brooks, Cavia Brosnan, Diane ** Browder, Jeri Brown, Claudia Brown, Pamela * Brown, Susan ^^ Brown, Tracey ^ Browne, Sandra ^ Bruno, Marie Bryand, Tricia ^ ^ Bryant, Emily ** Burks, Tomeka Butler, Carolyn Butler, Robert P * Butler, Syreeta * Byrd, Neida ** Cable, Beverly Cafiero, Jeana Caines, Alexis Calbert, Michelle Caldwell, Deloise Calhoun, Matthew Cameron, Andrea ** Cameron , Bambi ^^ Campbell, Bradley ** Campbell, Brandy Campbell, Debbie ** Campbell, Devay ^ Candia, Lori ^^ Cannon, Shirley Cannon, Susan ^ Cannone, Stacie ^ Caple, Joy Cardenas, Barbara Carlock, Chelsea Carroll, Darlene Carter , Angela D ^ Carter, Norma Case, Grantland Castaneda-Nieto, Erica A ^ Cathey, Kriston * Cavin, Lori Chamberlain, Doreen ^ Chaney, Teasha * Charly, Camille ^ Christian, Sondra A ^ Christiansen, Kimberly F. Christopher, Jessica * * Kirche, Chadwick M ^ Cisneros, Sandra C Clarin, Ira Claybon, Rhonda ^^ Clayborn Kerley, Jenifer ^^ Clemons, Daniel l e *

Cline, Beth Coatar, Stephanie Coates, Shenia * Coles, Angela A. Coles, Joyce * Collier, Cheryl * Collins, Lisa Collins, Ronisha Colon, LaVonne Combs, Katrina Commons, Raellen ^ Coney, Derick Connell, Laura ** Conner, Cristen L ^ Consonery, Davette ** Cook, Jason G Cook, Monique Cooper, Arnez ** Cooper, Joan ** Cooper, Lotalrio Coufal, Shelly ^ Coughenour, Leah ^ Council, Regina ^ Cousins, Kiristen ^ Covell, Matthew ^ Cowan, Dawn ^ Cox, Tanya ^ Crubaugh, Nathan ^ Cruser, Amanda ^ Dafney, Tamara ^ Dahlman, Helen A. Dailey, Jessica ^ Dalling, Marcia Darner, Lora * Davenport, Donald ** Davenport, Kathleen Davis, Sean * Davis, Stacey ^ Davis , Trecia Dawson, Theresa * Day, Stacy ^^ Delgadillo, Herlinda S. DeLozier, Terry ^ Delvalle, Marylin Demott, Clarissa Depp, Leatrice DeRubbio, Jessica M ** Deveau, Mary ^ DeWolf, Sarah ** Diaz, Martha ^^ Dickinson , Tara Didricksen , Kristina * Dolan, Kimbra I ^ Dorsey, Valerie ^ Douglas, Deborah ^^ Douglas, Marsha ** Fahrer, Stacey A *

Dubanowich, Deborah ^ Duncan, Roselyn ^ Duncan, Tena Dunnan, Noelle Duplechin, Annette ^^ Durfee, Rita ^ Dyer, Dawn R ^^ Earnhart, Monica * Eavenson, Jon ^^ Ebel, Brooke M * Eberle, MeSheila ^ Eby, Conrad Edwards, Carla ^ Edwards, Gail ** Elder, Diane Elston, Bernadette ^ English, Tiffany * Epperly, Amber M ^ Erdman, Constance M ** Erickson, Rhonda * Escareno, Tia Euwer, Stacia ^ Faler, Mark W ^ Fan, Wenji Fancote, Jamey ^ Felder, Ejon Feliciano, Hortencia B. Ferguson, Wendy Fielder, Bernadene ^^ First, Theresa ^ Flakes, Toya Fleury-Charles, Jernide ^ Ford, Lisa ^ Foster, Cassandra ** Foster, Dalanza M Fox, Patricia Frey , Lindsey J ^ Fries, Heather * Frisby, Carisa ^ Fry, Carolyn Fuller, Dye-Anna ^ Fuller, Shayna E Fultcher, Waynesha Gager, Meredith ^^ Galasso, Darryl ^ Gammage, Christy R ^ García, Fabian ^ García-Rivera, Wilfredo Garner-Davis, Margaret * Garrett, Charlene K ^ Garrison, Christal ^^ Gastiaburo, Diana ^ Gates, Kateena Gavrilova, Zoryana ^ Gayle, Kristina ^ Gearhart, Kel l y ^^ Geller, Karine *

Genazzio, Eileen Gerig, Shannon ^ German, Nobie ^ Gibbons, Brittney ^^ Gibson, Nathalie ^ Gibson, Vicky L Giles Harris, Melanie R Gilkey, Kimberly ** Glasgow, Emma ^ Glenn, Kayla ^ Glenn, Tabitha Godbold, De Anna Godwin , Connie * Golden, Lottnette Golden, Sacorsha V * Golden, Tiffanie ^ Gonzalez, Roxanne Gooden, Shavarrah Gordon, Kesha * Gore, Vernell ^^ Gorton, Stephanie Gould, Nortoria E ^ Grandez, Claudia Grant, Erica Grant, Mary ^ Gray, Padrika Grayson, David Green, Carole * Green, Heather Greene, Beth Green-Fuller, Youlonda ** Greenleaf, Shannon Griffin, Diana Grinstead, Theresa E Groover, Linjalynn Guerra, Ana ^ Hairston, Willie Mae ^ Halberstadt, Emilie S ^ Hall II , Edward Hall, Gennefer Ham, Katherine A Hammer, Dawn ^ Hanes, Linda * Hanson, Angela ^ Hanson, Jennifer ** Hardgrow, Melinda Hardimon, Ursula ^ Harper, Donna Harpster, Jaimee Harrelson, Lois J Harris, Cynthia ^ Harris, Marquita Harris, Shanjula Harrison, Ericka J. Harrison, Serena ** Harris-Westbrook, Lavonda ^ Harr Velho, Carri

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Hartmann, Abby ^^ Harvey, Sarah L ** Hayek, Heather ** Hayes, Tameeka L Hayes, Veronica Hazel, Gretha E ^ Hazzard, Dawn T Hefley, Anya ^ Heitmeier, Laurie L * Helms, Kerri A * Henderson, Kaylene * Hendrick, John I. Hendrix, Sheila Henry, James ^ Henson, Mashonda Hernandez, Freddy * Hernandez, Maria ^^ Hernandez, Rosa ^ Herrera, Julieta Herriman, Richelle ** Hervey, Vera Hill, Jennifer ** Hill, Nakisha Hillmedo, Titania Hines, Lynelle Hinton, Paulette ^ Hobencamp, Kimberly Hoekstra, Heather Hogan, Susan ^ Hohmeier, Anneliese ^ Holloway, Kelli ^ Holmberg, Jennifer J ^ Hoppes, Amanda ^^ Housey, Etholia Y Howard, Annie E ** Howard, Sherrika Howard, Yolanda Howarth, Danette ^ Hudson, Myriam ^^ Hughes, Einar ^ Hughes, Jessica C ** Hulongbayan, Julie ^ Humphrey, Tamara Hundley, Laura Hungate, Cynthia ^^ Hunt, Brandee * Hurt, Karan Importuna, Barbara ^ Ingoldsby, Jennifer * Ingram, Latisha Innes, Alene Ireland, Lawanda Ireland, Valery ** Israel, Jessica ^^ Jackson, Deborah ** Jackson, Elizab e th ** Jackson, Jacquelyn ^


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Jackson, Kimberly Jackson, Lisa ** Jackson, Monica Jackson, Sonica James, Carla * Jarosz, Diane V ** Jazwinski, Stephanie Jefferson, Darlene Jenkins, JoeAnn Jennings, Theresa * Jervey, Damika ^ Jiménez, Maybelline * Jiménez, Samuel ** Joe, Kristy ^ Johnson Jr, Larry D ** Johnson, Adam ** Johnson, Bernadine * Johnson, Bonnie Johnson, Crystal Johnson, Heather Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Lillian Johnson, Mary Johnson, Mary ^ Johnson, Saundra Aloah-Yvonne ** Johnson, Teresa ^^ Johnson, Tomika Johnson, Valeria Jones, Amanda Jones, Isoke Jones, Michelle * Joseph, Iris Judge, Jennifer Juillerat, Paula ^ Kearney, Shirley W. Keenen, Christopher C ^ Keller, Kimberly ^^ Khalsa, Indira * * Kielbasa, Ellen ^ King, Yolanda ** Kinsey, Gail A Kirwan, Lois ** Klamerus, Lynn ^ Koontz, Tiffany Korreckt, Dawn ^ Kramer, Jennifer ^^ Krueger, Terris ^ Kuntz, Michelle ^ Kutschia, Laurie ^^ Lambert, Khord Lancaster, Susan Lang, Trinesa Lanier, Teresa ** LaTouche, Cheryl ^ Lawrence, Diana * Líder, Rose ^

Lee, Alissa Lee, Kimonya * Lee, Patrick ^ Lee, Sarah ^ Lefebvre, Jennifer ^^ Lemieux, Therese ^ Lenair, Brittany Lewis, Marlando Lewis, Nadine Lewis-Almonds, Nichelle Lipsey, Carlene Little, Valerie Llewellyn, Alesia ^ Lloyd, Stephen ^ Lockwood, Carol ^ Lopez, Juana Lowe, Breeona * Lugardo, Sara ^ Lundy, Nikisha * Lutzow, Diana ** Lyles, Terrence ^^ Lynch, Stacie MacDonald, Matthew A ^ Mack, Ashlee Mack, Shertina Macon-Escalera, Jill Malik, Tonya ** Malone, Timothy ^^ Maloy, Angela Manning, Amanda * Manny, Lauren Marez, Christine * Marks Jr, Roger * Marks, Katie R * Marquez, Crystal ^ Marsh, Lisa ^ Marshall, Deidre * Martello-Yates, Alicia ^ Martin, Ada ** Martin, Amy * Martin, Monique L. Martinelli, Janelle ** Martinez, Leticia * Martinez, Sheryl Massie, Kelli Mast, Stephanie Matriccino, Melissa ^^ Mayo, Byron McAleer, Sherri * Mccants, Phyllis * McCarty, Elizabeth McCoy, Derrick * McCoy, Nicholas * McCray, Dawn ^^ McCullouch, John F ^ McDaniel, Stephen ^ McElroy, Annette

McEwen, Brenda L. McFadden, Frances Michelle McFeely, Jennifer McIntire, Peggy ^ McKain, Fran ^ McKay, Jered J ** McKenzie, Thomas ^ McKinley, Judy L McKinney, Melody * McLeod, Paul ^^ McMurry, Sarah M ** McNatt , Harold ^ McSween, Dichi Meadows, Tammy * Mein, Jill ^ Mejia, Taryn ^ Mendez, Kim * Mercado, Sally Meyers, April * Michaud, Michele Middleton, Shakeia Middleton, Sophia * Milam, Larry * Miles, Robyn Miller, Eleanor Mindingall , Pearl ** Miskell, Chelsea Mitchell, Travis Miyamoto, Kimberly ^ Mondillo, Juan M ^ Moody, William ^ Moon, Margie Morales-Koch, Tammie * Morash, Arlene P ^ Moreno, Scott Morgan, Cutrena Morrison, Taylor ^ Moses, Marcus Moskal, Amanda Moskalik, Samuel Moss, Kimberly Mosteller, Aishah ^ Mott, Paula R. Mull, Kimberly** Munoz, Kris ^ Murphy, David ^ Murray-Dates, Deborah E* Myrick-Ambrose, Monique Nagel, Joy ^ Napolitano, Louis ^ Naylor, Kelli ** Nachbarn, Savannah Neloms, Chaka Nelson, Gena ** Netters, Rakeitta Newland, Suzanne

Newman, Lisa Newman, Vera ^ Nich, Elda * Nicholson, Tasha ^ Nixon, Jessica E ^^ Noel, Jennifer Nolan, Alice Nolan, April ** Nolen, Theresha ^ Novy-Smith, Alivia Noyes, Wendy Beth * Oglesby, Julien ^ O'Hara-Michon, Shannon M ^ Oleinik, Amy * Oliva, Marina Oliver, Valda ^ O'Neal Jr, Ashford * O'Neil, Annie L Ortel, Michelle * Ortiz, Linda ^^ Ortiz, Michelle M Ottley, Charles A ^ Owens, Sharlan Pace, Khalfani Pacley, Mary ^ Padilla-Soto, Ana Paine, Nancy ^ Pandolph, Deslin Paradiso, Michelle ^ Parker, Jamicka Parker, Krystal K. Parker, Monica * Parker, Tasha Parker, Vickie Parsons, Bami Pascoe, Naomi Pastorino, Daniel ^^ Patton, Vickie ^ Pauleus, Luc Payne, Ashley Pearsall, Stephanie L. Pedersen, Rebekah M * Pelham, Joelle * Pellum, Danielle Pena, Grace ^ Pendleton, Stephanie E. Penn, Michelle Pennington, Eric Perez, Greyzer Perry, Raymond ^ Perryman, Dana Person, Henrietta Pettit, Melissa ^^ Pfeifer, Marcie ^ Phan, Myra ^ Phillips, Gloria ** Phillips, Jenise ^

Phillips, Shelia Phillips, Tony Philmon, Trissi ^ Pierzga, Patricia ^^ Planas, Nastassja ^^ Planting, David ^ Plumber, Jana Polk, Nicole Porter, Penny ** Pounds, Mary Ann ^ Powell, Mary A ** Preto, Tamara * * Prevedel, Amanda J ^ Price, Ashlee * Price, Lamarr A Price, Lashawnda I * Prine, Sara Pritchett, Jeffery * Provost, David ^ Puntervold, Joshua * Purnell, Donna ^ Qiu, Yanyan ^ Rabern, Zachary Rabideau, Brenda L Rader -Coleman, Sara Ann Raikes, Kimberly W. Ramirez, Shannon Ramos, Gesil Ramos, Leira Ramos, Tina Ramsey, James Raulin, Richard ^ Reed, Donneitha Reed, Selena Rehbein, Jennifer ^ Remacle, Kathy Remaley, Lisa ^ Reynolds, Eleanor ^ Reynolds, Jennifer ** Reynolds, Melissa Rhoads, Lisa * Rhodes, Shelia A ^ Rhone, Emily Ricci, Janice ^^ Richardson, Alaxis Richardson, Alesah Richardson, Sheron Rickey, Katharine ^^ Rider, Maria M ^ Rigdon, Candice * Ripoll, Yael ^ Roberts, Wanda ** Robinson, Velda ** Rodes, Melanie A. ^ Rodríguez, Carmen M. Rodríguez, Martha * Rodríguez, Tabith uma

Roehr, Noelle M ** Rogers, Jeffrey Rogers, Timothy ^^ Rohn, Bonnie ** Romero, Nicole ^ Rooks, Joyce * Roquemore, John * Rosales, Edward Rosario, Maricela Ross, Nicole ^ Rougeau, Anna Marie ^ Rowell-Scoggins, Pam ^ Rude-Turner, Heather * Rudge, Vimarie ^ Rudyk, Natalia Rullie, Shawn ^ Rush, Shelia Salley, LaToya N. Sampson, Cowania Sanchez, Johana Sanchez, Karen * Sanders, Ronald * Sanders, Sara ^ Sands, Julia Santiago, Frances * Santos, Rebecca ^ Sarmiento, Maribel Scallion, Shetina ^^ Scheer, Samuel ^ Schilling, Susan ^ Schlobach, Deborah ^ Schlosser, Kristen * Schmiers, Tammy ^ Schofield, Theresa ** Schultz, Jodi ^^ Sciannamea, Michael ** Scott , Shannon ^^ Scott, Suzanne ^ Sease, Marci ^^ Sedeno, Chanel Sharp, Heidi * Shaw, Khalia Shelton, Wendy ** Sheppard, Keisha Shields, Barbara Shields, Nika ^ Duschen, Debra K ** Shu-Nyemboli, Manda Sidler , George ** Simmonds, Camille Simms, Tammy Simon, Camila Simon, Kimberly ^ Simon, Syretta Simons, Bryan ^^ Sims, Molsie ^ Sims, Rebecca ^^

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Sizer, Seth Skeels, Kathy Skull, Yolanda ^^ Slaughter, Yalonda * Small, Maria * Smallwood, Pauletta Smart, Stephanie Smellie-McIntosh, Andrea * Smerkin, Luna * Smith, Brenda l Smith, Damian * Smith, Danielle Smith, Dina ^ Smith, Erica * Smith, Melissa ^ Smith, Shawn Smith, Suzette Smith, Wade ^^ Snedeker, Elizabeth ^ Southers, Phillip ^^ Spann, Mallory Sparks, Brittany Spencer, Charlene ^ Spooner, Richard ** Stalter, Harmony ** Stamman, Alice ** Stanek-Whisler, Cathryn ^^ Steele, Kimberly J ^ Steffen, Jennifer S Stejskal, Nicole * Stenzel, Becky ^ Stephens, Lethina A ** Stevens, Kristine ^ Stewart, Heather ^ Stewart, Shawn Stiffler, Samantha ^ História, Linda Stout, Vilynda Sukkert, Jean ^ Sullivan, Cynthia ^ Sullivan, Dana ^^ Swafford, Gary A. Swaney, Dawn * Sylvain, Kevin Sylver, Earnest Tackett, Stacie ^ Taggart, Alicia A. Talley, Lynell * Tan, Cynthia Taylor, Iesha Taylor, Phyllis ^ Taylor, Viola Terrell, Kisha Territo, Angela ** Tetlack, Megan Therrien, Angella Thistlewood, Cathe enjuagar * *

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Thomas, Tina ^^ Threadgill, Nyanna Throckmorton, Anna Tierney, Jean ^^ Tillery, Cristina Tolley, Chelsea ^ Tomei, Tressa ^ Tongi, Amy * Torrence-Beason, Yolanda Toussaint, Kervens ^ Townsel, Monica ^ Triggs, Kristal ^ Tsai, Rong Tucker, Tatasha ^ Turner, Cherise * Turner, Cynthia ^ Turner, Jannie Turner, Ramona Underwood, Kathleen * Vaidya, Anjali Vail, Brandy ** Van Lear, Clarence VanBibber, Katie * Vasquez, Krista * Venus, Wanda ^ Vernon, Misty Virgil, Kimberly ** Vitale, Jonathan ^ Vogler, Richard ^^ Vrana, Layne Wade, Yolanda Walker, Kathleen * Walker, Rebecca Walker, Selena * Walker, Vivian F. Wallace, Doris Wallace, Rhonda * Wallen, Lynzi Wallner, Sarah Ward , Angela M ^ Ward, Deborah ^ Ward, Sherry ^ Wareham, Ann * Warfield-Simpson, Donna Warner, Greta ^ Warren, Rebecca ^ Watkins, Cathy ^ Watson, John C Weitzel, Sherry ^^ Welch, Carrie ^ Wells, Keri A * * Welsh, Donna * Weniger, Marianne Wescott, Shari * West, Jacqueline Westcott, Ricarda ^ Weston, Rosemary


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Wharton, La Kenya Whatley, April White, Heather White, Wendy ^ White-Iwundu, Joy ^^ Whitfield, Martha Whitney, Monica L ** Whittington, Swiyah Wieczorek, Alissa D ** Wiggins, Lennox ^ Wilborn, Donna Wilburn, Evelyn Wildes , Shaunacee ^^ Wiley, Christina Wiley, Karla ^ Wilges, Danielle ^ Wilhite, Roshell * Willey, Benjamin Williams, Amber ^ Williams, Ashley ^ Williams, Heather Williams, James ^^ Williams, Michael A * Williams, Mildred ^ Williams, Patrick Williams, Phyllis ** Williamson, Diane ^ Willis, Denise ^ Willis, Dorothy R Willis, Jeremy Wilson, Benita ** Wilson, Kimberly ^^ Wirz, Lisa ^^ Wolfe, Christie ** Wood, Ruth * Wooten, Jessie L ** Wright Walton, Claudia * Wright, Christina ^ Wright, Randy ** Wullimann, Stephanie * Wyatt, Pamela S ** Yancy, Jamare Yeagle, Donna ^ Young, Adrienne ^ Young, Shana Young, Shawntavia ^^

Asociado Abel, Karen Abeyta, Desiree Abney, Michelle * Abuzahria, Amal Acosta, Diana * Adams, Amanda ^ Adams, Shenitra * Adams, Stefanie Aiken, Diane ^

Alexander, Kristy ^^ Allard, Jeffrey ^ Allard, Karen ^ Allard, Melissa * Allen, Cassandra Alley, Jamie Altizer, Amber Anderson, Donnika R. Anderson, Lisa ** Anderson, Mary Anne ^^ Andresen, Charles L * Antone, Barbara Antone , Orathea Antunez, Marsha Aponte, Jessica * Aquino, Rosemarie ^^ Atencio, Zita ** Atkeson, Sean ^ Bailey, Crystal ^ Banks, Doris Battle, Dianne Baylis, Melissa ^ Beauregard, Tessa ^ Becker, Ashley N Beers, Beth * Belton , Antoniette ^ Benard, Cliana * Benn, Jessica Benson, Sara ^ Bey, La-Vern Bianga, Cecilia * Bigelow, Michaele ^ Biglin, Sonja ^^ Billingsley, Charlotte Bishop, Cindy ** Bishop, LaTasha * Bizzell, Geraldine Blackwell, Carolyn Blem, Christopher ** Boarts, Annie Boone, Antoinette Boone, Sammie L. Boudoin, Jacquelyn ^ Bower, Ariel Bowersox, Megan Bowles, Jocelyn ^ Brabbs-Dukes, Cindy ^ Braboy, Renita Bradley, Stephanie ^ Brand, Kristen * Breedlove, Kelly ^ ^ Brittan, Dee Broadnax, Jenee Brooks, Vallian Brown, Linda Brown, Sherrie Brown, Sonya

Brown, Susan * Brown, Wanda ^^ Bruce, Allette R. Buchanan-Salleme, Contessa D ^ Buchholtz, Kristen ** Buckner, Connie Burgos, Latasha Burns, Amy L. Burns, Tammy Burton, Lynn ^^ Burton, Toshika Bush, Brandi Bussiere, Robin Byrd, Suzanne * Cameron, Alecia * Campbell, Jacqueline Campbell, Minete ^ Campbell, Robin Campbell-Denton, Emily Cannon, Calli Canuelas, Lilliam Kümmel, Sheila Carlin, Lisa ** Carr, Bettina B ^^ Carrillo, Haley ^ Castaneda, Kimberlee * Castro, Ricardo Cates, Sierra ^^ Cepek, Megan Chandanais, Lacey Chapman, Doreen ^ Chase, Sharla Chatham, Wanda Cheese, Genell Chesser, Tanna ** Cipriano, Michelle ^^ Clark, Heather ^^ Clark, Tammy * Clem, Andrew Coldiron, Robert ^^ Coleman, Cortaya ^^ Coleman-Ferguson, Sharika Collins, Crystal * Collins, Dolores Colón, Jeannie Contreras, Julia * Coomes, Christian Cooper, Angela Cooper, Anita C. Corbridge, Brittany Cornejo, Elicia ** Costley , Angela R ^^ Cothran, Heidi * Cox, Yolanda Crablo, Jennifer ^

Craighead, Amanda Crane, Isabella ** Crockwell, Doreen ^ Croft-Shivers, Ora Mae Cross, Keylais ^ Crouse, Pamela ** Cruel, Carmen Cummings, Roberta ** Curtis, Tamika ^ Dalton, Anita F * Daniels, Gea ^ Darmanin, Brandi ^ Daszkiewicz, Denise ** Davidson, Cheryl Davila, Diana * Davis, Joneaka Davis, Kaleena ** Davis, Kirsten ^ Davis, Portia ^ Davis, Shaun * Decker, Theresa Dedrick, Drucila ** Defrenne, Tammy J * Dejesus, Yvette ^ Delcolle, Elizabeth ^ Delgado, Jennifer * DeLuccia, Maria DeLury, Elizabeth I DeMarsico, Richard ^ Dennis, Aysha Denton, Kimberly ** DeRuiter, Toni ^^ DeSanto, Elizabeth ** Diaz, Michelle DiBella, Patricia * Dixon, Betty Donegan, Rhonda Donnelly, Barbara ^^ Doolen, Christine Dooley, Elmetra ^^ Dority, La'Vonna ^ Dorsey-Simons, Latricia Douglas, Tameka Draper, Sandi ** Duff, Jennifer ** Dundee, Mandee Dunn, Rachel Duran, Steven ** Durost , Carman Eckert, Jeffrey D^^ Eigenauer, Tiffany Ellis, Angeltre Essex, Gail Evangelista, Dante^^ Evans, Brenda J Evans, Kassandr ein Ausgezeichnet, Marie-Florenz

Facey-Smith, Prinzessin ^ Faddis, Cynthia ^ Farr, Joshua ^ Faulkner, Toya Feamster, Angela ^^ Ferguson, Lana Fields, Yolanda Fillingame, Lakeshia Finch, Vanessa ^ Fleming, Courtney ^ Flippen, Stephanie * Flores, Cynthia Fludd, Tiffany Folkes , Francine Ford, Sadie Ford, Shiquetia * Fowler, Panthna Franklin, Elvie ^ Franklin, Jessica Franklin, Lance * Franks, Jacqueline Fredrickson, Michelle Freeman, Brianna Freeman, Darby * Frieson-Williams, Martha Fry, Gayle Fuentes, Lina Funderburke, Lynda ^ Gales, Shahara * Garcia-Barbon, Valda ^ Garcia, Elizabeth ^ Garrett, Teneshia ^ Gauthier, Theresa ^ Gee, Angela Gee, Jennifer Generette, Nicola ^ Gilliss, Annora E ^ Gines, Luz Girndt, Heather Gladbach, Ashley ** Glasgow , Rebecca ^ Golden, Tracy ^^ Gomez, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Rosa P ^^ Goodman, Brandy Gordon, Geana ^ Gracey, Julie Graham, Melissa * Graves, Lavonia Gray, Josie * Grayson, Phyllis ^ Green, Jolene Greenlaw-Moore, Stephanie Griffin, Robert ** Griffin, Thaleisha ^^ Grimes, Tannishia Gr Amores, Tamara

Guess, Sylvia * Guillory, Kim Guzman, Rosa ^ Hagan, Jennifer ** Hakim, Zeinab Hale, Allison ^ Hale-Wolcott, Donna ** Hall, Berthena Haltom, Ashley ^ Halverson, Veronica ^ Hambleton, Shana ** Hammond, Amber * Hammond, Stacey A * Hampton, Silka Handy, Teresa D Hannah, Nashon Hanson, Jessica S Hare, Coleen Harmon, Krystal ^ Harris, Traci Harris, Vivian Harrison, Pamela D ^ Hart, Heather N Harvey-Williams, Ladonna ** Hastings, Janie L * Hayes, Angela ^ Hein, Angela * Helguera, Cherilyn Henninger, Ashley ** Hernández, Deirdre ^^ Hicks, Robin ^ Higgs, Gabriella Hildebrandt, Jinilee T Hines, Joseph Hodges, Sheena Hodges, Timothy ** Hogan, Virginia Hogeland , Elizabeth Hollandsworth, JeanAnn ^^ Hollins, Lynnetta Hollins, Patricia Holmes, Christian ** Holmes, Cody ^ Holmgren, Andrea ^ Holmgren, David ^^ Hood, Raven Horn, Sarah ^^ Hornback, Sheleana ** Horne, Janise Hose, Octavious D ^^ Howard, Jessica Howard, Qunesseus ^ Howell, Cheena ^ Howie, Joylynn ^ Hudson, Melissa ** Hudson, Sherri * Joroba hRey, Kimberley

Hunter, Christopher E. Hurd, Ashley ^ Hurst, Aimee Jackson, Alexandrea Jackson, Donna M Jackson, Patricia ^ Jackson, Sameka James, Brittany S. Jean Baptiste, Sandy * Jean Louis, Mary Jenkins, Ingrid Jenkins, Tremaine ^ Johns, Tamika Johnson, Ann ^^ Johnson, Carol ^ Johnson, Charite Johnson, Denise Johnson, Linda R ** Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Nichole Jones, Aneshia * Jones, Brenda Jones, Janet ^ Jones, Maple ** Jones, Theodore Jones, Victoria Jones , Wanda Jordan, Janet * Joyner, Nicole ^ Juarez, Ashley * Junkins, Tammy ^ Justin, Amanda ** Kalish, Crystal Kaye, Douglas L ** Keech, Tamara ^^ Keith Johnston, Marian Kelly, Barbara Kemp, Freddie L. Kerr , Timothy ^ Kindle, Deborah E. King, Robin ^ Kirven, Ynette Kline, Bridgett * Klingelberger, Courtney ^^ Kohler, Kasie Koltunovich, Jami * Korpi, Jasper Kotz, Sara Kreitzer, Deborah * Krob, Nicole Kuiper, Caroline Labansky, Kelly ^ Lagasse, Trisha ^^ Lamphear, Jessica * Lancaster, Katherine Langley, Melissa ^^ Langreder, Christina ^

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LaPlant, Stacie * Lawson, Danielle Lawson, Megan ^ Laxamana, Jeanine Lazo, Anixa ** Leach, Carly * Leach, Nereshia Leak, Lionell Lee, Heather ** Leftwich, Sharon ^ Lesher, Erin M. Lessing, Holly Lewis, Barbara * Lind , Laura ^ Linnabary, Ashley Little, Stephanie Lock, Kimberly A. Loden, Sherry * Logan, Renee ^^ Luckett-Brockenbrough, Willy Lynch, Margaret ^ Lytle, Willieann * Mack, Catherine Magera, Melissa Mahan, Kali Makolin, Amanda Manning -Manuel, Leigh ** Marin, Tonya Marmol, Jazmin Marshall, Carol ^ Martin, Cortnee ^ Martin, Kimberly ** Martin, Sean * Martinez, Crystle ^^ Martinez, Stacey Martino, Colleen ** Matheson, Diza ^^ Mauger, Junei ^^ Mazzone, Tia McBreen, Dana * McBride, Carol McClain, Elizabeth ^ Mccombs, Janet ** McCoy, Pam ^^ McGonagle, Julie ^ McIntosh, Susan ^ McKissick, Lisa K McNally, Emily Medina, Emily ** Medrano, Paul * Meglio, Jerald Melerine, Kelly ** Messina, Alisa ^^ Michonski, Amber Mijailovic, Laura ^ Miller, Donna **


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Miller, Ernestine Miller, Estella * Miller, Rebecca Miller, Stacey ^^ Milligan, Bridgett ** Montez, Lillian Montgomery, Patricia Moore, Brittany * Moore, Carrie Moore, Ida Moreland, Samantha ** Morgan, Maria ^ Morino, Heather Morra, Alisha Morrisey, Shanel R. Morrow, Kayla Mose, Ruby Moux Fiol, Suannette ^ Mrocka, Sandra ^ Muhammad, Jynell Mure, Jacqueline ^ Murphy-Sanchez, Meghan * Myers, Aimee ^ Myers, Alexandria ^^ Myers, Tonya ^ Myhan, Chantelle Navarro, Ruth Neely-Tetor, Alexis Negron, Yaritza ^ Nelson, Orsola ^ Nelson-Jones, Helen * Newsome, Rhamisha ^ Newton, Nancy ** Newton, Suzanne M ^^ Nicholson Stowell, Koreena ^^ Nightingale, Ruby ^ Nilsen, Katrina ^ Nixon, Barry Norman, Heather Odom, Haye O'Garro, Wendy Olson, Jennifer * Oneal, Maisha ^^ Ortega, Zilghean ^ Ortiz, Jahan Osborn, Brittany Overton, Joan ^ Pacheco, Veronica Pachokas-Larson, Catherine Pagel, Heather ^ ^ Palatino, Desiree Palmer, Rebecca Parker, Jennifer * Parker, Nekaus Parks, Rita ** Parreno, Felicia ^

Parsons, Rachael Parsons, William Pate, Talicia * Patterson, Pamela ^ Patton, Candace Paugh, Melissa Peraino, Jayme Perkins, Ernestine Perkins, Terri Perry, Shirley Persianni, Lacey ^ Pestano, Michelle Peterson, Cheryl ^ Pettry, Jeffrey ^^ Phillips, Dorothy ^ Phillips, Jack * Phillips, Shunta Pierce, Teresa P ^^ Platts, Danielle ^^ Poindexter, Gina Pope, Melissa ^ Porter, Kimika Presidenta, Kadeshia * Price, Evelyn Primous, Sylvestre ** Prisco, Nancy ^ Pursley, Kacee * Qualls, Erica Quibodeaux, Angela ** Quinley, Kanette Randall, Brandi Ray, Kanyka Ray, Stacie Reed, Lisa Reeves, Akayla Reigel, Mindy * Reigleman, Angie Reiterman, Robin * Ressler, Heidi Reyes, Catalina ^ Reynolds, Anne M ** Rhodes, Mary ^ Rich, Tammy Richardson, Carri ^ Richter, Lauren ^ Ricks, Erica ^ Rivera, Allison Rivera, Luz ** Rivera, Melissa Robertson, Angela ** Robertson, Catherine Robinson, Brenda Robinson, Katherine M. Robinson, Stephanie R. .Robinson -Nshunju, Ashley* Rodgers, Tiffany Rodríguez, Adriana*

Rodriguez, Onieda ^ Rojas, Dulce * Rojas, Evelyn C * Romero, Kelly Rooker, Brenda ** Rosario, Magdalena ^ Russell, Karla * Rutherford, Anita Saffell, Katrina Sain, Christine Sanders, Leroy Sankey, Ashley Santiago, Erica ^^ Santiago , Joselyn ^ Schluessler, Sharin Schmidt, Peggy ^^ Scroggins, Charon Seabrease, James ^ Seibert, Catherine ^ Sellers, Audrey Serra, Aglay ** Shaver, Amanda ^ Shelton, Bobbi Shirey, Michelle ** Sibert, Jessica ^ Sickles, Kelly Simmons -Heckard, Jessica Simondale, Sherrie Sims, Kristy Sinclaire, Tara ^ Singletary, Betty ** Siplin-Johnson, Linda Sivis, Steven * Sizemore, Rebecca ^ Skiner, Gloria Skinner, Samiya ** Smack, Sharon ^ Smith, Alecia ^ Smith, Christi ^ Smith, Hershell ^^ Smith, Mark * Smith, Robin ^ Smith, Siobahn Smith, Tawana Smith, Venettia Snidarich, Lisa ** Snyder, Tyra * Solis, Bryan ^ Sonner, Mary ^ Sonni, Alicia Sparks, Katie * Sparwasser, Tiffany Spaulding, Lori Spence, Sonia Spolarich, Melissa Spragg, Nicholas Springs, Kathleen

Spurgeon, Jennifer Starc, Jennifer ^^ Steavens, Ashley * Steinemann, Kimberly ^^ Steinhour, Kristina ^ Stender, Lori Stephens, Kari * Stevenson, Victoria ^ Stewart, Michelle Stoner, Britney Stornaiuolo, Joanne * Stowers, Cathy Stratton, Renee Stravato, Robert Stukey, Denise Sudo, Jaime * Sullivan, Carole Surles, Kelly Sutton, Wendy S * Swick, Tracey Switzer, Marcia ** Tapp, Denise Tass, Bethany ^ Taylor, Chrisy Taylor, Donna ^ Taylor, Rhonda Terry, Shavon Thomas, Bridget * Thomas, Jewel Thomas, Von ** Thompson, Anissa Thompson, Stephanie Tindley, Trena Todd Pugh, Bertha * Todd, Elizabeth ** Toler, Angela Tomanguilla, Amber * Torkelson, Amy ^ Torocco, Melissa Torres, Amy Torres, Anthony Trammell, Kelly ^ Treakle, Teresa ^^ Treas, Anthony * Trull, Jessica * Tucker, Charles Tucker, Deborah ^ Underwood, Kelly Upton-Lee, Crystal ^ Vacha, Michael ^ Van Den Haak, Annmarie ^ Van Meter, Kandace ^ Vandyck, Vivian Vargas , Gladys ** Vázquez, Tanya Vera, Anastasia ** Verdun, Stacey

Weste, Beth Vicklund, Rena ^ Vining, Lynette ^^ Virella, Monica Virgil, Shakima ** Walker, Charlene ** Walker, Cynthia Walker, Krystal * Walker, Latisha Walker, Theresa * Walker, Traceea Wallace, Bradley Wallis, Hadley ** Walters, Nicola ^ Ward, Regina Wardlaw, Suron Washington, Yulonda Watkins, Zanovia ** Watson, Ramona * Weaver, Michelle * Webb, Shani Weeks, Susan ^ Weidenbach, Alison ^ Wengert, Stephanie West, Richard ^ Whipple, Bianca White, Karla * Whitington, Allison ^ Whitt Ali, Alicia Wickware, Dawnyelle Wilkins, Quinnetta Willett, Carrie ^^ Williams, Aaron Williams, Carmalita ^ Williams, Elicia ^^ Williams, Elita Williams, Francine M * Williams, Franshina Williams, Lashonda Williams, Linda Williams , Rex ^^ Williams, Ronald Williams, Sasha Williams, Tanisha L ^ Williams, Wendy ^^ Willis, Dawn Willis, Juanita ^ Wills, Li Yuen ^ Wilson, Donna L * Wilson, Elisha Wilson, Emily ^ Wilson, Michelle ^^ Wilson , Myronna ^ Wilson, Victoria ** Winters, Christopher R ^ Witherspoon, Riane ^ W Itte, Judy C ^

Wojcik, Shawn ^ Wolfe, Dannielle L ^ Woods, Kristina ^^ Woody, Jennifer ^ Wooten, Janet ** Worthen, Sherry Wren, Shirley Wright, Allie ^ Wright, Elaina ^ Wright, Kaisha ** Wright, Neils W Yahl, Lisa ^ Saragoça, Stephanice * Zielinski, Lucy ^ Zielinski, Peter *

BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION Master-Abschluss Abraham-Corbette, Laurel Ackerman, Deborah J. Adams, Dedra Adcock, Kristi Adeleke, Abiodun Akinfolajimi, Babafemi Albertine, Janet Alexander, Michelle Allabah, Paula Allen, Michelle A. Aloisio, Tammy Alspaugh, Rosemary Alston, . Latrice Alston, Shawnikka Amstutz, Eric Anastasi, Richard Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Lolita Anderson, Mary Angarita, Michelle Anthony Jr., Barry N. Anthony, Collin Antoun, Emile Apa, Terry Ard, Alison Armstrong, Daniel Arnett, Billy Arrieta, Nicholas Artis, Robyn Artley, Pamela Astroth, Luke Atchison, Mark Austin, Karen Heals, Olufemi Bagger, Arla

Bahl, Valerie Bailey, Genese Bailey, Norma Bainbridge, Sarah Baines, Caroline Baker, Elaine Baker, Kathaleen Balfe, David R. Barber, Sharon Bartek, Tara Bartlett, Edmund Bartley, Cynthia Batchelor, Wyatt E. Battiste, Henry J. Becker, Linda Bell, Karen Bell, Richard T. Bell, Robynn Benarroch, Ari Benjamin, Daniel Bennett, Jarrod Ben-Shalom, Guy Bernal, Janell Bernhard, Lisa Bess, Tanisha M. Best, Brandy Bey, Janelle Bishop, Paul Bivins, Maisha Blackwell , Bonnie Blizzard, Joni Blythe, Reginald Boggerty, Candice Bohanon, Deborah Bonopane, Paige Bonzo, Callie Boodoo, Nekila Boothman, Karolina W. Bossard, Katrina Bradford, Brad Bradley, La'Shawn Bradley, Robert Bradshaw, DeRamus Brandon, Ilana Braswell, Larry P Bray, Kymberly Bright, Michelle Bronkowski-Redman, Judy Broughman, Lori L. Brouillette, Kristen Broussard, Toni Brown, Dan Brown, Keianna Brown, Vickie Browne, Nichole Buckel, Elizabeth Buckley, Willie L.

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Buckner, Hether Buckner, Michelle Budd, Jason Bullard, Carlton Bullard, Jonathan Buonincontri, Deana Burdette, Jolene Burgess, Joshua Burgos, Lisa Burlison, Laurie Butler, Rahnesia Byrd, Taraniio Cabrera, Marcela Caleb, Shereen Calinda, Gemma Campbell, Christopher Canale, William Cao, Mable Capletti, Clayton Carlson, Robert Carney, William Carr III, Courtney Carr, Brian Carr, Stacey Carroll, Tabitha Case, Blaine Castro, Pollyanna Cephas, Tanya Cera, Elsie Chambers, Tara Chaudhary, Salman Chen, Bin Cherry, Tawanda Renae Christian, Veronica Chu, Ashley Clarke, Kimberly Clarke-Pilgrim, Elizabeth Classon, Michelle L Clay, Ashley Clayton, Mary Cobb, Michael Cocuy, Julie Cole, Danielle Coleman, Casaundria Coleman, Tene Collins, Amber Comella, Lisa Compton, Brian Connelly , Marc Connelly, Tamara L. Cooper, Brian Cooper, Jason Cooper, Rebecca Copeland, Andrew Copeland, Jessica Cota-Brewer, Imelda Cowart, Angela


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Cranston, Anvaline Crawford, Amy Crossley, Trisha Crosslin, Brenda Crowley, Kristy Cuffy, Collin Culbertson, Lois Cummings, Cary Cummings, Charlene Cummings, Eron Cummings, Marla Curreri, Antoinette Cutler, Amy L Dams, David Danby, Patrick Daniels, Angelique Daniels , Marilie Dart, Ash Daumenley, Elizabeth Davis, Damian Davis, Jacinda Davis, Kimberly L. Davis, La'Farrah Davis, Lisa Davis, Tammie Dean, Jack D. Delair, John DeMasi, James Demby, Shondra Dennis, Andre Denslow, María Desravines, Michael DeVaughn, Kerry DeVries, John Diep, Nhut Dieppa, Kristina Diggs, Lidia Dinnard, Raushanah Djahue, Lydie Dombrowski, Richard Domínguez, Armando Domínguez, Javier Donorovich, Ashley Doss, Mattie Dottin, Judyann Douglass-Stockstill, Holli Dovel, Brian Drain Bennett, Jennifer Dudley, Edith Dugar, Odman Duhaime, Jason Dumas, Tabitha Dunham, Deborah Eagle, Brandy Eagle, Josh Ebanks, Ezra Echavarria, Evelyn

Edwards, Kenia Egbe, Agnes Ellis, Joshua Engel, Phyllis Enlow, Anthony Ennis, Marilyn Ernest, Donna Ernst, Tamara Estiverne, Jennyfer Estridge, Verona Fagalar, Kimberley Farahdel, Ingrid Farlough, Lindsey Ferdinand-Walker, Janine Ferguson, Albernie Fermin, Yulieth Ferris, Mary Finch, Lorraine Finn, Paige Fitzpatrick, Kristen Flores, Keith Foreman, Marissa Foster, Faith Francis, Michele Frank, Melissa Frankel, Heather Frazer, Dangleo Frederick, Kiel S Fresch, Richard Frick, Deborah A Fries, Allegra Fuentes, Lizette Gage, Jillian Gaines, Charles Galley, Denise Gambrell, Nicole Garamella, Michelle Garber, Michael García Baldizzone, Armando Julian Gardner, Angela George, Daniel Georgey, Wael Ghidaleson, Gary Gifford, Callista Gillett, Camille Gino, Liza Glenn, Johnella Goldsmith, Deserai S. Gordon, Bevan Gordon, Secquay Gough, Miriam Goulimis, Janet Grace, Joy Granados, Ybich Grant, Lakysha Gray, Crystal

Graybill, Jessica Green, Larrissa Greenaway, Desha Greer, Mary A. Guillory, Theresa Guinn, Dana Gunter, Stacy Guy, Kathleen Hadlock, Chandler Haggard, Corine Hakim, Galed H. Hall Jr., John B. Hall, Jameliya Hall, Janet Hamilton, Carl Hampton, Gregory Hampton, Joyce Hampton, Lawanda Hamzat, Olayinka Hannah-Hardy, Janice Hansen, Kyle Harbour, Vicky Hardy, Patricia Harrell, Jay C. Harrigan, Lindsay Harrington, Tashawa Harriott, Djene Michele Harris, Demetria Harris, Mitchell D. Harris, Monica Hart, Rochelle Harvey, Robin Hauslinger, Allen Hayes, Charles Hayford, Sydney Headley, Annette Heard, Olivia Hector, Deborah A. Hegardt, Jeff Hernandez, Norma Hettesheimer, Jeffrey S. Hill, Cathy L. Hixon, Theresa Hoak, Diane Hoang, Khoa Hodges, Alicia Holmes, Derek Holst, Tessa R. Horky, William House, Dawnyette Hovey, LaVern Howard, Takiya Howell, Catherine Howell, Romi Hoxie, Sheila Hoy, Catherine Huck, Theresa

Hudak, Charlene Hughes, Marquita Hughes, Stephanie Humbertson, Kathryn Humphrey, Barry Hunneman, Jon Hymson, Jill Industrious, Lovelle Inks, Cheryl Jacks, Monica Jackson, Cierra D Jalbert, Michael James, Latrece James, Sakinah Janvier, Tiffany Jean-Baptiste, Rodney Jenkins, Dechown Jennings, Carmen Jennings, William J. John, Leroy John-Jones, Emerlyne Johnson, Charise Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Michael Johnson, Saquell Johnson, Sherlethia Jones, Barbara F. Jones, Kalem Jones, Kearston Jones, William Jones -Nelson, Jeanine Jordan, Jorge Jorgensen, Terry Josephs-Reader, Marcia Joyce, Jahn M. Justice, William Kalghatgi, Anagha Kaur, Parminder Kelley, Betsy Kelly, Amelia Kelly, Kris Kelly, Tina Kelton, Robbin Kennedy, April Khan, Ashura Khan, Cheryl Khan, Saima Kidd, Janice Kiewiet, Alan Kilanga-Cheatham, Rita King, Matthew Haskell King, Takara Knapp, Christiana Knight, Euneke Knott, Juan Knowles, Chanelle Knox, Crystal

Kofford, Daniel Kokemueller, Wendi Krizanova, Katarina Kubasak, Nicholas Kunchum, Murali Kwin, Yvette Laure La Brecque, Jessica Lahens, Zsadora Lahmann, Jesse Lamb, Kelly Lampkin, Kristen A Langhurst, Thomas Lapchik Tub, Aby LaRiva, Carlos Lassiter, Cheryl LaVack , Cherele Lavender, Tomeki Lawhorn, Dashanti Le, Vu Leath, Nicole LeBlanc, Sharma Lee-Sing, Kyle Lefever, Benjamin Lenz Goodwin, Gretchen Leonard, Earlena S. Lewis, Angela Lievanos, Destry Liles, Kimberly Little, Elizabeth Livingston-Stone, Rebecca D Locklear, Sonya Lonngi Champion, Patricio Looman, Jessica M Lopes, Jennifer Louissaint, Yves Lowe, John Lowe, Kevin Lowe, Tonita Lowry, Christopher Lukens, Amy Lutchman Ellison, Kamini Mack, Dominique Macon Sr, Tony Darrell Madden, Brandi Magnum , Wayne Mangum, Ashley Manigan, Laura Marsh, Michele R. Martin, Bryan Martin, Isabelle Martin, Ladee Shanna Martin, Paul Marzec, Katarzyna Mason, Caroline Matney, Ronny Matthew-Fox, Mauvette Mattice, Tiffany

Mauldin, Ericka Mauricio, Eliseo McAleer, Christie McAnany, Linda McCauley, Tina McCollough, Amy McCray, Jocelyn McCray, Ken L. McDaniel, Ashley McDonald, Amal McDonald, James McKay, Michael McManus, Jessica McNeal, Kimberly R. McNeill, Ashley Meadows , Kathryn Melideo, Kristin Melton, Natasha Mendez, Angela Menon Subramaniman, Ravindran Merritt, Chondra Meyer, Elicia Michel, Aude Mike, Leopold Miller, Michelle Mischan, Lori Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Sherry Moimeme, David-Khallid Montes, Aimee Moorman, Matt Morico, Cindy Muhammad, Kelvin T. Murphy, Jacqueline J. Murphy, Valerie Murtha, Christina Mustapha, Olasunkanmi Muthaiya, Venkathnam Myers, Christina Myles, Michelle Nantz, Stephanie Neal, Alexis Neal, Cathi Nealey, Nancy Nemeth, Melissa Nguyen, Linh Nicholson , LaTrenda Nickerson, Laura Nivens, Kasheem Nixon, Kevin Noack, Joseph Noel, Jean Nowell, Taneisha Nurse, Roland Nutting, David Nwe, Tin Lay

Nwoye, Theophilus Obomanu, Ben ODea, Ryan Odeh, Michael Ogle, Diane O'Neil, Galina Orange, Manoucheka Orona, David Orr, Christopher Osgood, Teresa Otil, Marian Owens, Danielle Oyinloye, Adejoke Ozen, Zenobia Pabellon Rivera, Yaitza Page, Tracey Ann Page-Thompson, Brooke Parker, Audrey Parker, Shielondria Parks, Dawanna Parks, Sylvia P Partolina-Tubbs, Dina Patel, Ekta Patrick, Shelby Payne, Annette Paz, Jaime Peguero, Sujhei Peluso, Danielle Peoples, Andrea Peralta, Katrina Peterson , Leon Peterson, Lucas Peterson, Michael Pettway, Ambrose Phelps, Danielle Phillip, Teshanne Pierce, Ginger Y Pierre, Alexandra Pierson, Marie Pierson, Tamika Pilkins, Elaine Pineros, Rosaura Pope, Darrell Porter, Clarissa Pouch, Corinne Powell, Yolanda Prempeh, Jeffrey Prentice, Afiya Prokurat, Liliya Pugh, Stacy A. Ramsey, Alan Rand, Sarah Ray, Sabrina Raymond, Joacine Realph, Elizabeth Redinger, Timothy D. Reed, Barbara

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Reed, Christine Reese, Alechia Reyes, Christopher Reyling, Jessica Reynolds, Constance Richards, Gary Richardson, Mary K Richardson, Valdis B Rideout, Danielle Rieger, Belinda Ripley, Christina Ripley, Rachel Rivera, Willette M Rivette, Nadine Roach, Daphnie Robertson, Stephannie Robinson, Mallori Robinson, Michael Robinson, Rocky Dewayne Rodgers, Essie Rosenthal, Katherine Rothwell, Deena Rowe, Rowan Russell, Melissa Ryan, Kimberly Sabala, Heather Sabo, Nannette Saenz, Soledad Salgado, Ransel Salinas, Zaida Sammut, Josianne Sampson, Foster Sánchez, Destinee Sánchez, Miguel Sanders, Darlene Sanders, Marita Sanders, Monique Sarpong, Jasmine Savannah, Hallie Sayre, Michelle Scarborough, William Schadler, Carrie Schillaci, Mark Schnuth, Darcy l Schofield, Sherrod Schultz, Katherine Schutt, Stanley Sciacchitano, Chris Scott , Carleen W. Scott, Dione M. Scott, Latifa Scott, Shane Sease, Rosita Semposki, Heather Seymour, Patti Shah, Ankit Shah, Bharatesh D


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Shah, Pankti Shatz, Jonathan Shaw, Emily Sheffield, Tammy Shirinyan, Karo Sianjina, Born Sidway, Gina Siler, Vinesha Silver, Sally Silvestre, Joao Simmons, Crystal Simons, Sue J. Sinclair, Andrea Sirenne, Joseph Sirmans, Gana Skinner, Jennifer Sleiman, Nick Smith, LaQuan Smith, Mychel Smith, ReTrenia Smith, Stephen Som, Rupam Sommerville, Dawn M. Soni, Samir Sookhoo, Videsh Soyoh, Justine Sparks, Robert A. Springer, Theresa Spurlock, Heather Stanescu, Kristen Stanley, Tunesien Steinbeck , Jacklyn Steiner, Christine Stennett, Marilyn Sterrett, Lucinda H. Stevens, Jon McKay Stewart, Anthony Stewart, Rhonda J. Stinson, Laura Stout, Renae Stroman-Blanks, Patricia Suchy, Louis Sullivan, Sabrina Sutherland, Rusty Sutherland, Sydney Tabb, Montara Tamesis, Benjamin Taylor, Luthella Taylor, Stephanie Tedrick, Catherine Tenneson, Anthony Terry, William C. Thatcher, Jennifer Thierry, John Thomas, Ashley Thomas, DeeAngela Thomas, Makeela

Thomas, Ricardo Thomas, Sadikia Thomas, Sharon Thorpe, Georgette Thorsten, Susan D. Tomlin, Elizabeth S. Toomey, Daniel Torres Jr., Eloy A. Trabucchi, Mark Traylor, Erica Trinh, Christian Trivedi, Pratik Tubbs, Kimberly Turner, Joshua Unger Jackson, Talawn Unger, Joshua Urene, Sarah Valcin, Vincent Valles, Joseph Valverde, Kelly Van Alstine, Emitte VanDam, Kara Vaughan, Robert Vohsmann, Matthew Vu, Jason Walker, Chelsea Walker, George Walsh, Nancy Walsh, Tammy Watkins, Lexia Watson, Jessica R Watts, David Weber, Frank Weisenburger, Anthony Welton, Floyd West, Marc Wester, Mark Whaley, Lisa Wheeler, John R. White, Byron Whitmore, Termaine Whittlesey, Sarah Wiertel, Ann Marie Wigert, Maureena Wiggins, Arlette Wilcox , Cordelia Wilder, Dax Wiley, Mark Wilf, John Wilkerson, Robert D. Wilkinson, Diandra Williams, Anthony Williams, Brian Williams, Darrell Williams, Diane Williams, Kristina Williams, Melinda

Williams, Monique A. Williams, Sanchia Williams, Sharonda Williams, Sonya Wilson, Junie Wilson, Kerron Wilson, Nichole Woods, Nia Woodson, Aretha Worthy, Randy Wright, Louis Yee, Kimberly Zikria, Nehla Zohreh, Susan K. Zolotar, Cheryl A Zúñiga, Heydi R.

Bachelor-Abschluss Adams, Monica ^ Aikens, Emily Akers, Martinia Albert, Kevin ^ Albornoz, Alfonso Aldape, San Juana Aldeguer, Tasha Alexander, Francine ^ Algiere, Angela Ali, Rasheed Allen, Greg ** Allen, Lindsey M. Alvizo, Juanita Anderson Jr , Donnie L ^ Anderson, Dawna ^ Anderson, Gary ^ Anderson, Rhoda Anderson, Sharon P * Anderson, TJ Anderson-Clark, Janae * Anthony, Maurice Antulov, Bretagne ^^ Apilado, Danyl Alconcel ^ Archambault, Allen S. Ardila , Sharon Arenas, Sonia Armour, Darlene Armstrong, Brock * Arnold, Marie * Austin, Alycia Aycock, Bradly Baardson, David ^ Bachan, Cindy ^ Bachelder, Laura Bailey, Chanel Bailey, Jeffrey ** Bailey, Kenneth Bailey, Nasrallas Bailey, Shane

Bailey, Wilma * Balboa, Ismael ** Banks, Carolyn Banks, Shannon Banks, Steve Barnhart, Patricia L * Barrett, Leanne ** Barrett, Lori Bates, Orval ** Beard, Alexis ^ Bedford, Randy Beerhalter, April ^ Belgarde, Jesse Bell, Elizebeth * Bell, Jeremy Bellamy, Shiral ^ Bell-Cooper, Sherry Bellwood, Jami Belton, Georgette ** Belton, Tammie Benson, Melissa ^ Bentley, Dorinda ^ Berry, Donna Betts, Kimberly A * Beumeler, Debra ^^ Bias Jr , Gregory Bickford, Debora Bidinger, Leanna ^ Bills, Andrea * Bingham, Christopher Bishop, Charlotte * Bishop, Darryl Black, Leslie ^ Blackburn, Shauna ** Blackwell, Chad Blackwood, Lorna M. Blagg, Jason * Bleck, Matthew ^ Boakai, Leo Boatright, Lori Boayue, Mapu Bolden, Latonya Boley, Elaine ^ Bolton, Neil ^ Bomar, Tina J Bond, Sable Booth, Tawanda Boswell, Alicia ^ Bower, Rockel Bowers, Aliyyah Bowles, Alexander L ** Box, Rowan M ** Boyer , Sandi ** Boyogueño, Lori * Brack, Nate ^ Bradley, Ben ^ Braley, Benjamin

Bramhall, Mike C * Brandt, Devin Brassier, Aidah Brault, Margaret Donita * Braverman, Stacy ^^ Bridgers, Montressa Brightbill, Ann ^ Brinson, Angela Brooks, Brenda Brooks, Debra A * Brooks, Michelle Brooks, Paula Brose, David Brouillette, April-Jean ** Broussard, Corliss V. Browe, Jill ^ Brown, Amy * Brown, Barbara Brown, Celease R Brown, David M * Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Karen Brown, Kristine Brown, Melissa * Brown, Ronald * Brown, Trecian * Brown, Viola Brunk, Arlene * Bruno, Michael Brzescinski, Melissa * Bucalo, MaryAnn ^ Bucci, Alicia M Bunch, Timothy Buntyn, Carla ** Burkey, Connie Burkhardt, Gregory ^ Burns, Nya Burton, Sharon Bylczynski, Kati J * Cagliero , Chris ^ Calder, Tammy Caldwell, Sallie * Callahan, Darlene ^ Callahan, Rosalyn N. Calvert, Dawn R. Campana, Pasquale Campbell, Sonya Campbell, William ^ Campbell-Vannoy, Carlene F ^ Canadá, Kimberly * Caporale, Pete * Carmichael , Nancy Carmon , Sharon Y * Carner, Aimee ** Carrillo, Diane ^^ Carver, Ronnie ^

Casas, Adam ^ Casillas, Debbie Casper, James Castille, Loretta Castillo, Kathleen Castro, Lisa ^ Cates, Andrea Cather, Ashley * Caudle, Raquel Ceasor, Krystal ^ Ceranek, Wayne Cerda, Jamie Cesani-Ortiz, Marta ** Chadwick, Jennifer C ** Champ-Gilbert, Laureen Chandler, Dudley R ^ Chandler, Monica ^ Charles, Quajerah Chauhan, Vijay S ** Chester, Debbie ** Chisolm, Ophelia Christian, Denise Ciarlariello, Stephanie Claridy, Joyce Clark, Brianna Clark, Dorothy Clark , Serena Clark, Stacey Clark, William Clay, Latwan Clements, Dianthe Cobb, Sarah E. Cochran, Dawn ^ Cochran, Jennifer Cole, Ashley ^ Cole, Cynthia * Coleman, David Coleman, William K. Coles, Kristina Comberrel, Chris ^ Combs , David ^ Combs, Keith Connell, Averie ** Connell, Leon E Contestato, David Contreras, Jackie ^ Contreras, Tara ** Cook, Kennese Cook, Lynnea ^ Cooper, Annina Cooper, Misty Coordsen, Wendy A Correia, Maria ** Cota , Kandy A ^ Cowley, Austell * Cox, Jennifer ^ Cracco, Samantha ^

Cratsley, Amy ** Crawn, Tina ^ Croom, Stephanie * Crowder, David M * Cuellar, Tomas ** Culhane, Thomas Cuminale, Joe Cummings, Jessikah Curotto, Tiffanie ^ Curry, Camille ^ Curtis, Jamie * Cuttino, Victoria Dahlin, Jon ^ Damon, Tahira Dangler, Katherine Daniel, Roger Daniel, Steven * Danys, Jennifer D'Arcangelo, Donna Davenport, Susan ^ Davis, Brenden ^^ Deal, Gloria Deale, Diane * DeBuhr, Robin ** Del Conte, Lissa ^ Delany, Candace Dellinger, Brenda ^ DeMita, Deb Dengler Jr., Kenneth Deonarine, Kavita ^ Depriest-Berumen, Staci DeRousselle, Chatina * Despin, Tina M. Diaz, Paula Dick, Andrew Dickerson, Tamarian * Diedrich, Scott Digiacomo, Michael Dill, Heather ^^ Dimitriou, Christopher Dodson, Melissa k Domínguez, Daniel ^ Donahue, Kerry ^ Donlon, Christina * Dover, Leon ** Dover, Patricia Dow, Kristy F. Dowdle, Tomansa Draper-Gossett, April Drescher, Nikki Drew, Mary Drobikov, Dima Dueñas, Susanita Dumas, Tangela L. Duncan, Charles Dunn, Curtis ^ Dunnah, Darlene *

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Dunphy, Veronica Durett, Damon * Duvall, Daphne * Easybuck, Rachel Ebert, Douglas ^ Eddings, Harold K. Edens, Mary Edwards, Akeisha Edwards, Bennitra Ehrlich, Kristen Eldridge, Susan ^ Elkhadem, Saad ^ Elkins, David Ellis, Naomi Eng , Kami I Englisch, Kevin D Englisch, Maggie ^ Ergang, Jenny M * Estep, Terry L ** Estes-Lewis, Karyn L ^ Evans, Monica * Ewings, Rickey Fast, Wendy ** Faucher, Ibia ** Faulkner, Brian ^ Favela , Miriam Ferenc-Milohnic, Jacqui ** Fernandez, Patricia Ferreiro, Miguel Angel Ferruzza, Pamela J Festekjian, Rita Filley-Quatraro, Christina M Fils-Aime, Arrie ^ Finch, Angela * Fines, Terence J * Fish, Janet M Fisher , Michelle ^ Flack, Leslie ** Flores, Eric Flynn, Claudette ^ Forrest, Michael Forsberg, Erin ^^ Fossey, Loretta Francois, Kassandra ^ Frazer, Renel ** Frechette, Phillip ** Frechette, Tiffany Freeland, Sarah Freeman, Lisa Freeney , Tommy Freih, Deb Friday, Heather Frink, Latoya Frost, Barbara * Fryar-Sims, Lavonia Gaines, Renee ^ Gala, Candice ^^


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Galanti, Michael Gamarra, John ^ García, Karen ^ Gardner, Christy ^ Gardner, Cynthia ^ Garner, Nicole Garner, Peter ^^ Garrett, Lakeshia Garrett-Wright, Julie * Garza, Gabriela Gearhart, Ashley Genrich, Stephen Gerena, Melissa Y Geyer , Daffney * Giacomello, Brian Giambalvo, Richard ^ Gibson, Robin Gijon, Ana Gilbert, Sheena ^ Gilmore, Jonathan Glover, Donnetta M * Godfrey, Ashley Godinez, Jennifer ^ Goebel, Rose ^ Goerl, Pam * Gondrez, David ^ Gonzalez, Eileen Goodwin, Anthony T * Goodwin, Lacoya ** Gordon, Derrick Goretzke, Sharon ^ Graham, Ronnie ^ Graver, Evan ^ Green, Brock H ^ Green, Jennifer ** Gregory, John ** Gregory, Lisa ^ Gregory, Vickye Grenicko, Christina Griep, Rosalind M. Griffin, Joseph Grimes, Donald ^^ Groves, Jennifer Groves, Latisha Gruber, Jamie Grullon, Gawdys * Guertin, Kevin Guest, Steven Guice, Judd ^ Guidry, Autumn Gunter, Leanne Guresky, Kent ^ Haas, Gregory P ^ Hagins, Shaketha ^ Halat, Justyna ^ Haleem, Sameer * Hall, Jared

Hall, Nicole ^ Hallman, Cindy M ^ Hamilton, Charles ^ Hamlin, Regina Hamm, Jennifer Harden, Tammy Hardin, Elizabeth Harmon, Lisa Harper, Gregory ^ Harper, Shoanette ^ Harris, David ^ Hart, Barbara Hartless, Starla Hatteberg, Bentley ^ Hausauer, Jeffery ^ Hawkins, Robert Hawthorne, Cynthia Hayes, Amanda Hayes, Lasuandra Haynes, Avis ^ Hebert, Christopher W ** Hebert, Mary * Heffner, Joanie ^ Heller, Adam ^ Heller, Angela ^ Henriod, Cassie ^ Herman, Jeff ^ Hernández, José Hernández, Rosa Hershey, Chelsea N Heslep, Willis ** Hess, Steven ^ Hess, Terrell E Hester, Victoria Hickok, Phillip * Highsmith, Anetta Hill, Carol R ^ Hill, Jason ** Hill, Markita Hindman, Julie * * Hippley, Nichole ^ Hoaglund, Theresa M ** Hodge, Julie Hodges, Jason ^ Hodge-West, Tisha Hofegartner, Crystal ** Hofmann, Adelaida Hohn, Troy ^ Holbrook, Terrance * Holanda, Barry Hollifield, Linda * Honorah, Verona Hook , Thomas ^^ Hooks, Dacia D Hooks, Pamela Hopkins, Alysha P Horton, Valeria

Hoskins, Jared Hough, Bernard Howard, Conora Hudson, Jodi ^ Hudspeth, Kimberly ** Huff, Adam Hugee, Tanya Hughes, Kristina Hughes, Voneia * Hulsey, Cecilia * Hultgren, Kimber ^^ Humberson, James * Humke, Kristin ^^ Ickes , Timothy Incorvia, Nicholas C * Ingram, Michelle V Isabel, Sendhy Jack, Lashanda Jackson, Adrena ** Jackson, Jason Jackson, Teresa ^ Jacob, Santosh * Jacquett, Latoya Jakimas, Amy * James, Raymond * Jeffery, April Jenkins, Debbie Jenkins, Laura * Jiménez, Maricela Johnson, Evelyn * Johnson, Evette Johnson, James Brian Johnson, KeAnn Johnson, Maranda D Johnson, Roderick * Johnson, Shatasha Johnson, Tiffane Johnson, William ^ Johnston, Nina A ^ Joiner, Royal W Jones, Ashley Jones, Brandon * Jones, Edgar ** Jones, Ernest^ Jones, Roberta * Jones, Sheree Jones, Victoria ** Jones, Yolanda Joseph, Julie ** Joseph, Stella ** Joseph, Therese Joy, Jason Juarez, Luz Juarez, Marisa Kahan, Jennifer M. Kamara, Helena Kane, Frances

Kanipe, Randy Kanumuri, Adarsh ​​​​​​^ Karchevsky, Natasha ^ Karrick, Linda ^^ Keane, Robert ^ Keefe, Jamie Keigley, Kelle A ^ Keith, Robert J ^ Keller, Tammie ^ Kelly, Michael Kemp, Levi Kemper, Heather ^ Kemper, Shawn ^ Kenigel, Francesca Kenison, Julie Kerns-Stuart, Lori Kincade, Bradley ^ King, Lisa Klumpe, Valerie * Knight, Antoinette ** Knight, Joshua * Knight, Rachel Knight, Timothy A. ^ Kondor, Shana ** Kowalsky, Shawn Krahe, Jennifer Kumar, Pooja * Kurtz, Wilferd LaCombe, Glenn * Lading, Loretta ** Lafazano, Elisa Lamb, Vanessa Landrau, Christine ^^ Lane, Wanda * Lanese, Jamie Larson, Joshua ** Larson, Tracey ^ Law , Richard ^ Lawler, Claudia Lawrence, Toni Lawson, Ronald N* Lazzaretti, Joseph* Le, Diana Leavitt, Rene ^ Ledsome, Megan Lee, Christina Leggett, Leketha ^ Leon Guerrero, Gina Leonardis, Nicholas Lester, Melinda Levit, Eugene Lewis, Cassandra Lewis , James M Lewis, Paula Lewis, Treamont ^ Lichtenberg, Joseph * Liesik, Daniel ^

Linden, Kristen ** Lindsey, Bianca ** Lipscomb, Travis Liverett, Cynthia ^^ Lonack, Dave ^ Lopez, Gayle ^ Lorenzen, Barbara Louis, Jean-Marie Louther, Charles ^ Love, Sarah Love, Wylie Lovelace, Michael ^ Lowe, Amy Lucas, Terrell ** Lugo, Victor Lynn, Chad Mack, Sandra Madej, Joseph * Maghiar, Magdalena Maher, Leo ^ Mailhot, Claude * Malone, La Nita ^ Malone, Nisa Malone, Stephanie L ^ Manley, Yulonda Manning, Denise R Manns, Tinisha Manticof, Graciela ^ Manuel, Letitia Marion, Marc ^ Marquez, Mary ^^ Marrero, Misha M. Marshall, Angela Martin, Joshua Martin, Nakeyah ^ Martin, Steven ^ Marusa, Cynthia Mason III, Carroll ^ Mason, Deaonn Mattson , Elaine * Mattson, Krista Mays, Donna * McBride, Natalie ** Mccallister, Edward McCaman, Rhonda ^ McCarl, Loy McCarthy, Peter McClanathan, Amanda McClellan, Linda ^^ McCoy, Jason ** McCoy, Selma McCoy-Watson, Kenisha McDonald , Patty ^ McGirt, Shalina McGovern, Desiree McHugh, Robert ^ McKeon, Leslie *

McLean, Ramona McLester, Marnee ^ McMahon, Linda ** McPhail, James S ^^ Mead, David ^ Medina, Liza Melillo, Jaclyn Mendez, Jamid Mendoza-Valencia, Virginia Messam, Maria ^ Messier, Kenneth ^ Micalizzi, Peter ^ Michalec, Sharen Michel, Kim A Miller, Becky Miller, Miranda Miller, Taysia Milligan, Lynne M ** Mines, Cassandra Minjares, Luis * Miranda-Birt, Mary Mobley, Jennifer L Modad, Julia ^^ Molnar, Heather ** Mondesi, Susan Mondy , Yolanda Montague, Tara Montalvo, Paul Montes de Oca, Ailyn * Montgomery, Deanna * Moore-Bell, Faye Moore, Amber Moore, Angela Moore, Delcie ** Moore, Rebecca R * Morales, Evelyn Morrill, Heather ** Morris, Barbara ^ Morris, Kenneth * Morris, Shawn Morrow, Patrice Mortimer, Laura ^ Moschella, Paul ^ Mosley, Colette L. Mounir-Chatoo, Diana Mouzon, Bertha ^ Mowdy, Ramonda Moyer, Michelle * Muñoz, Amber Muñoz, John Murdock, James Murphy , Rita Murray, Dan ** Murray, Erik Muzaffer, Tonya Myers, Jon ^^ Myrick, Charlene *

Myvett, Newton Nantz, Susan Naraine, Sylvester Nari, Nichole Narvaez, Gabriela Nasadowski, Adam Nault, Susie ^ Navarrete, Brandi Neal, Edward Nedele, Julie* Nevarez, Angela New, Jason Newland, Tina Newsome, Jean-Pierre^ Newton, Rebecca Nguyen, Trish Nicholas, Belinda*Nicholas, Michael^Nielsen-Higer, Tina**Enkel, William^Nutinsky, Erika*Nutter, Cynthia O Connell, Robert^Oakman, Talbot S**O'Brien, Theresa M Odom, Dashekia Odom , Mark ^ Oduro, Angela ^ Okapal, Rachel Okebie, Grace ** Olayinka, Noah Onadja, Garba Onyango, Valarie Orr, Kristina Ortiz, Abigail Ortiz, Diana ^ Overby, Cynthia ** Pahut, Amy Jo Paige, Tony Pandohie, Kristine Pankas , Deanna Pappas, Nick* Paris, Sharalyn C Park, Carlie Parker, Beverly** Parker, Henry Parker, Ida Patenaude, Cindy Paul, Stephanie Pauluhn, Andrew ^ Payne, Wendy ^ Pecanova, Saveta^ Pelle, Rellina Penoyer, Melissa Perales- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Navarro, Susan Percival, Stephanie Perez, Angela ^^

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Perry, Linda ^ Perry, Tiavonni Perry, Tina * Peterman, Jennifer * Peterson, Angela Peterson, Sabrina L * Pettiford, Broadus Pettit, Crystal Pevey, Eric V Philip, Biju ^ Phillip, Marie Phillips, Courtney M Phillips, Marvin ^ Phillips, Nicola * Pigrum, Harvey Pineda, Saul Pizza, Joseph ^ Polonia, Shannan Pope, Jamie R * Portales, Krista M Posio, Edward Posner, Tracy B * Potaki, Michelle * Potamitis, Tracy Powell, Sharon Prater, John T ^ Presendieu, Julio Price, Monique ** Prieto, Lizcette ^ Pringle, Michele ^ Proby, Quawanna Prosser, Stephen ^ Pulda, Robin K * Purmort, Faye Queen, Valencia D * Quiocho, Brenda Radcliff, Michele * Ragon, Mike Ramey, Jane Ramirez, Norma Ramirez -Dawson, Tirza * Ramos, Rumel A ^ Ramsey, Damien Ramsey, Dave * Rance, Joyce Randall, Leonie Randall, Wayne Rashid, Candea Rattray, Sharon ^ Ray, Amanda * Ray, Kelly ^^ Ray, Kelvin ^ Rayls, Steven ^ Rektor, Carlisa M. Reece, Rosa * Reese, Edward Reeves, Rosanna *


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Regan, Laurie Rehak, Serena * Reinegger, Olivia Render, Lenora Rethamel, Jeremy ** Reyna, Christina Reynolds, DeShauna Rhodes, Sherry Rice, Brandon ** Rice, Tawanda Richards, Angie Richards, Gail * Richardson, Alixandra ^ Richardson, Carol * * Richardson, Samantha Ridling, Sontaree Riehle, Danial ^ Riley, Heidi ^ Ring, Serena ^^ Ripple, Lisa * Rivera, Mary * Rivera, Rosa ** Rivers, Darlene * Roberson, Rg Roberts, Asha Robinson, Fergus ** Robinson, Lureatha ^ Robinson, Mark Rodriguez, Deseree Rodriguez, Marisel * Rodriguez, Natalie ^ Rodriguez, Yadira Rodriquez, Lisa Jeanne ^ Rogers, Diane ^ Rogers, Eric V ^ Roman, Monique ** Romay, Carlos Rombough, Michael J * Romero, Roger Romero , Ruby ** Rosario, Ricky Rose, Todd Rosengarten, Kim Ross, Freddie * Rowsey, Katrina H. Royal, London C. Royall, Traci Ruchlin, Mandie * Rucker, Cortez T. Rueda, Giovanni ** Ruesch, Jayme ** Rufin , Robert Rule , Debby * Rush, Kyle ** Russell, Philip ** Ryczek, Kari * Sabo, Rebekah

Saito, Jennifer ^ Salmon, Patricia Salsbury, Emily ^ Sampson, Cynthia ^ Sampson, Quentin Sanborn, Pavlina ^ Sanchez, Lisa * Sanders, Dearld T ^ Sanders, Joyce Sanderson, Sherri ^ Sanso, Deborah Sargent-Gaskin, Mary Satterfield, Michele * * Saunders-Berry, Lavina Savidge, Heather Scalcucci, Robert ^ Schermerhorn, Renee Schlein, Jennifer * Schlemmer, Laura A ^ Schmitz, Juanita ^ Schuchman, Michael ** Schuette, Brandon Schultz, Kelly Schuster, Kristi ^ Schwanke, Mary * Schwartz, Tatiana ** Scott, Michael Scott, Michael Seager, June Sedillo, Lauren * Segrove, Maria ^^ Seitz, Lauri * Selvin-Torrence, Rosemarie Semwayo, Manuel Senters, Heather Serrano, Magdalena Shaffer, Janice ^ Shannon, Laurie * Shaver, Tammy Shaw, Altimond ^ Shaw, Christopher * Shears, Derek * Sheets, Jessica ^ Sheppard, John C * Sherrod, Edith ** Shinn, Michelle ^ Shirley, Nelson Shoop, Jennifer Shores, Karen ** Sides, Nina Simmons, Douglas * Simmons, Tara Simpson, Talicia * Sims, Crystal D Sims, Gwendolyn Sir, Denise ** Kleinholz, Christy D.

Smith, Agustin Smith, Benjamin Smith, Debbie Smith, Frankreich ** Smith Jr, David * Smith, Shawna R. Smith, Shennetha Smith, William * Snow, Simeon * Snyder, Lisa ^^ Soja, Brian ^ Sorrentino, Maryann Space, James * Sparks, Ebony Spear, Karmen ^^ Specian, William * Spencer, Darrell Spencer, Kevin Spivack, Shannon St. Jean-Martin, Trish * St. Juste, Diana Stallings, Zina I. Stanislawski, Angelica ** Starr, Ida Staton, Rocytha Stephens, Jason * Stephenson, Garylee Stepp, Kimberly Stewart, Justin Stidd, Jill ** Stiles, Sharon Stotler, Richard Strassacker, Frank Strycker, Sharon Kelly ** Stumbaugh, Jessica * Sullivan, Gizena L Sullivan, Kathleen ^ Sussdorf, Crystal Sutton , Bonnie Sutton, Vanessa Swaim, Angelica * Swanson, Kyle * Swanson, Melissa J Syed, Salah Sykes, Regina Sylvester, Kimberly Taiwo, Adesoji ^ Talbot, Dawn Tanner, Vernon * Taylor, Earnest ^ Taylor, Ivor G Taylor, Robert ^ Taylor , Terry Taylor, Victoria Taylor, Yolanda Teige, Eric ^ Tejada, Elma *

Roof, Marina** Telford, Victoria K Tennaro, Elizabeth** Terrell, Cheryl A Terrill, Leah M Thayer, Donald* Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Dwana Thomas, Ericka Thomas, Margo Thorp, Brian J Tirri, David Torres, Teófilo Townsend, Telester^Tracy, Janet Tralongo, Jack^Triboletti, Martha*Troxell, Rebecca^Truax, David Truman, Anthony**Tunney, Amanda Turino, Carmen Turner, Amy Turnham, Patricia A^^Turpin Jr, Jerome*Umhoefer, Audrey^Underwood , Mary Kristie Ursu, Elena Ussery, Evelyn Uzueta, Stephanie D. Valme-Luigi, Marie VanFosson, Kerry VanTilburg, Brenda Vargas, Bianca Vargas, Milagros ^ Vaughan, Tyson L** Velasco, Nance* Venable, Amy** Vernon, Erinn Vest, Lindsey ^ Victorian, Lusanya Villagomez, Margaret * Villava, Maria Vinson, Nicole Nurseries, Deborah A ^ Walker, Larry ** Walker, Tyler Walker, Warren ** Walukones, Brenda ^ Wanderscheid, Robert ^ Warburton, Kristen Ward, Keely * * Ward, Sonya ^ Warner, Romayra Warren, Keith Warren, Kenny A. Washington, Micheleen

Washington, Russell Washington, Vickie * Watson, Cynthia A * Watson, Julie Watson, Kristy ^ Webster, Tracy Wehe, Shyanna ** Weier, Joshua ^ Welch, Christie Welton, Kathrine * Wheeler, Paula Whitaker, Jamaal * Whitty, Sauvena ^ Whyte , Leona ^ Wilchenski, Michael Wilkerson, Grace M Wilkins, Cassandra ** Williams, Amanda Williams, Calette Williams, Coral A Williams, Henreatta Williams, Maisha Williams, Malekia ** Williams, Meleneise Williams, Robert T ^ Williams, Robinawitz Williams, Tonya Wilson, Alveanie Wilson, James K Wilson, Lakesha Wilson, Matthew ^^ Wingate, Charnell * Wofford, Janice Wolfe, Cammie Won, Grace Y Woodson, Jacqueline Wright, Sally ^ Wu, Deborah Wyatt, Kimberly Xavier, Roland Yancey, Saketha Yaworski, Jodi L ^ Yaworski, Richard ^ Young, Jaime R Young, Melissa Young, Sharon D Zaragoza, Valarie A Ziemann, Mike ^ Zillmer, Kymberly ** Zimmer, John **


Associate Degree Adams, Celeste Adams, Wanda Albert, Elizabeth * Alberts, Lisa * Albillar, Nichole **

Alders, Amanda Alfonso, Gala C Allen, Christine Allen, Kathleen * Allen, Sarah Alspach, Kevin^Alt, Frederick^Altman, Paul Amparo, Yanira Anderson, Chandra Andrews, Samantha Anthony, Sherri Aresto, Samantha Arnold, Andrea Arnold, Peggy * * Ashford, MRS Angela Attridge, Lynn ^ Austin, Kari * Avery, Calvin ^ Badgett, Andrew Baer, ​​Randall W ^ Bailey, Gail ^ Bailey, Jason Bailey, Patricia Banford, Brian ^ Bannerman, Tameka Barker, William * Barnes, Sarah Barrios, Robert Bashir, Faizah Bauer, Dina C * Baughman, Dennis ^ Baughman, Jennifer Becker, Shasta Beckwith, Jennifer Bell, Avastein C Bell, Michelle Bellew, Laurie ^ Ben, Vanessa ^ Benda, Susan ^ Bennett, Crystal * * Bennett, Michele * Benz, Lisa Bergum, Brittany Berry, Tiara * Bethel, Angela * Betts, Sharon Birchett, Camille Bird, Michele ^^ Biro, Shannon ** Birtcil, Amanda ^ Bladen Jr, Stefan Blake, Heather ** Blankenship, Sabrina * * Bolzen, Kristall ^^ Boughton, Tramaine Bowen, Tenisha

Bradford, Ursula ** Bradley, Kimyarda Branch, Latasha * Branch, Shelratta Bravo, Imelda ^ Brewer, Amber M * Bricker, Kimberly ** Bricker, Sarah * Brineman, Christina Broniak, Stacy Brooks, Lois * Broseus, Ashley * Brown, Colette ^ Brown, Iteka * Brown, Jennifer Brown, Kathryn Brown, Lawrence ^ Brown, Michelle Brown, Robert ** Brown, Sheria Browning, Ashley Brunner, Marykatherine Bryan, Susan ^^ Buff, Cynthia Burris, Tonya * Buttke, Lisa Cain, Jacqueline ** Cain, Kelly ^ Calata, Anthony * Cantrell, Stephanie Cardenas, Jennifer Carr, Casey * Carter, Karen ** Carter, Shanetta ^ Cary, Josie ^ Casey, Amber Castanos, Jerry Chamberlin, Rebecca Chandler, Raphael Chatman, Sherry * Cheney , Michele Christine, Lena Christinia, Jacqueline Church, Robyn ^ Church, Theodore ^ Clark, Leslie * Clark, Staci Clarke, Karen * Clarke, Marlene ^ Cleveland, James Clopper, Melissa ^^ Clune, Tara ^ Cochran, Michael Collins, Keith ^ Conner, Sharon Conover, Alisha ^^ Koch, Camilla

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Cook, Michael ^ Cooley, Deserea Cooley, Simon Corey, Jane ^ Corey, Kim * Corsaro, Kimberly ^ Cory, Crystal N ^^ Cossaboon, Kathleen L ^ Cox, David Cox, Dawn ** Cox, Ligea ^ Crain, Christaline Crawford, Lucille Crawley-Taylor, Yolanda Cribbs, Debra Crowder, Veleca Cruse, Damien ** Cruz, Luis Cuevas, Eduardo ^ Cunningham, Cassandra Cunningham, Marilyn Curotto, Cecilia Curtis, Katina Cushnie, Simone ^^ Dallas, Cherri Dalton, Dennis Damroze, Karlis Dandrea, Doreen ^ Darnell, Angela ** Davis, Courtney ^ Davis, Kristy Davis, Linda ** Davis, Scott ** Davis, Sheena Davis, Teresa Davis, Tiffany Dawson, Deborah DeBaene, Juliann Debose-Cooper, Gabrielle Dehart, Lisa ^ Delsman, Jamye Demby, Frances DePew, Jennifer ^ Derderian, Becky ^ DeRubba, Johna Despin, Stephen F ^ Distler, Amanda ^^ Dolnak, Elena Dorta, Robert Doster, Frank ** Dumas, Peter Duran, Frank ^ Durham, Aaron Duryea- Hunt, Nikia D. Eason, Deirdra Eastman, Maryann ^ Edwards, Tammy ^


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Elsesser, Matthew Engman, Keith Epps, Elaine Ericsson, Patricia Escobar, Gloria Escobar, Walfre * Escobedo, Raul E. Evans, Shannon Fancher, Mona ^ Farmer, Kathleen Fasi, Donna ^ Fay, Nicole ^ Fazio, Yvonne * Fennewald, Diane * * Ferguson, Dawn ** Fermin, Velma Fernandez, Lorraine Fidelia, Chantel M Figueroa, Andrea ** Figueroa, Betsy Finley, Brenda ^ Finney, Marleana Flanagan, Alan W ^ Florence, Monica Flynn, Amy ^ Fongyee, Andrea * Fornaris, Mario Francis, Tiffany Francis-Bernard, Lizbeth Frazier, Regina Friloux, Christy Froisland, Dwana ** Fuerstenau, Sarah ^ Gaddy, Schuyler Galehouse, Misty ^ Galicia, Melissa Gallagher, Anne Marie Gamble, Eva ^ Garth, Dennis Gates, Jessica Gezley, Tosha Gianino, Patricia * Gibson, Donald ^^ Gladney, Leon Glaze-Washington, Laureen Godwin, Kendrick Gomez, Joan Gonzalez, Daliana ** Goodgame, Cassandra ^ Gordon, Laurie Graham, David Grant, Nikell Griffin, Darius Groat, Heather Gross, Sheldon Grossoehme, William Gilde, Faaana

Guilford, Laurcretia Hall, Jamie Hall, Rachel ^ Hamlett, Tonya Harlow, Margaret Harris-Mims, Gail Harrison, Adrian * Hartwell-Whelchel, Michelle L ^ Hatcher, Anthony Hawley, Andrew ^ Hayden, Samantha ^ Heard, Kirsten M ** Henderson , Esther * Hendricks, Carolyn Hendricks, Debra ^ Henry, Aileen * Hickman, Christan ^^ Hiers, Fannie Higgs, Jamie ^ Hill, Gregory ** Hinojos, Amanda Holcomb, James Holden, Breeanna A * Holden, Jannine Holguin, Liliana * Hollar , Danielle ** Holmes, Heather ^ Holmes, Tracy Holt, Shaddrick ^ Honsey, Alissa Hooper, William Hopkins, Renee Horton, Anthony Hosmer, Allison Houston, Davina ^^ Howard, Yolanda ** Hutchins, Curtis Hyatt, Kristine Inboden, Courtney Ingraham , Natasha Ingram, Lamont * Jackson, Benjamin Jackson, Makeba Jackson, Michael Jackson, Ricky ^ Jarvis, Marceline Jedlinsky, Dawn ** Jenkins, Juana R * Jenkins, Shaundra ^ Jewell, James R. Johnson, Audrey Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Kingsley * Johnson, Sandra * Johnson, Scott Jonas, Tiffany^

Jones, Cossondria Jones, Deamphra M Jones, Derrick Jones, Felicia * Jones, JanNel Jones, Katie Jones, Lakhisa Jones, Michael D Jones, Nichelle ** Kalinowski, Dagmara Kannatt, Jill * Kaper, Pamela K ^ Kasson, Sierra ^ Keefer, Pamela Keith, Bill Kelly, Michael ^ Kennon, Kallie Kessel, Brenda Kesterke, Melanie King, Sonja Klemonsky, Brian Knights, Warren Knipp, Heather Knollhuff, Jeffrey Lacombe, Letisha ** Ladewig, Melisa ^ Lambes, Rebecca ^^ Langley, Jesse * * Lasane, Lifrage A Lassen, Jennifer Laux, Nicole Lavelle, Melody Lawson, Denise ^ Lazard, Robynetta Lebron, Jennifer * Leger, Stephanie * Leggett, Angel D ** Lell-Sluss, Sherry Lenik, Jerald Lenzen, Sandra Lepak, Sharrie Lestenkof , Sherry ^ Lewis, Juavanda S Lewis, Marilyn Linwood, Tranea Lizama, Charlene E ^ Lluka, Kleida Logan, Stephanie ^ Long, Latasha Lonon, Sandra Lorraine, Crystal * Lozano, Angela M Lubertowicz, Teresa ^ Lugo, Christy * Lyons, Michelle MacDonald, Vicky Machado, Andrea R.

Madaris, Angel Magagnotti, Carrie R^^ Maldonado, Christine Manahan, Tina* Mangrich, Jackie Mangum, Irene Marcinko, Kathie Marquis, Alisha Martin, Andrew Mashburn, David M* Massey, Amber Massop, Asha Mau, Travis W. Maxwell, Jahmar Mays, Annie Y. Mcbride, Steven McClendon, Teresa McCoy, Clinton ^ McCoy, Crystal McCrystal, Brian K McGrew, Erica Mckissic, Pamela McLaughlin, Michael ^ McMillan, Ashley ^ McMillon, Lionel McSweeney, Amy Meadows, Aaron * Meeks, Ronald C . Meissinger- Porschien, Lindsey * Metzger, Jean A Meyer, David ** Meyer, Kimberly ^^ Miller, Natasha Minor, William * Minter, Samuel Minus, Latrice Miranda, Rosie Mitchell, Melissa Mitchell, Shawn N Mo, Melissa * Mobilian O ' Kelley, Erin Molnar, Tim R^ Monzon, Karina Moore, Latasha Moore, Maureen E Moreira, Ruth* Moreland, Kimberly^ Moreman, Meagan D* Mormando, William Morris, Stephen Morton, Sue Mosher, Nicole Muglia, James^ Mumma, Crystal A* * Murray, David * Muscarelle, Danielle *

Nasyrova, Marianna Natali, Jaime ^ Navedo, Harry ^^ Neimiller, Emily Nicholas, Robert Niemi, Theresa ** Nixon, LeKeila ^ Norman, Steven Norsen, Crystal ^ Norwood, Sidnee * Olivares, Rene Oliver, Jamie Ondo, Dillon Ordon, Lissette Ortiz, Juan Ott, Amanda Owens, Tanesha Ozuna, Manuel Paille, Erin ^ Palmer, Debra Pare, Raymond Parker, Elri Parker, Linda ^^ Parkinson, Vicki Patterson, Jacquelynn M ^ Paula, Alejandro * Peavy, Gregory Peiffer, Stephen * Pendergrass , Zachery * Peppel, Kevin Perez, Juliette ** Perhealth, Miranda ** Peters, Jaime Peters, Rachel Peterson, Andrew * Petway, Juantisa Peyser, Natalie Phillip, Taeisha Phillips, Willene A * Pierre, Maynard Pinkston, Elizabeth Plicka, William E. ^^ Poole, TaKeisha Popailo, Joseph Porter, Audra * Prather, Yuvetta Priestley, Grace Purtell, Margaret ^^ Quinlan, Betty L ^ Rahman, Nabeel * Raley, Belinda Ramirez, April Ransaw, Atini Ransom, Merylan Raymond, Jesica ^ Redden, Nichole Redmond, Stacy

Reedy, Joyce Reim, Robert** Rendon, Jeovana Rhodes, Tiffany Rice, John Rich, Martha E^Richio, Lorraine Ricker, Cheryl*Riego, Rosa^Riggs, Ayla Riggs, Terasa**Rivera, Angelique*Rivera, Isabel Robbins, Leo ** Roberts, Curtis ^ Rochelle, LeKeshia ^^ Rodgers, Exavier Rodriguez, Marcial ^ Rogers, Deborah Rogers, Timothy Rolon, Gabriela ^ Rooks, Aimee Rosvold, Jennifer Rowe, Patricia Roy, Brenda Rozzell, Angelique ** Ruiz, Courtney ^ Ruppert, Elizabeth Sanchez-Cleckley, Tarnecia Sanders, Nellie Santana, Stephanie Santiesteban, Yadira Sawyer, Jennifer Sawyer, Rhonda Scangarello, Christopher ^^ Schenk, Amanda ^ Schloetzer, Jessica ** Schreiber, Alton Schulte, Annie * Schultz, Megan Self, William Selter, Anjeana ** Senovitz, Kimberly ^ Sergeeva, Irina Serrano-Johnson, Michelle * Sesto, Dianne ^ Sharpe, Iris ** Shaw, Cynthia Sheerin, Jean ^ Sheppard, Tiffanie Sias, Artie ^ Sibley, Janice Sicklinger, Derek Silva, Alicia * Simon, Luann ** Sinclair, Sandra Sipes, James *

Siva, Shana Skinner, Jean Sligh, Kayla ** Smellie, Laura Smith, Euphemia ^ Smith, Nakiba Smith, Shaconda Smith, Shannon ^ Smoot, Teresa Snorden, Raymond Snyder, Christel ^ Snyder, Trina Sokoloski, Mary Spencer, Vanessa Stapleton, Seth ^ Starks, Janet Starling, Jeanetta Stewart, Darin * Still, Maribeth Stover, Crystal ^ Strong, Melissa Strong, Michelle Sullo, Amy * Summers, Amber Sustaita, Fernando Sutterfield, Christy Sweeney, Kimberly * Sweet, Tonya Tan, Lisa ^ Tapia, Jesús * Tatum, Amelia Tavares, Valentina Taylor, Brandy Taylor, Hilda Taylor, Kathy * Taylor, Tina ^ Terrance, Edmund Thell, Jennifer Theyse, Charity ^ Thomas, Elina Thomas, Sabrina Thomas, Tiffany Thomas, Tiffany Thompson, Alvis Thompson, Nolana ^ Thompson, Roy ** Thompson, Sherry ^ Thornton, Shannon Thurmond, Keisha S Tomasi, Abbigale * Torres, Kathleen Towler, Elizabeth M ** Tracy, Jennifer * Truong, Ngoc Turner, Clema Turner, Love Tuttle, Paul W *

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Valle, Frankie E. Vanderhoff, John VanMourik, Samantha Veiga, Vincent ^^ Veilleux, Colette * Villarreal, Gigi ^ Vogel, Gregory ^ Waggoner, Justin ^ Walker, Allita E. Walker, Dustin P * Walker, Rebecca Wallace, Danielle ^ Wallace , Laura * Waller, Iesha ^ Waller, Maurice Walls, Barbara Ward, Lasandra Ward, Mark I ^ Ward, Nichelle Ward, Pamella Warren, Shirley ^ Washington, Charles Watkins, Jennifer J. Wayne, Edina ^ Wayne, Michael Weaver, Crystal * Weaver, Janet ** Weaver, Sarah Weaver, Terry Wegner, Tara Weston, Heather ^ Wharton, Kimberly S White, Kameshra Wieting, Lynn Wilcox, David L ** Williams, Carson ^ Williams, Deloisa Williams, Destiny * Williams, Karen L * Williams, Patrick Williams, Terry Willie, Bernice Willis, Lee Willis, Shirley ^^ Wilson, Ariyldawn Wilson, Medina ^ Wilson, Travaesha Wirtz, Clarence ^^ Won, Nicole Woodman, Beth ** Wooten, William ^ Wright, April Wright, Dexter Wright, Olivia Wright, Wilma Wykle, Heather Yellig, David


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Yeomans, Pamela ^ Zee, Lisa ^^ Zindler, Tracy M

Zertifikat Acosta Tenorio, Rafael Bess, Monica Broussard, Melissa Diaz, Jessica Foos, Scott Gettings, Daniel Grossberg, Helena Grove, Douglas Katlein, Alicyn Konnakkattil, Henna Merriweather, Nancy Odetola, Olakunle Parduhn, Brandon Radford, Larry Rodriguez, Gregory Schettler, Margareta Sequeira, Savina Smith, Tamiko Squicciarini, Dominick Torgerson, Jay

Master-Abschluss en Strafjustiz Adams, Gina Affriany, Guerlinz Anderson, Tricia-Ann Arnold, James Arroyo, Nicole Ashton, Delonte Balza, Antonio Banks, Susan Barnes, Tara Baskerville, Steven Beatty, Deirdra Becker, Jamie Beckwith, Angela Benford, Ann Blaylock , Dana Bloomgren, Sarah Bouie, Yedetta Bridges, Ruby Brown, Minnie Brown, Sandra R. Bryant, Stephanie Burnett-Rogers, Tia Byard, Stacey Caldwell, Gayle Campbell, Fiona Carodine, Hazel

Chiefs, Angela Chuck, Angilla Clark, DeMetria Cook, Angela Cooper Jr., Nello Cooper, Tyree Corbett, April Corso, Jamie Cox, Bradley Crump, Scott Cunningham, Jacqueline Daffron, Mary Daniels, Margaret Davey, Melissa Davis, Kelvin Dean-Lee , Kathi Dennehy, Kristin Dettinburn, David Domineck, Erica Dortch, Stephinie Dunlap, Gary Dunn, Cherhonda Durham, Robyn Edmond, Whomatie Erazo-Cordova, Dora Espinal, Elisa Estep-Struchen, Eugenia Evans, Shanna Exantus, Schnider A Fabuyi, Johnson Fann , Charlene Faraci, Carla J. Farinas, Jose Farrell, Coleen Ferger, Jill Flagg, Phyllis Fouts, Kevin Freeman, LaRell Friberg, Deborrah Gaines, Nichelle Gant, Leonard H. Garcia, Evelyn Gatlin, Angel Gattie, Kevin Gettins, John Gillespie, Allison Giusti, Zoamy Grant, Colleen Grant, Thelawn Greenwood, Sha'ree Greer, James Griffin, Crystal Grob, Jeremy Guzzi, Joseph A. Halley, Thyeis Harding, Griffin Harris, Norman

Heskey, Shayne Hill, Christina Hoffer, Zachariah Holmes, Freda Hopkins, Eric Hoppe, Steven Hrovat, Erin Huete, Hypatia Humphrey, Anthony Hunter, Ginger Hussey, Peter Insetta, Jeremy Isaac, Raynald Jackson, Amani Jackson, Janita Kaembea Jackson, Teresa Jean -Charles, Sandra Johnson, Pamela Johnson-Gay, Linda Jones, Marsha Jones, Rick Karim, Faheem Kelly, Phyllis Kenan, Stacey Kennedy, Christopher King, Michael Krigger Sr, Aaron E. Lawson, Dawn Leblanc-Brown, Sandra Lloyd, Maurice Londres, Charmaine Long, Samantha L. Lyles, Denise Madden, Carol J. Mayberry, Roneisha Mays, Margaret McPhee, Jennifer McPherson, Linguana Medrano, Anna Miller, Latisha Mitchell, Christina Mitchell, Kaneisha Mizell, Tyana Morast, Monte Morda, Carrie Morphy , Venus Morris, Tasha Moulton, Carl Noel, Nyree Olsen, Tamara O'Neal, Tracy L. Pannier, Elijah Papillion, Taiwanna Patel, Taruj Pelletier, Rachel E. Perez, Myra Petroski, Thomas

Pierson, Patrick Pillot, Juan A. Pittman, Bonnie Pullin, Onzalo Ramroop, Dorlette Randolph, Katina Reed, Joy Reilly, Crystal Reyes, Arlene Rhame, Tanija Richardson, Anita D. Rivers, San Quetta Roberts, Novelett Robinson, Monique Jackson Robison, Brett T Rolle, Andrea Rosewell, Christopher Roxbury, Michelle Russell, Laura Sampson, Jonathan Sampson-Sharp, Johnnyne Sassau, Corey Schmitz, Joseph Schwalm, Dawna Scriven, Latoya Seward, Rachel A Shabazz, Umar Simmons, Usee Smith, Kelli Smithson, Connie Sokolov, Guerman Souders, Summer Sparks, Cecilia E Spence, Dionne Spiegel, Lindsey Stokes, Nofretete Sturdivant, Johnny Swinson, Beverly Taylor, Nakeiya Teen, Melissa Thomas, Iman Tischbein, Andrew Trachtenberg, Jonathan Tromm, Jacqueline E Underwood, Philip Vandergriff, Christina Vredenburgh, Wesley J. Wells, Hannah Williams, Amelia R. Williams, Terry Wilson III, Arthur J. Wilson, Andrea Woodard, Terrance D. Wray-Weatherspoon, Lois T. Wright, Danielle N. Yancey, Rosolyn Yellowhair, Donna

Youmans, Shonte Young-Whitnah, Angela M. Yousuf, Deyanira Zeaphey, Dawn

Licenciatura-Abschluss Abdelaziz, Alam A. Abou-Nassar, Pascale ^^ Abrahams, Jennifer Adams, Cynthia Adams, Melissa Adebodun, Temmy-Tope Adkins, Brent ^^ Agan, David Charles ^^ Agee, David L. Agosto, Tina Aguilar, Christina ^ Ainsworth , Raquel ** Alcantara, Yendry Alexander, Vanessa R. Allen, Emma Allen, Jeffrey Allen, Kari * Allen, Tiffany Allison, Christopher M. Alvarado, Miguel A. Ancrum, Baron ^^ Anderson, Lisa Anderson, Rawlin * Arellano, Vanessa * Arias, Christina Ashley, Deborah ^ Atencio, Christopher ** Backmon, Stephanie D. Bagwell, Scott ^ Baker, Dawn ^^ Baker, Traci Baker, Veroniqua Balasz, Timothy ^^ Barbara, Anthony M ^^ Bardugone, Christopher Barkley, Jessica ^ Barnes, Bernice ^ Barnes, Stephen Barney, Michael T. ^ Barrett, Darrell R. Barrientos, Jennifer * Basquez, Jessie Bauer Jr., Wilhelm J. * Bauer, Larry ** Bayas, Siril Bearden, Carol V. ** Beason, Amy ** Beaudet, Jessica * Beckhauser, Kellen ** Bell, Herbie Joran ^^ Bellaconis, Megan ^^

Bennion, Letitia * Bercarich, Dina Bergstrom, Deirdre ^ Bernard, LaVentra ^ Bethune, Jeffery ^^ Black, John ^^ Blahnik, Joel ^ Blair, Shori Blair, Travis M ** Blakney, Juanita L ^^ Blood, Amanda ** Bobo , Sonji * Bojang-Jackson, Pepper ^^ Boldin Jr., Bernard Bollinger, Daniel Boulai, Cassandra ^^ Bouteiller, Robin ^^ Bouzis, Maria ^ Boven, Larry ^ Boyd, Christopher ** Brackett, Leslie ^ Brantley, Bonnie Brasil, Brian ^ Breeden, Kevin M. Brent, Anthony ^ Brewster, Amy Bridges, Jacob ^ Briggs, LaToya * Brothers, Michael ^ Broussard Compton, Dorothy Broussard, Pamela C Brown, Anthony Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Evangela Brown, Rayine ^ Brown, Shelly A ^ Brown, Tiffany * Brownlee, Edreesa ** Morena, Monica ^ Bryson, Samantha ^^ Buchanan, Gordon Burgos, Jonathan Burley, Brian ** Burroughs, Carrie * Butterfield, Shawn R. Calderon, Jose * Campbell, Kim * Carlisle, Julie ^ Carlisle , Lesley L ^ Carll, Heather ^ Carrasquillo, Julio ^ Carrera, Juan-Carlos ** Carter, Jacquelyn ^^ Carter, Tim F. Car t Wright, Lolita ^ Castillo, Mark *

Cateon, Alfred ^ Cato, Eric D Caudell, Sylvia Caviness, James ^ Chairez, Courtney Chandler, Naomi S * Chandler, Vickie M Chapman, Leslie ^ Cipollone, Dominick ** Clark, Janice ^^ Clark, Kimberley ^ Clark, Mary Cletta, Richard ^^ Cleveland, Michael * Cochrane, Brandi Coello, Jorge L ^ Coleman, Pearlene * Collao, Julie Collazos, Johanna ^^ Coronel, Shari ^^ Conrad, Cindy ** Cook, April Cook, Pamela J ^^ Cooley, Michael J ^ Cooley, Tishala Cooper, Amanda ^ Cooper, Clarence Cooper, Jennifer Cooper, Surina Corbett, LeNysha R. Cox, Christopher * Cox, Melissa Creta, Scott ^ Crimmins, Monica ^ Cummings, Robert E. ^ Cunningham, Robert ^^ Curtis, Marcello ^ Dabkowski, Christa * Dardar, Colleen ** Dávila, Candice Davis, LaShae * Davis, Leslie Davis, Tanya Justice Davison, Alicia Day, Carol Dean, Michelle ^^ DeAnda, Louis ^ Dedman, Melissa Deleon, Robert * Delgado, Lucille ^ Dewberry, Perry ^^ Diggs, Shelly ^ Digman, Johnathan ^ Dingle, Sharice S. Dinkins-Dillard, Ruby ^ Dittmeier, Jennifer Dogan , Elelen^

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Doleman, Farrah Dolman, Jonathon ^^ Donley, George E. Donophan, Kristina ^ Dorwart, Logan ^ Dougherty, Courtne C. Douglas, Nicole L. Doussan, Linda D. ^ Dow, Todd ^ Dragos, Amanda Draper, Michaelyn ^ Duck- McNair, Toni * * Dugenia, Jerry ^ Dunbar, Alecia ^ Duong, Qui Kim ** Durrett-Stevens, Jody ** Dutt, Casey ^ Eaton, Brandon ^ Eck, Amy ^ Edwards, Beth * Elington, Alan Ellis, Azalea B * * Ellis, Debra ^ Engebretson, Danielle Erakovich, Samantha ^ Esposito, Janelle Evans, Daniel Falcone, Robert Falkowsky, Nathan Farish, Brandon ^^ Farley, Ashley Farmer, Gloria ^ Faulk, Willa M. Ferrell, Kendra ^^ Finlinson, Melissa * Fisher, Susan L ^ Fisher, Woody Florentine, Amanda Forbes, Donna ** Forbes, Santanna Forde, Georgette C ^ Fordham, Diane Fore, John ^ Fort, Ashley Foster, Becky Jo ^^ Foster, Christopher ^^ Fouch Jr, Cordy ^ Foy, Carrie A Francen, Jean Renel ^ Franck, Brian ^^ Franklin, Annette ^ Frano, Ashley ^ Frias, John Fuaau, Jasmine ^^ Fuentes, Joemarie Fullard, Kenneth Gaines, Robe rt *


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Gaiter, Charisse Galasso, Anthony G * Galiano, Juan C ^ Gallone, Felicia ^ Garcia, Gregory ^ Garcia, Sally * Garcia-Keese, Leah ^^ Gardner, Lesha ^^ Garza, Tiffany * Gavin, Apryl ^ Gibser, Steph ^ Gibson , Mary Gilbert, Brian ^ Gilbert, Ricky * Gill, Dawn R ^^ Gillespie, Thomas * Gillespie, Valorie ** Glass, Daniel ^ Gleason, James ^ Glenn, Kelly ^ Glorioso, Karen Glover, Ben Glover, Tracie Gomez-Perez, Amanda I ^ González, Amy Gordon, LaChondra Gray, Marion ^ Green, Danielle R Greenman, Jeannine ^^ Gregory, Amy ^ Griffin-Weil, Amanda J ^ Groner-Himes, Paige ^ Gropman, Erica Grove, Holli Grubb, Frank W * Guidry, Kimesha W. Gutierrez-Aguirre, Adrianna Haeussler, Tania Hagen, Kelly ^ Hairston, Martina Hall, Javas Hall, Tiffani G ^ Ham, Domingo * Hamilton, Cheryl Hamilton, Kevin ^ Hamm, Misty * Hand, Teri ^ Hanley, Melissa * Hanna, Shanna Marie Hansen, Hollan Hanson, Charrin Harding, Colette * Hargrove, Shantel * Harper, Sharon * Harris, Jermaine M ^^ Harrison, George ^^

Hartkamp, ​​​​Anne ** Hartman, Cindy C ^ Hartman, Lawrence ^^ Hauptner, Jenny ^ Havard, Tommy ** Heidel, Adam ^ Heim, Robyn * Heller, Anne ^^ Herebia, José ^ Herrera, Chanty Herrera, Kimberley ^ Hetzler, Doug ^ Hibbard, Thomas E * Hicks, John C. Hilburn, Carolyn ** Hill, Phyllis ** Himber, Joanna Hindman, Dominique Hines, Ferrari Y Hines, Richard Hintze Olson, Jennifer ^ Hislop, Charles Hoffman, Bridgette * Hoffman , Jamie Hoffman , Kristin ^ Holly, Jamarkus ^ Homstad, Kimberly ^ Honeycutt, Danielle Horton, Chanda ^ Howard, LeVar Hubbard, Merika ^^ Hubbard, Porcia ** Hudgens, Rose M. Hudson, Rickita Huffman, Donny Hull, Ronald Hulse, Desejo ^ Hutson, Cheryl ^ Ingram, Melanie Jackson, Michael ** Jackson, Stuart ** Jackson, Tajwanna * Jackson, Teresa A ** James, Christy James, Donna M ** James, Veronica R ^^ Jamison, Shakena Jerome , Keith A ^ Johnson, Alexis ^ Johnson, Ashley S. Johnson, Cynthia Johnson, Patrick ^ Johnson, Shanita Johnson, Trevor Johnson-Walton, Sharon Johnston, Scott W. ** Jones, Kristall

Jones, Crystal H Jones, Elaine ^ Jones, LaDawn * Jones, Lorie ** Jones, Patricia A Jones, Timea Jordan, Katherine Jovanovic, Stephanie R ^ Joyner, Leslie Karker, Amanda * Kehne, Darrel ^^ Keliihananui, Joseph A Kendall, Sumitra K * Kennedy, Jenner ^ Kern, Hannah ^ Kessler, Andy ^ Key, Cory ^^ Khan, Azam Kidwell, Joshua ^ Kines, Mary King, Carla King, Christine King, Linda C ^ Kipp, Farrah ^ Kitchen, Klarissa ^ Kittlesen , Lori ^ Klingelberger, Fredrick H Knight, Robyn ** Caballeros, Barbara ^ Kocher, Heather ^ Kraft, Michael ^^ Krall, Joseph D ^ Kramer, Aaron R ^ Krieg, Bonnie ^ Kropp, Mark ^ Kuhn, Tracy ^ Kurinzi, Amanda Kvinlaug, Nicole La Londe, Michael ^ Ladd, Jackeline LaFlair, Scott Lambert, Trenton ^ Lambes, Cari ^ Lampella, Rodney ^^ Latham, Kelly * Lavoie, Melissa ^ Lawrence, Brittani Ledbetter, Janice Ledsome, Aaron ^^ Ocio, Misty ^ Leroy-Crawford, Yvonne K * Lesko, Kenneth * Levison, Simon^ Lewis, Elanora Lewis, Laurie ** Linzy, Emily Lipscomb, Anita

Livingston-Latiker, Tamesha Lockett, Laaudra T Loera, Jonathan * Lofton, Jermaine A * Lomax, Toni Long, Henry * Long, Matthew ^^ Lord, Russell Lorenc, Matthew Lovings, John A ^ Loza, Michelle * Lueck, Christina Luna, Mikole Lunn, Carol ^ Lusignan, Leigh ^ Luttman, John ^^ Lyons, Meghan ** Macon, Philip P. MacRae, Megan * Mallory, April ^ Maloof, Michael ^^ Manbahal, Dara ^ Mann, Heather Mapes, Mary * Markelov, Aleksey A Marks, Renee * Marks, Tamira R Martin, Kimala Martin, Timothy Martinez, Paula S Martinez-Newell, Miguel * Maryanski, Kelli ^ Massey, Christina * Mateo, Damaris ^ Matthews, Brian ^ Matus, Justin ^ Mays, Michael Mazzarella , Faainu Fina McCallum, David * McCarthy, Timothy R. McClendon, Jason ^^ McClintock, Reed ^^ Mccord, Titus McCovery, Cynthia ^ McGlothon, LaQuisha Y * McHugh, Eric J ^ McMullen, Chad ** McNeill, Lorraine * McNeilly, Rebecca ^ McNorton, Atisha ** Medina, Víctor ^ Mejorado, Marilyn ^ Melillo, Gary Meraz, Casey Merrill, Gerald ^^ Merry, Kimberly ** Metayer , L oder ^

Mezzenga, Dan Milander, Jenna Miller, Aaron Miller, Dana L * Mills, Latasha M ^ Mitchell, Brandon ** Mitchell, Brayland * Mitchell, Holly D. Mitchell, Matthew R ^ Mohr, Gary * Montgomery, Theresa Montley-Osotimehin, Tina Montoya , Tiana ** Moore, Brenda * Moore, Joey * Morales, Rose * Moralez, Bobbie Morgenroth, Jack ^ Morgenthaler, Angela M Morin, Melissa F Morton, Nathaniel Mosby, Qutanna Moses, Lucius Moss, Christian J ^ Mueller, Christen Muhammad , Kareemah ^ Mukaabya, Mike * Murphy, Michael ** Murray, Reginald Murray-Smith, Rebecca Murry, Michelle * Myers, Robert Nayal, Rania * Nelson, Harmony Nelson, Olina Nelson, Ronald Noel, Jennifer Nolan, Patrick Noriega, Arleen ^ Nunes, Ishanna * Nunn, April Nusbaum, Jason O'Byrne, Casey Ogbagiorgis, Tsegai Ohle, Christa ^^ Ojeah, Michael U * Oliva, Victor Opher, Keith Ortega, Angela Otero, Dana L ^ Pacheco, Angel ^ Palmer, Vikke * * Palmore, Darlene ^ Palos, Julie * Parker, Juanita ^ Parra, Ruth * Patterson-Harrison, Diwana *

Peacock, Julie ^ Pealer, Shana ^^ Peek, Carrie ^ Pemberton, Tiffany K Pérez, James P. Pérez, Smirnaly Perkins, Sha-Li Perry, Debra Y ^ Peterson, Scott R ** Petropoulos, Katina Pettay, Terri * Pierre, Romica Platt, Jo Ann * Poier, Carrie Polen, Whitney ^ Pollina, Laura Porter, Angelica Porter, Karrie-Lynn * Potter, Diana ^ Powers, Thomas R. Pruitt, Nigel R. Qualls, Michael ^ Racho, Melquiadez S. Randle, Haley * Ray, Christopher Raymond, David ^ Read, Sierra ^^ Reagan, Dawn Rederick, Tonya * Reece, Deidra * Reece, Johnny Reed, Jared ^ Reed, Jennifer ^ Reed-Blunt, Renay * Reese, Portia Reid, Donna Reid, Jodi * Renello, Anthony ^ Renner, Shirley Reyes, Katie Reynolds, Matthew Reynoso, Ruben ^ Rice, Brooke ^ Rice, Danielle E Richardson, Rose A * Ridgard, Nadia A Riley, Shawna B * RileyDiamond, Bevin O Rivera, Sonia Robbins, Kimberly ^^ Roberts, Roxanne ^ Robinson-Phillips, Heather Robles, Valerie Rodgers, Donna ^ Rodríguez, Guadalupe Rogers, Debra ^ Roland, Kimberly

Roland, Vita Rosa, Daisy ** Ross, Latoya R Ross, Mary ^ Ross, Terry ^ Roundtree, Kimberly Rowan, Terri L Rowe, David ^ Ruiz, Maria ^ Russell, Pam Sager, Thomas M ^ Salazar, Krystal Sallier-Gray, Kenia N ^ Sands, Desonia Sapp, Elise M ^ Sarno, Joseph ** Saunders, Felicia Sawatzky, Michael Sawyer, Kelly Scafe, Skeeter ^^ Scherr, Eric J ^^ Schipferling, Derek ^^ Schneider, Jana ^ Schuler, Karen Schultheisz, Ashleigh * Schupp, Samuel P. Scott, Dustin ^^ Serra, Alberto Serrano, Charlie Shank, Michael * Sharp, Mary ** Sheehan, Kim Shepherd, Raymond ^ Sherman, Peter L. * Sherrer, Lynn Shuler, Nicholas * Shultz, Michael ^ Simmons, Miranda ^ Singh, Vikramjit ** Singleton, Kevin V ^ Singley, Laura Skeen, Kristin Smallwood, Anita Smith, Amanda ^ Smith, Courtney Smith, Eric ^ Smith, Janet Smith, Janet ^ Smith, Keyana Smith, Philip M * Smith, Samantha Smith, Tia Smith, Toni Smith, Ursula S. Smith, Yvonne ^ Smith-McGee, Marcus Smith-Tolbert, Bill *

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Snapp, Amanda ^^ Soliz, Anthony Solomon, Nancy ^^ Sosa-Rocha, Ricardo Soto, Maria Southerland, Patricia Southern, Eric ^ Spangler, Ryan ^ Spaulding, Monika Spear, Jaylene J ^ Spears, William ^^ Sprinkle, Stacey * Stagl , Patrick Stamps, Michael ** Stanton, Stephanie Staples-Waller, Jessica Sterner, MaryAnn ^ Stewart, Autumn Stewart, Christina * Stewart, Orietta ^ Stewart, Taralyn Stiggers, Chandra Stockton, Donald ^ Stoner, Malinda Stormer, Scott E ^^ Strong , Vicki * Stukel, Dawn ** Suliaman, Bayyinah I * Sullivan, Susan ^ Swanson, Carrieanne ^ Swanson, Crystal Swift, Christopher Sylvester, Barbara ^ Taillon, Terek Talley, Lori Tannehill, John S ** Tate-Dubose, Patricia ^ Taylor , Julie A ** Taylor, Kimberly Taylor, Schana * Teigen, Corinne ^^ Terry, Donald * Tharpe, Heather Thomas, Deborah M Thompson Jr, Kevin K Thompson, Chad E ** Thompson, Mary Thompson, Ralph ^ Thoms, Danny ^ Thorne-Stevenson, Katria Tiede, Tricia ^ Tirado, Crystal Titus, Richard Tkacs, Diana ^^ Toms, Erin Torres, Lu ist ** Torres, Martín ^^


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Trapp, Adrienne J ^ Trevino, Ashely ^ Triggs, Christopher ^^ Trinidad, Rocio Trobaugh, Brenda ^ Trujillo, Bianca A Tucker, Dayle Tucker, Heather Turner, LaToya Turner, Ryan Unger, Erin Unke, Charity L * Valerio, Angie Van Houten , Joshua Vanous, Tyler Vanvalkenburg, Alicia Vazquez, Jessica ^ Veasey, Melsetta Vega, Macarena * Velasquez, David ** Velez, Christine ^ Venuti Falletta, Theresa ^ Vereen, Leslie L ^^ Villalobos, Tina ^ Villegas, Rebeca Viner, Taime ^ Voights, Kristina Volk, Kyle J^^ Wadley, Kellie * Wages, Jamie ^ Waldrop, Amanda ^ Walker, Joanne ^ Walker, Melissa Wallace, Suzette Walley, Stacie ^ Walling, Robert Wamsley, James ^^ Ware, Mariah ^ Ware, Michael M ^ Warner, Stefani ^^ Warnsby, Muriel Warrick, Amanda Washington, Britton * Washington, Della M ^ Washington, Kathy Washington, Mena Washington, Tierra Waters, Courtney ^ Waters, Martha * Waters, Michele ^^ Waters, Pamela ^^ Webb , Christen Webster, Drew * Weise, Jacob Weiss, MaryBeth ^ Weller, Ronnie ^^ Wesley, Yesika

Whigham-Myers, Patricia * White, Antoinette White, Kimberly ^ White, Michelle L ^^ White, Wilbert * Whitehead, Michelle Whiting, Camille Willard, James Willever, Dawn * Williams, Michelle M ^ Williams, Peggy Williams, Tina ** Wilson , Jamie Wilson, Jan Wilson, Monique ^ Wilson, Yolande ** Wing, Kristi Wisdom, Chloe ^ Wolford, Joe Wooster, Charissa ^ Wynter, Stacey Yankovitz, Jason Lee ^ Yuschick, Dan ^ Zeipekis, Steve Ziarnik, Michelle * Ziegler, Gerard Zoromski, Lisa ^ Zurita Rodríguez, Denisse *

Grado asociado Abbruscato, Nicholas ^ Abbruscato, Vincent ^ Abplanalp, Melanie Adams, Tonya ** Adkisson, Aroha Aiken, Terri Aldridge, Scott * Alexander, Albert Allison, Michael A Alvarado, Ricardo ^ Anderson, George ^ Anderson, Jacquelyne * Anderson, Janice Anderson, Kerrie ^^ Angstadt, Eric * Aragon, Andrew Areias, Irene Arnold, Sally ^ Arroyo, Bernardino ^^ Arundell, Rennie ^ Baker, Ashton Baker, Ebony Bale, Rick ^ Ball, Daniel ^ Barber, Melissa A ^ Barnes, Dennis ^ Barnes, Gary *

Baty, Tiffani Bauer, Deborah * Baylor, Kenneth * Behling, Latanya Bell, Raynel Benavides, Kristena ^^ Bergenn, Heather * Berkheimer, Christina Bivins, Terrisha Blakeney, Evelyn Blankenship, Bobbie Blevins-Russell, Tonia Blue, Manny * Bolen, Daniel Bowers, Paula ^ Boyd, Alan S. Bradley, William Braley, Ryan Brewer, Sabrina B. Brigham, Alyssa * Britt, Charles Brockington, Donna Broussard, Christopher * Brown, Timothy R. Brown, Willie * Bruno, Donna Bryson, Rico ^ Burton, David Burton, Larry Busichio, Luke Camarillo, Frank ** Campbell, Nena Candelas, Erika Carlton, Blake Carnell, Marshel Carpenter, Garrett Carpenter, Michelle Carr, David ^^ Cary, Latoya * Celestine, Ashley Chalke, Matthew ^ Chominsky, Kate Christian, Hakim Christian, Steven ^ Cisnerosazar, Laura Clark, Heather Clark, John Clement, Jewel Clemmons, LaTonya Clemons, Marshall Cobb, Tristan Coleman, Jessica ^ Coleman, Jessica M. Coleman, Karen L ^ Collins, Dwayne ^^ Colloto, Jodi Coomer, Tina

Cooper, Daniel Costa, Danielle Cottle, Kyle S^Coulter, Letisha** Counterman, William Cox, Derrick Craig, Nicole Crusan, Amanda K Cruz, Daniel^^ Cruz, Teresa Cummins, Michael Cummons, Rebecca*Cuonzo, Zachary^Curran, Molly ** Currier, Jeffrey * Curtis, Anthony * Czalbowski, James Daniels, Mark Davenport, Ronald ^^ Davis Jr, William Davis, Nina ^^ Davison, Bobby Davison, Rhonda L. Dean, Brandy^ DeCerce, Bonnie^ Deck, Jeffrey * Del Carmen, Nancy Deloache, Chanel DeLuca, Michael ^^ Dembele, Madou S. Dengel, Michael DeRosa, Jeffrey Dessow, Mary Devisser, Ronda Diaz, Jennifer Diaz, Wilfredo Dillard, Sameka Dirden, Candace ** Dixon, Melissa ^^ Dixon , Travis Dobbs, Justin Dominguez, Jose ** Draper, Krystle Dubose, Joe Duhon, Dawn Dunn, Tanedra Dymond, Randi Edwards, Bradley ^ Elam, Brian ** Erb, Conrad Eschendal, Terri ^^ Starbero, Lanese * Farley, Quiana^ Faurot, Max** start, Nakila J Fernandez, Moses Fleming, Henry^

Flythe, Tonja * Franklin, WT Frye, Ashuntus Fuller, Christina ^ García López, Ruby George, Debra A ^ Georges, Patricia ^ Gerber, Lindsey * Gero, Miranda Geuther, Sara J Gianni, Jill M Gibson, Joanna ^^ Gibson, Travis ^^ Gilliland, Melanie Ginsberg, David-Joshua ^^ Glenn, Annalisa Gomes, Rhonda Gomez, Jesus A. ^ Gomma, Cheyenne Gonzalez, Carlos J. Gornik, Jodi B. Goss, Zachary C. Graham, Donaleen Greenfield, Vickie Gregory, Charmeka Grieser, Denise ^^ Griffis, Wendy Groeger, Ana M * Grover, Megan Groves, Jacob ^ Guardiola, David Gurley, Jairous Guzman, Catherine Hackett, Jeanette Hadsell, Rebekah ^^ Hagenbush, Michael Hall, Tristan Hallock, Brian ** Hammond , Jamie Hamon, Jeremiah ^ Hanson, Paul * Hardy, Crystal Hardy, Edna ** Harper, Austin ^ Harper, Shannon Hawkins, Nancy * Haynes, Phillip Hebel, Traci * Heidebrink, Jeffrey Henderson, Lisa ^^ Henninger, Bernard ^^ Heredia , SanJuanita Hernández, Elvis ^^ Hernández, Terry Hicks, Calinda * Hicks, Heather ^ Hicks, Kristopher

Higdon, Chasidy Hilby, Whittney ^^ Hinkle, Cody W ^^ Hockensmith, Mason Hoke, Katrina Holland, Jimmy * Hollenbach, Drew ^ Holloman, Ayesha Hooper, Scott ^ Hovdet, Eric ** Howard, Ashley ^ Howard, Eddie Howie, Cathy * Hoyt, Halana Hubbard, Terrel J. Hudson, Donovan A. Hudson, Rakeisha Huff, Charles ^^ Hughes, Amy ** Hunt McCray, Dominique ** Hunt, Christopher ** Ibanga, Sheila Jackson, Barbara * Jackson, Tongela Janderchick, Tiffany Jaynes, Michael ^^ Jerez, Daysie Johnson, Lela ^ Johnson, Nicholas R ^ Johnson, Thomas C. Jones, April ^^ Joyner, Shawnna Katsaitis, Robin Kellar, Robert * Kendall, Alicia Kerchief, Robert Khoury, Adham ^ Kidd, Cheryl ^ Asesinatos , Fabian Kingsborough, Karen ^ Kinsey, Wendy * Kirkland, Robert A ** Kirklin, James ^ Knight, Serena ^ Knowles, John Knowlton, Jared Konen, Michaela Kositzke, Ryan Kuen, Debra * Kutz-Watkins, Tonya ^ LaDuke , Crystal ^ Laplante, Matthew K * Latsos, George * Laurenza, Joanna Lawless, Amber * LeBrun, Daniel ^ Lecorn, Jackie

Lauch, Jaquil Leonardi, Vincent Lewis, Heather D. Ligonde, Yonnessia ** Little, Shelby Litzelman, JoAnne Livers, Alisha Lockett, Marcus L. Loiseau, Beatrice Lopez, Holly Lopez, Mark ^ Lucas, John Lucas, Wanda Lugo Lopez, Jeanyamil Lunzman, Stacy Lytle, Rene ** Manning, Summer ^ Marcus, James Marino, Donna Markham, Chris Martin, Angela Martin, Michael Martinez, David Martinez, Roxann Maskell, Jaime Matthew, Brent McCall, Kandie ^^ McIntosh, David ^ McKenrick, Tracey ^ McKenzie, Maria * McKnight, Eva ** McNulty, Ronald ^ Megyesy, Christina Meisberger, Paula ^ Melanese, Ryan Mentzer, Heath ** Meran-Tapia, Luis ^ Mergy, Deborah Michel, Makens ^ Midkiff, Marc Minger, Paul ^ ^ Mitchell , Mike * Mock, Joseph Moldenhauer, Stephen Molina, Carol ^ Mondesir, Lucie Moody, Ashley Moore, Dana * Morales, Jocelyn ** Moreno-Brown, Jessica Morton, Kayren ^ Mosley, Lashunya Mota, Franchesca Mullinax, Robin Mullins, Bobbie Muñoz, Kayla C * Murillo, Emily

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Murphy, Herman Murphy, Patrick ^ Myers, Gregory ^ Najdek, Lori Neely, Vashtia D ^ Nelson, Angela Newberry, Travis Newton, Carolyn Nieves, Yanette ^ Niverth, Duane Nix, Crystal ** Nyerere, Leticia Olascoaga, Ana Oldham, Helena Onion , Elvira Opdycke, Randy Ordway, Joseph ** Orona, Irma Ostlund, Jessica L * Oubre, Kristen ^^ Owens, Dana Pack, Melissa ^ Padilla, Miguel J Padmore, Wendy ^ Page, Jason T ^ Pallarez, Adrian ** Parks, Westley Parmes, Luciana Pate, Nickolas Peacock, Wanda J Perry, Jannie Petellat, Michael * Peters, Laura ^ Peterson, Jonathan ^^ Petry II, Samuel ^^ Phillips, Aimee * Pietrowicz, Bryan ^ Pietrowicz, Sheri ^ Pinciaro, Caitlin * Pineda , Jairo Pirkle, Elizabeth * Poole, Joshua * Pratt, Justin * Prince, Marla Proffitt, Vickie ** Puls, Shawn Quinn, Lolita Rafferty, Greta * Ramos, Jose L. Ramsey, Scott ^ Range, Steve ^ Redinger, Meagan ^ Redmann , Crystal L ^ Reed, Barbara * Reese, Nathan ^^ Reimert, Shannon ^ Reuter, Amy *


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Reynolds, David * Richards, Latosha * Richardsin, Latisha Richardson, Brenda ** Richmond, Darcy ^ Ricks, Gregory Riethle, Ronald ** Rishe, Jenniffer Roach, Johnny ^ Robbins, Alisha Rocha, Frank R ** Rogers, Jennifer L Rogers, Victoria ^^ Rollins, Pedro Rollock, Tamara Romo Boulton, Sylvia Rossetti, David S ^ Ruffin, Pamela Salkil, Teresa Samson, Tracy ^ Sanabria, Isismari Sandberg, Kyle Sanderson, Brian ** Santillo, Nathan ^ Santos, Carlos ^ Sapielak, Lea Sapir, Jill ^^ Schreiber, Melissa ^ Schuster, Keith Scott, Andresha ^ Scott, Brandy Scott, Kristy Seifert, Johnathon ^ Seiple, Robert ^ Küster, Anthony Shepley, Raymond ^ Shute, Atheena Silva, Richard ^ Simpson, Chaniqka Sitcler, Kristina * Slack, Bridgette Slayton, Randal ^^ Slighter, Walter * Slone, Willie ^^ Smith, Antwon Smith, Dawn * Smith, Lisa * Smith, Matthew ^^ Smith, Scott Smith, Trevon ^ Smith, Trevor Smoot, Jonathan * Spanier, Justin Stamps, Linda ^ Statham, Nadine Steele, Adam ** Historia, Ramón A

Stoy, Daniel Strachan, Weldon Straw, Amy * Strong, Patricia Suevo, Bernadette Sumlin, Melvin Sumpter, Danielle ^ Sutherland, David L ^ Swanson, Olaf Swygart, Antonio Tate, Vanessa Teal, Brenda Tester, Joseph Teuscher, Larry ** Thomas, Anthony Thomas, James Thomas, Latoya Thompson, Shamea Thorpe, Chris * Thrasher, Henry Thurmond, Dannie ^ Todd, Xavier Toney, Stephen ** Tonge, Clarie Torrance, Índia * Torres III, James C Torres, Jennifer * Toves, Dwayne Turner, Delphine * Turner, Mark Twining, Michael ** Tysor, Tamika D Unger, Ann Vaca, Rodolfo Van Scoik, Nancy VandenBos, Crystal Vandiver, Tiffany L * Verdejo, Sara Victorino, Sheila Villanueva, April Vogel, Laura Ward, Tena ^ Warrenphillips, Otis ^ Watson, Sharnell Way, Ashley Wedding, Mary ^ Weldon, Bobby * Wendt, Timothy Wentz, Greg L White, Malissa ^^ Wiggins, Ilove Williams, Brittany N Williams, Christopher * Williams, Curtis ** Williams, Jessica Williams, Odetta ^ Williams, Pedro **

Williams, Sarah J Williams, Tiffiny Wilson, Jessie* Winters, Lane Wofford, Edwin Wolcott, Tanya Wood, Alexis Word, Leona* Wright, Jamie Yang, Konmeng Zaletel, Nicole Zaletel, Steven Zalys, Mante^

Zertifikat Almany, Brandy Alter, Chris Bryson, Starnisha Calderon, Fernando Cooper, Tracy Criner, Katherine Flores, Lillian Gonzalez, Giselle Green, Veronica James, Sharda Jewett, Quincy Kellogg, Cheryl Lacy, Monica Lansiquot, Julisha Mendoza, Eileen Nixon, Connie Otten , Tiffany Purter, Andree Rosas, Philip Scott-McCray, Desiree Simpson, Christopher M Stigler, Katherine Stoliar III, Frank

Master of Graduate Education Abbasi, Sajida Adams, JaeAngelena Akamnonu, Anacletus Alexander, Tessa Ali, Nalisah Allen, Michelle Anderson, Mark Andrews, April Arnesen, Kirsten Asberry, Collin Avery, Angela Bakas, Peter Baker, Brandi

Banks, Carole Barlow, Kristine Barry, Jeffrey Bashir, Fatimah Bateman, Cara Beach, Misty Bejot, Marie Bell, Frances Bellizan, Gaynell Bell-Johnson, Marcita Bembenista, Christine Benton, Denise Benton, Wesley Berg, Sarah Berry, Jon Bertoldi, Susan Beutler, Chad Billups, Martha Blount, Eric Boily, Nicole Booker, Andrea Braunstein, Catherine Brennan, Kathleen Brock, LeAnn Brockway, Stephanie Brooks, Jeanna Brown, Christine Brown, Ethel Brown, Kimberly Brown, Marcia Brown, Susie Brown, Tema Bruno, Elizabeth Bryant Gnade, Rosalie Bryant, Jennifer Bryant, Justin Buchanan, Hubert Butler, Jason Cagle, Amy Caldwell, Tavis Calloway, Maria Canada, Brittney Caraballo, Rebecca Cardosi, Thomas Carter, Jennifer Carter, Shyra Castillo, Nicole Castle, Shelly K Castro, Jessica CaullayIan CavellNatasha CharneyRachel ChatmonIndia CherneyJulia ChiorazziNancy ClarkLisa ClarkeSonja

Clarke-Ashford, Attaline Clay, Simone Clements, Chrissy Clevinger, Faith Cline, Stacy Coblish, Denise Colburn, Tironza Coleman, Roneka Collazo, Phillip Colton, Taea Cook, Elaine Coon, Brian Copas, Alexandra Cornegay, Naketa Cornwall, Derron Covington, Pamela Cox, Dan Cox, Jordan J. Cox, Michelle Crandell, Mae Cronin, Erin Crymes, Melissa Cunningham, Takeeyon L. Cupp, Amanda Davis-Guarano, Kelly Denson, Loshiner Derocher, Lindsey Diaz, Oscar Dickerson, Brandon Diehl, Kathleen Doak, Kevin Dolph, Darla Domenico, Kelly Dore, Victoria Dowd, Rory Doyle, Lakesha Drinkard, Karen Driver, Kimberley Duncan, Beulalea Duran-McBride, Gladys Duraski, Brenda Eagle, Brooke Edwards, GaNene Elworthy, Thomas Erickson, Shannon Eslick, Kyle Ann Estep , Jessie Evans, Rachel Exantus, Marie Ezzell, Adrienne Fahmy, Valerie Ferdig, Brianna Ferguson, Rebecca J. Fernandez, Melanie Fields, Yolanda Fonnest, Elizabeth Ford, Tashica

Forzisi, Maria Foster, Ahkim Foster, Mark Francis, Kelly Franklin, Les Frazier, Annette Freeman, June M Frye, Ronza Funderburk, Rodney Galtes, Aimee Gamble, Kendall Gardener, Tarnesia Garew, James Garrett, David Gerlach, Keith Gibson, Lisa Gidron , Robert Gill, Sana Gladney-Caldwell, Cynthia Gordon, Shamus Grady, Kerrie Graves, Melissa Green, Constance Green, Jay Green, Karen Greene, Brooks Gregory-Aikens, Lorraine Grice, Elaine Gross, Jennie Grygo, Shawn Guazzo, Dominic Guiseppi- Ferguson, Kristen Gyerko, Eva Hainline, Melissa Hall, Carrie Hall, Timothy Harchar, Gloria Harker, McCaina O. Harris, Shakisha Harris, Tramaine Hathaway, Adolph Henderson, Regina Hendricks, Lenora Hendrix, Nastasha Henry, Angelika Henry-Pitter, Juliet Hensel , Amber Hester, Joshua Holmes, Janora Holmes, Yovonda Holt, Wayne Horner, Chad Howard, Margaret Howard, Marvella Hull, Serehna Humlick, Sharon Hunter, Kristi

Hutchinson, Shevawnn Irizarry, Daynisse Jackson, Rhonda Jackson, Ruth Jacobs, Brandee Jalieba, Sharon Jamison, Yolanda Jean-Joseph, Daneweise Jenkins, Carolyn Jensen, Jenni Johnson, Debra Johnson, Janell Johnson, Jessica L Johnson, Karen Johnson, Paul Jonas, Shelly Jonasch, Timothy Jones, Geri Jordan, Lisa Josephs, Annette Jydstrup, James Kaeding, Monica Kaye, Sandra Kearns, Melissa Keller, Sarah Kelly, Meghan Kelly-Lewis, Veronica Kilgore, Keith King, Lakeya King, Millicent King, Rhonda Kirk, Nina Kirksey, Artesian Kistner, Elizabeth Knight-Paquet, Regina D. Kocak, Melissa Kruse, Debra Kupfner, Jaime Lacsina, Jeremiah Ladd, Rebekah Land, Terecia Lastowka, Kenneth Lawrence, Candice Lazzaroni, Sandra LeBlanc, Kristine Lee, Elizabeth Leonard, Amanda Liranzo, Ernestina Lisicki, Kimberlee Loaiza, Joel Louis, Ella Lovato, Rudy Love, Lois Loving, Sean Lowder, Joy Maldonado, Carmen Maloy, Shannon

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Mangini, Barbara Martin, LaTangie Martin, Marvel Mathews, Melissa Mattox, Gary Maxwell, Simone McAlhany, Pamela McCloskey, Melissa McDonald, Talmage McDowell, Jennifer McGreevy, Sandra McIntyre-Johnson, Chi McKeough, Becky McLaughlin, Derek McNealy, Lee Meadows, Mary Melgar-Atanaya, Miriam P. Merkel, Gregg A. Miles, Bobby Miller, Tammi Moll, Cathy Monroe, Monica Montan, Denise Montoya, Angelique Moore, Marcus P. Moore, MiShawna Moran, Julie Morgan, Barbara Morgan, Kelley Becton Morris, Cindy Morse, Matthew Muravez, Julie Murphy, Rochelle Murray, Donald Murray, Tina Mutrie, Jamaal Myers, Paul Napper, Anntriniece Nash, Brita Navarrete-Olvera, Maria Necessary, Justin Nelson, Bonnie Nelson, Gregory Nelson, Milford Nelson-Haffner, Mary Newberry, Susan Nielsen, Kathryn Noel, Hilary Northrop Stephens, Mary Jane Nye, Kristina Obie, Yolunda Olivares, Julia Parker, Roxanne Parks, Tony Parrish, Delena


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(Video) 12 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe If Not Filmed

Payne, Jessica Peeples, Karen Pelle, Leoba Perkin, Jessica Persinger, Ted Peschel, Galina Peterson, Julie Phillip, Rosenia Phillips, Ron Pierre-Louis, James Piper, Rhonda M Pitzer, Stefine Platt, Tammy Podwinski, Amanda Polanco, Noemi Pottinger, Remorna Prasse, Tere Pugh, Arlene Puissegur, Margaret Quaynor, Yvonne Quick, Kerri Rainey, Sheryl Rajan, Nazia Ramos-Vega, Arlene Randale, Conrad Randall, Christina Randle, Ladonna Randle, Yvette Rashid, Senaa Ray, Heather Raymond, Dona-Lee Redugerio, Evangeline Reed, Nancy Reff, David Regalado, David Reith, Daniel Richardson, Duval Ricks, Curtis Rivera, Ashley Roberson, Tammy Robins, Andrea Rojas, Liana Roller, Pam Rosario, Liz Ruchalski, Wayne Rüdiger, Serena Rufo, Jennifer Ruiz, Kelly Ruiz, Rachel Runia, Nicole Rupshi, Shirin Russell, Michelle Rutledge, Charlotte Saggers, Sherry Salamon, Julie Samaroo, Mala

Sansom, David Scarpena, Kathleen Sconce, Leslie Sedivy, Terry Seibel, Amanda Shabazz, Dawud Shackelford, Kristina Sheppared, Delois Shugars, Russell Simmons, Lynn Sims, Betty L Skoog, Beatrice Skorupski, Amber Smith, David Smith, Judith Smith, Justin Smith , Mary Smith, Rachelanne Smith, Ryan Snipe, Kimberly Spriggs, Pamela Stacy, Kelly Staggs, Heather Stanford, Jennifer Star, Lisa Stark, Brian Stevens, Hilary Stout, LaVerne Straub, Erich Straube, Catherine Strickland, Stephanie M Sturgis, Diane Sutton, Scott A. Swaim, Katherine C. Swallie, Amber Swinea-Patterson, Brenda Taylor, Dandria Taylor-Hall, Carla Thames, Denise Thomas, Kenita Thomas, Rita Thorne, Katrina Thornton, Jill Timpano, William Toops, Diane Townsend, LaShelia Trammell, Kendrey Tuck, John Tucker, Keondra Turner, Tamika Tyrie Neal, Nikkia T. Uvelli, Michael Vargas, Rocio Vaselaar, Sommerkalbfleisch, Colleen Wade, Kuwonda

Walcott-Francis, Mizpeh Walker, Constance Walters Brown, Sylvia Warren, Stacey Washington, Nikko Watson, Jocelyn Watson, Molly Webb, Tiffany Welch, Marcellus Weseman, John Wheeler, Lawonda Whirtley, Lisa White Senior, William White, Bridget White, Sarah Wiggins , Paul-Michael Williams, Bessie Williams, Deffie Williams, Robin Witherspoon, Rosalynd Wood, Diane Wynn, Nicolette Xavier, Neria Yau, Kathleen Young, Jessica Zahn, Shellie

Certificado Hemingway, Grant Kunnapas, Tiia Odom, Gary Shuler, Tracey Spears, Tristen Whitham, Karen

Abeid-Thomas, Emerica Alexis, Renald Ashiq, Samina Bacote, Stacie Bailey, Monique Barnes, Keisha Becerra-Tillman, Ivette Begley, Megan Bell, Tonya Blahunka, Laura Bonzil-Juste, Marlyn Braxton, Angel Browne, Idesha Burkhardt, Michelle Chaudhry, Hana Cherfas, Julia

Clarke-Stuart, Hazel Y Constant, Nicholas Cooper, Chadrick Crowder, Dwanna Cunningham, Nanette Currey, Jeni Daughety, James Davis, Margaret Leann Debrah-Poku, Fred Dimitriadis, Lisa Donzo, Mayor Fields, Tarisha Forero, Jaclyn Fox, David George, Weldon Gilmore-Byrd, Rikkisha Gober, Jessica Godfrey, Shonda Golden, Patricia Granger, Erin Green, Ashley Greenidge, Maria Griffith, Colette Hall, Jakia Hampton, Antjuan Harrison, Nancy Henry, Justin Honea, Susan Hook, Megan Jodar, Cheryl Johnson, LaTasha N. Joseph, Jocelyn Khan, Vanessa Koenig, Kera Krieger, Jori Lemons, Kenneth Leuschel, Julie Lloyd, Russ Loner, Ashley Lovelace, Lisa Mabry, Stephanie Mahaman, Lalla Mahloch, Gwen Makini, Thomas Matali, Asha McIntire, Chandani McKinney, Tiffany C. Mileski, Michael Moffatt, Uduak Murphy, Tina Murray, Ramona Nakande, Beltus Nater, April Noah-Short, Carrie Norville, Monica Nwaba, Devon Ogagan, Priscillia

Ogoti, George K. Olibrun-Demosthene, Maritane Palomaria, Aaron Beth Parks, Andrea Paul, Diane Perry, Deirdre Prabhuram, Kavetha Quidley, Katrina Radford, Adonica Ramcharan, Alice Rampersad, Jaiya Reeder, William Regidor-Case, O'ryan Richardson, Gionesia Richey, Brittany Rizzo, Krista Ross, Barbara Sager, Julie Santiago, Ivelisse Schuring, Beth Singh, Komal Smalls, Alicia Souffrant-Jeanty, Esther Spann, Rosalyn Tackett, Nezzera Tadesse, Addisalem Tadesse, Alicia Torain, Evangeline Vellek, Susan Votour, Gary Walker, Shannon Washington, Charletta Williams, Malisa Williams, Roshandra Williams-Semi, Felita Winter, Georgi Wolfe, David Zurinsky, Lori

Licenciatura-Abschluss Addison, Veronica Adrion, Lisa ^^ Ahmad, Sayeedah Allen, Chad ^ Amore, Sara Anderson, Kate Anderson, Roberta Anderson, Tracy ^ Andrew, Karen ^ Arbuckle, Jeannette ^ Arthur, Kortney Arutyunyan, Mariam Aubry, Bradley ** Austin, Cedrissa * Avery, Tiffany ** Ayala, Nydianne **

Babin, Mike Baer, ​​Jennifer * Baker, Joy M. Baldrica, Shawna Balmer, Jessica Barajas, Meaghan ** Barker, Sandra Barrentine, Casey Basham, Candyce * Bauer, Pamela * Beachy, Chere Beal, David E * Bear , Lori ^^ Becker , Brandi * Bell, Charles ^ Bender, Mathilde ^ Bennett, Patricia ^ Benson, Renesha Bergmann, Julie ^ Billy, Lawanna * Bing, Kristina Bishop, Latoya Blakime, Evelyne ^ Bogans, Vanessa A ^ Bonitto, Edna Brabham , Mikel ^ Branch, Geteilt * Brice, Linda ^ Brito, Vilma Brockenshire, Maria Brooks, Scott ^ Brown, Aliscia L Brown, Aniko * Brown, Carmen ** Brown, Dawanna Brown, Lawanna Brown, Samantha ** Brown, Susan Brown- Watson, Heather * Brugman, Isabel Buchholz, Mary * Buckmaster, Richard Bullock, Audrey ^ Burnett, Stacy ^ Burnor, Jocelyn ^ Burns, Bree ^ Burton, Robert D. Cabral, Brenda ^ Calvert, Charley ^ Campbell, Rena Capozzi, Michele Caprio , Beth ^ Cariou, Cherie ^ Carrasco, Elisha ^ Carter, Charmia Casey, Tammie ^ Castricone, Katie *

Chalifoux, Michelle ^^ Chambers II, Paul Chapin, Aaron ^ Charlton, Salene ^ Cheatham, Marcus ^ Cheney, Shelley S Cherubini, Jean ^ Clark, Gwendolyn Clark, Teresa ** Codrington, Giselle Coleman, Devona Collins, Deborah * Comstock, Brandy Conner, Angela Cook, Willie M. Cooper, Michaelyne Cornelison, Charles E^^ Corpuz, Lisa Costello, Gina Cousins, Valerie ^ Cox, Diane ** Cox, Donna Cox, LaShaudra ** Crampton, Robert ^^ Crockett, Brittany Cullen, Kathleen ^ Cunningham, Kelli ^ Cunningham, Lela ^^ Currey, Paulette ^ Curry, Chris Dada, Yetunde O ^ Danter-Boston, Kathleen Darby, Jennifer * Darrah, Michelle ^ Dashno, April K ^ Davis, Cecelia Davis, Lisa M Debelak, Jennifer ^^ Dehaven, David B ^^ Denney, Michelle L ^ DeRoboam, Wendy DeVaughn, Shaidikia Diaz, Emmanuel ^ Diaz, Maria C ^ Dickerson, Kedrick Dike, Philomina Dominguez, Dolores * Donaldson, Sonoma Dorman, Jennifer ^ Dorsey, Katherine ^ Drake, Jodi P* Drinkard, Esha Dye, Christopher* Edwards, Jolene M* Edwards, Melissa Egan, Christi una M * Ekstam, Katie *

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Ekstrom, Timothy ^ Elias, Fadi ^ Elliott, Sheri ^ Ellis, Sarah ^ Elmore, Dorothy Gail Emehel, Ethel Emke, Hannah ^ Enderlein, Mia ^ Endicott, Amber ^ Eriksen, Deen Anne ^ Esposito, Andrea ^ Estes, Jason ^ Evans Martin , Erin E ^ Evans, Marketta Evans, Terri * Fagan, Angela ** Fagundes, Alvarina Farlow, Theresa * Fearon, Kalifa * Fejes, Gail * Felton, Ona ^ Filippello-Kress, Amy ^ Filo, Theresa M ^ Filter, Julie ^ Findley, Tracie ^^ Flannery, Deborah ^^ Fort, Alyssa ^^ Foxall, María ^ Franco, Amanda ^ Frederick-Norwood, Kimberly * Fuller, Craig Galvez, Jorge Gancos, Beth ** García Halloran, Juliana ^ García, Cecilia García, Joseph Gardiner, Madeline ^ Garling, Shane ^ Garza, Cristal Garza, Jeannette Gaskins, Andrew * Gay, Sharon Gayle, Maria Gayle, Natanya Geer, Jodi ^^ Gerber, Deborah * Giacomini, Nicole ^^ Gilbert, Christina * Gillam, Charity Giraldo , Johanna Glenn, Edwina M. Gold-Cunningham, Gloria Goldsbary, Sandi ^^ Gut, Adele K Green, Jacquelyn Greenwood, Joan ^


kaplan university

Gregory, Sheri Griffin, Amie Grogan, Deborah ^ Gunter, Dawn * Gutierrez, Lyndsay ^ Gwin, Bridget Hamdeh, Rola * Hanna, Krista Harden, Maurice Hardy, Autumn * Harris, Abbey Haywood, Laura ^ Heiden, Lisa Heilhecker, Michaela Hendricks, Christina Henry, Angela Henson, Jean* Hernandez, Nicole Hernandez, Tracie* Herrarte, Erica* Hert, Jennifer Hilbert, Paula^Hilborn, Nicole ** Hillman, Darlene* Hinton, Neonta Hoesli, Trudy* Holloway, Brandi* Houck, Glenn Hovancik , Jennifer Howard, Carletta ** Hoxit, Katherine * Huchel Sullender, Kim Hull, Stephen ** Hundt, Ellen ^^ Hunter, Brittany ^ Hutchison-Sawyer, Jennifer Idommia, Julie Irvine, Lawanda ** Irving, Jermia ^ Ivery, Stephanie * Jacobsen, Ashlee N * James, Johnnie * Jaskolski, Cydnee * Jennings, Ryan ^ Jentoft, Eva C ^ Johnson, Bronwyn ^^ Johnson, Machelle ^^ Johnson, Terrilynn ** Jones, Centeno Jones, Howell ^^ Jones, Maoly ** Jones, Tanisha ** Jordan, Kelli Kaju, Rana ^ Karsas, Alyssa N ^ Kasarsky, Lindsey M Kayrouz, Jessica

Kelton, Carin ^ Knuth, Carlene ** Kober, Cindy ^ Koleva-Duynova, Tanya Kostrzewski, Noelle ^ Kovach, Renee ** Koy, Vibol Krautmann, Chelsea ^ Kurak, Heather Lacaille, Joan Langton, Suzanne * Lanier, Yuvickie LaPierre, Margaret ^ Lawhun, Chris * Lawrence, Jeffrey ^^ Lee, Andrea ^ Lenoir, Jacques ** Lenzie, Gina * Leslie, Carmen Lewandowski, Shirley ^^ Lewis, Sharrone ** Lieder, Lisa ** Lindsey, Ann ^ Llerena, Norleen ^ Lolli , Sarah ^ Long, Paula Lorfils, Kendley Louis, Maritza Love, Broderick Luchenbill, Marcia ^ Lynch, Patrick * Maddox, Eddie ** Maguire, Patria ^ Marcy, Meagan ^ Markey, Holly * Marrero, Erika ^^ Marsh, Gladdys A ^ ^ Marshall, Tiffany ^ Martinez, Joe ^ Matic, Jonathan ^ Matthews, Dianne McCaffrey-Cellini, Colleen ^ McCarthy, Stacy E. McCrea, Karin ^^ McDaniel, Shelby ^ McDaniels, Ashley McGee, Pearl ** McKeeman, Polly J ** McKerrow , Ellen ^ McMillan, John ^^ McNeily III, Henry ^^ McQuary, Kathy M * Meadows, Deborah ^^ Melendez, Mary E ^ Méndez, Jolynn M ** Merritt, Al exis *Merritt-McCabe, Ángela*

Middleton, Alison ** Miller, Armetta Ivy Miller, Stacey Mills, Masen ^ Mitchell, Gwen MLambo, Ruth Mohrhoff, Ellen ^^ Monreal, Denni-Rae Moore, Elizabeth ** Moriarty, Kathleen Morris, Althenia Morrison, Amber Moser, Kellie ^ Mourtada, Victoria Y ^ Murtha, Erin ^ Myers, Chasity S. Naugler, Anne R ^ Naylor, Lindsey ** Neiberger, Janyce * Nguyen, Therese ^ Nicholas, Jesse ^ Niemann, Sarah ^ Nieves-Wolford, Holly ^ Northcutt, Brittney Notree , Bryant Nuzzolese, Andrew Nystul, Candis * O'Connell, Tammy ^ O'Connor-Creary, Jennifer Ogaldez, Frances ^ O'Leary, Jessica ^ Oliver, Cheryl * Olson-Alton, Kim * O'Neal, Tandi Ortiz, Cathi ^ Ossai, Floretta Osterhout, Kenly ** Pack, Kathy Palazzo, Nicole Palmer, Charlotte * Parson, Robin G. Patrick, Teneah Patterson, Joyce ^ Paul, Theresa * Payne, Tiffany Perez, Claudia Phillips, Tamika ** Pitter, Kevin Piwowar , Margaret ** Pongvachararak, Sandra ^ Porter, Justin * Poucher, Rachel Prandi, Krista Prince, Jamie Lee ^ Pruitt, Diane ^ Pulido, Amber G. Ra yo rez , Roberto**

Ramsey, Michele Rascon, Dustin ** Rauch, Marianne ^ Ray, Wendy ^ Reaze, Debra Reeves, Lauren Reyes, Maria ^ Reynolds, Chance ^ Richter, Diane ^^ Rider, Emily ^ Riedel, Pamela ^^ Rivera, Lea Roberts, Amy Roberts, Jacquelyn ^ Roberts, Nancy ^^ Robinson, Edward C ^ Robinson, Shawan Rodríguez Arjona, Maribel Rodríguez, José N ^ Rodríguez, Montserrat ^ Rose, Rachel Rowden, Sarah ^ Ruiz, Lori D Russell, Cheryl Russell, Julie ^ Sahoury, Heather Saikkonen, Angela ^ Sailors, Mitchell L ^ Saldivar, Tai Sample, Jennifer Samples, Estela ^ Sanchez, Jodi D * Sanders, Cindy ^ Sanders, Lucretia Sanders, Meeca S. Santa Cruz, Leticia * Santana, Kariny Santiago, Marta ^ Sapp , Rebecca S ^ Saravia, Katty Schäfer, Melissa Schmeida, Keria Schmid, Dawn ^^ Schnitzler, Kolene R * Scholl, Justin ^ Scott, Ylonda ** Scudder, Diane ^ Segovia, Maxine Shafer, Shelley ^ Sherman, Matthew ^ Shipko, Stephanie ^ ^ Simas, Kristen ^ Simon, Nicole ^ Simpson, Ashley Sines, Rebekah Singleton, Ashley Sjolander, Moa ^

Smith, Jennifer ^ Smith, Karen Smith, Kathryn ^ Smith, Kerry-Ann * Smith, Michelle ^ Smith, Monica ^ Smith, Roger A Smith, Sonjia * Smith, Teresa Solansky-Lopez, Rhonda Sorg, Lori * Soufleris, Debra ^^ Spates, Velma Stallings, KenYetta K Standford, Shervette Stapleton, David E^^ Stephens, Judy Steve, Lindsey^ Stewart, Latoya * Stewart, Michelle ^ Stoutt, Ashley M Strain, Jonathan ** Sukhram, Yolando * Tach, Vothear Talbert, Daniel * Tanksley, Richey Tarlowski, Barbara ^ Tarnow, Melanie ** Taylor, Amanda ^ Taylor, Christine ^ Taylor, Paul ^ Telfare, Bernadette * Thieme, Michelle ^ Thornton, Patricia ** Thornton, Stephanie ** Tollakson, Erik ^^ Tosunbegovic, Maja * Turner, Kimberly ^ Turransky, Angela ^ Urias, Jennifer ^ Utt, Ellen * Valim, Chantel ** VanDonsel, Lacy * VanNorman, LaKeidra * Vargas, Annette ^^ Vasiliadis, Stella Vasquez, Josue * Vazquez, Patricia ^ Ventanilla, Charrizza ** Vigier, Zita Villarreal, Norma ^ Volbrecht, Katrina ^ Volmar Maxineau, Samantha ^ Wagner, Martha WA Iker-Pagud, Kristen ^ Ward, Janina ^

Wathen, Ashley ** Watson, Lora * Wax, Deborah ^ Weicks, Mitzie Weston, Theressa L ** Whipkey, Arlyn White, Angelica White, Angelica M White, Sharion Whitley, Vannessa * Whitson, Denise ^ Wick, Jacqueline Wilcox, Brandy * * Wilkerson, Brittany ** Williams-Sharp, Chandra Williams, Beverly Williams, Marcia Williams, Varron ^^ Willis, Jessica Wilson, Adrian ** Wilson, Akim * Wilson, Allison Wilson, Bridgette ^^ Wise, April Withee, Robert ^ Woerner , Mary ^ Wofford, Lindsay ^ Wolff, Melissa ^^ Wood, Amber ^ Woodard, Wintress S * Woodberry, Tiffany ^ Woody, Teresa ^^ Wright, Dorian Wrinkle, Brianne ^ Wulf, Sara ^ Yannetti, Georgette * Young, Cheryl ** Yruretagoyena, Ana ^ Zeck, Andrea ^

Associate Degree Adams, Dina^ Aguirre, Cynthia* Allaire, Holly^ Allen, Ashley^ Allen, Darshonia Allen, Kathryn Almengor, Amanda* Andersen, JoAnn** Anderson, Tyawanda Armga, Lyssa* Armstrong, Shama Arnold, Jane E* Arnold, Teresa* Arroyo, Anita* Arroyo, Rhonda Ashby, Dawn

Asher, Rachael ^ Bailey, Aimee ^ Bailey, Ashley ^ Bailey, Sharon Balls-Richardson, Paulette Balom, Kizzie Barber, Audrial Barnes, Kristy * Barr, Donald ^ Barraco, Ellen M Barrows, Karissa ^ Barton, Jennifer Bates, Tanya Batista, Kristy Bauch, Kristi Beadnell, Victoria Bell, Anita ^ Bell, Cynthia Bender, Janet ^ Bennett, Shavon Bentley, Nancy ^ Benton, Bernice Benton, Jean ^ Berinobis, Diana ^ Berry, Opel Billups, Danielle * Birkle, Bonnie ^ Bishop, Velveta Blair-Brown, Kenyatta K Blank, Bonita ^ Bonilla, Yolanda ** Booth, Stacy Boren, F Lynette ** Bouhassoun, Amanda ^ Bowen, Tonya * Bowers, Amy ^ Bowers, Nolan Bowles, Barbara L ^ Boyd, Nicole ^ Bradley, Juanita ^ Brake, Heather ^ Brantley, Michelle ^ Bray, Darla Britton, Rachelle ^ Brookfield, Deborah ^ Brooks, Valerie Brower, Pamela J Brown, Deana * Brown, Jennifer N ** Brown, Josie * Brown, Karen ^ Brown, Karis R * Brunk, Jonathan * Bruno, Efraín ^ Buckingham, Martine H. Bueno, Jennie * Bulda, Desiree

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Burback, Lynn ^ Burks, Leah Burright, Jeannine Burton, Tricia ^ Burton-Hartzell, Chere Bush, Rhonda J ^ Buss, Penny ** Busse, Mary * Byrd, Diane Byrd, Nadine Byrum, Karen Caesar, Anna L ^ Callender, Krystle Cameron, Melissa Campbell, Megan ^^ Campbell, Michele * Cantrell, Tasha ^ Cardwell, Jackie ** Carrero, Debra Carter, Christina ^ Carter, Jodie J ** Carter, Santorina Castellanos, Connie Cheffer, Michelle ^ Chennault, Jennifer ^ Clark, Bontivia * Clark, Pamela Clark, Tangerlar Clarke, Shalanda N Claudio, Nancy Cline, Kristi * Clingen, Sherry * Cochran, Amanda Mae Coker, Lauren Colbert, Octavia Cole, Carin J ^ Collins, M Elizabeth ** Collis, Amy Colson, Sheri ^^ Conner, April Conoly, Angela Cooper, Heather ** Coppola, Amanda Cornwall, Connie * Coster, Phyllis * Cotton, Mary * Couture, Summer Cox, Carly ** Coyle, Caitlin * Crews, Robin Crossfield, Rosemarie O * Current, Brenda * Curry, Pamela Curry, Rene * Davis, Omega * Davis, Sharon * Davis, Susan ^


kaplan university

Deal, Ameshia * Dean, Alison ^ Dean, Samantha R * Deerwester, Patricia Degreenia, Tina * Del Real, Annemarie * Delgado, Nancy ** Demby, Sandra Demery, Jeanee ** Detrick, Jamie Diaz Montijo, Kathelyn Dixon, Brittainy L Dixon , Colette Doblado, Dennis O ^ Dodds, Gale Dolehanty, Bridget * Domack, Charidy * Dorsey, Debbie * Downey-Morris, Lucie T Drake, Traci ^ Duffie, Latishia ^ Dugger, Michelle ^ Duncan, Kyrie ^ Dupee, Kimberly Dye, Vivian * Dyett, Nicole ^ Eaton, Michelle Edinger, Stacy * Elgert, Kimberly * Elliott, Amber L. Emmanuel, Olivier ^ Espuet, Carrol * Eveler, Tracy ** Falco, Jennifer Faunce, Jodie Fergison, Kelle ^ Ferguson, Heather Fields, Pearlina Fisher, LaDawna * Flickinger, Alison * Flores, Vanessa Flowers, Sylvette Foley, Susan ^ Follette, Kriss ^ Forrest, Linda * Forshey, Terri Fort, Miriam J ** Forthman, Bonnie Foss, Arlene * Fox, Tasha * Frank, Guillermo Frazier , Lajayia Frederick, Belinda ^ Friend, Brandy * Furtak, Joyce Gadbois, Melissa * Gale-Strieper, Rachael J * *

Gámez, Aouda Gammel, Tamme * Gant, Harriett Gantz, Ashley ^ García, Honey ** Garvin, Courtney L. Gasama, Mariama * Gasper, Mary ^ Gaston, Desiree Gerber, Autumn * Gibbs, Bethany ^ Gibson, Cheryl ^ Gideon, Natalie Gilbert, Stacie * Gillum, Lisa * Glaze, Sharon ^ Glenn, Michelle Gonzales, Aileen * Grandez, Cheryl ** Granillo, Angeline Gray, Cierra Gray, Nichole Graziani, Amy ^ Green, Pamela ^ Green, Rosemarie * Green, Shante Greer, VaShaunda Griego, Stephanie Griffin, Malinda Griffin, Renee L ** Grissom, Amanda Guthrie, David Guzman, Stephanie ^ Hackler, Shirl ^^ Hadley, Johnnie * Hallam, Cristy ^ Hancock, Tina ^ Hansen, Erica Hansmeier, Kimberly ** Hanson, Tasha Hards, Marisa ^ Harkless, Robin E ^ Harness, Susan Harris, Tiffany * Hartzell, Cindy L. Harvell, Cindy Haskins, Teresa ^ Hawn, Traci * Hays, Elizabeth ** Head, Stacey * Hemingway, Marlina ** Hendrickson, Kam ^ Hendrickson , Suzanne A. Hengstenberg, Bridget * Hering, Jennifer ^^ Hering, Vicki * Hess, Tami

Hewitt, Michelle R. ** Hicks, Shenia ** Hiemer, Liesa * Hill, Gerald ^ Hinojos, Blanca ** Hollinshead, Heidi * Hollis, Janessa ^ Holmes, Bonnie ^ Holyfield, Lakisha Hoover, Amanda Hoover, Destinie Housand, Courtney * * Howard, Aminata Howard, Barbara Huff, Heather * Humphrey, Stacey * Hunt, Shemeke * Hutchins, Yolanda Hylton, Jeanne Inlow, Chanda * Jackson, Denise ^ Jackson, Elise Jackson, Karen ^ Jaconski, Carol ^ Jenkins, Sharon ^ Jennings, Dorothy M. Johnson, Tara Johnson, Tasha N. Kallai-Ayivor, Stella Kammrad, Emily Kananen, Charlene * Kane, Amanda * Kerrigan, Courtney Kestner, Tamika S. Kidder, Margaret ** King, Jannelle Kleinedler, Jessica Klugh, Kellie ^ Kohel, Rebecca A Kostes, Kristen ^ Kovac, Terri ** Krebs, Dana * Krusell, Jamie Kuchta, Susanne * Kyle, Anna ^ LaBean, Deana ** Landry, Donna ^ Lang, Peggy ^ Lanier, Sonya * Laroche, Wendy M * Leck, Heidi Lee, Bretaña ^ Lee, Crystal M ^^ Leija, Erika Lepore, Jo-Ann Lewis, Jennifer R. Lindstrom, Brandi ^

Logue, Janice ^ Lohden, Amy ^ Lombardy, Ally ** Lopez, Jessica ^ Lopez, Krissy ^ Louther, Shakita * Lovelace, Kim * Lowe, Tamoria Lozano, Michele Lumley, Anestazia M. Lyden, Colleen ** Lynch, Deborah ** Lynch, Jennifer ^ Lyon, Kelsey * Majok, Melanie Major, Christy ** Manchester, Denise Manske, Shantel ^ Mapanao, Danielle ^ Marion, Joyselyn ^ Marshall, Karen ** Marshall, Michelle * Martelly, Melissa Martinez, Xochitl Massre, Jessica * * Mata, Manuela Mateo, Glenda Matthews-White, Zabrina May, Alma May, Brandi M ^ May, Robyn ^ McCord, Fredell ** McCormick, Alena McDuffie, Helena Mcginnis, Lauren ** McGrother, Angelia McNeill, Glena Mead, Sarah * Mendenhall, Nicole ^ Mentz, Vivian ** Mesa, Catrina ** Meyer, Krystal * Meyer, Lori ^ Meyers, Brittney Miell, Sarah ** Miller, Lori A ^ Miller, Mindy * Million, Linda Miner, Jessica Mitchell, Stacey * Monsivais - Muñoz, Verónica Morales, Alexis Moran, Chrisanne ^ Moran, Samantha Morban, Ivelis * Moreno-Love, Alice Morgan, Jacqueline **

Morman, Cumeta Morris, Tracy L Moss, Robin Mower, Sylvia ^ Moyer, Jenny ^ Muniz, Elma * Murphy, Katharine N ^ Myers, Melissa ^^ Nagy, Denise Nairn, Kimberly Natale, Jessica ^ Navarro, Jessica * Nees, Anna Kristina ^ Neill, Tamie * Nelson, Amber * Newman, Darcie Newsome, Katina * Ngin, Tina ** Nitz, Leslie ^ Noam, Allison ^ O'Garro, James Easton O'Neill, Cindy * Ortega, Julie * Osborn, Tracy Osorio, Ashley N. Ostermeier, Kymberly Ostrega, Faith ** Ott, Rebecca ^ Owens, Jason M ^ Pageau, Jillian Palmer, Josetta Parker, Donna Parks, Kimberly Parrott, Delavallade (Debbie) Parsons, Ruth-Ellen ^ Paul, Nicole * Penix, Kayla Peterson, Christina * Petko, Josalynn ^ Pettiford, Cynthia ** Pfeifer, Shannon ^ Philippi, Sara ^ Pilgrim, Tonya * Pinn-Jefferson, Aniya Pittman, Holly * Plott, Tracy ^ Polonia, Starla Pope, Tameka Porter, Emily Porter, Jennifer Powers, Amanda ^ Priff, Michelle ^ Pryor, Teresa A. Puterbaugh, Erin ^ Quijada, Paul ^ Raabe, Debra ^

Radtke, Sonya * Raglin, Tarina Ramirez, Erika Randle, Tanya Ratliff, Kellie L ^ Raymond, Christina * Reed, Jana ^ Reed, Mary ^ Reed, Sara ^ Reutov, Natasha Revels, Natalie Riker, Amanda ** Riley, Ramona ^ Rivas , Carmen * Robbins, Tammy Roberson, LaKiesha ^ Robins, Jennifer ** Robinson, Beth * Robinson, Juris Robinson, Sandra ^ Robinson, Vallon Rock, Polly ^ Rodríguez, Ceilia * Rodríguez, Elizabeth ^ Rogers, Elizabeth ^ Rogers, Yvette ^ Rogers -Newkirk, Crystal D * Romain, Maxine * Ross, Shelly ** Routson, Lizabeth ** Roy, Carol * Royal, Jackenia Ruede, Mary Ann ** Rundio, Heather * Rusche, Heather ^ Rush, Lillie ** Russell, Ashley * Russell, Brittany Russell, LaQueen ^ Russell, Robin * Rutland, Abbe Saas, Geri ^ Sabatini, Antonella ^^ Salinas, Carol ** Salton-Youngs, Jodi Sam, Heather M ^ Sampson, Angela * Sanders, Jill ^ Sansing, Darlene Santana , Fior ** Santiago, Alani C ^ Sarbacker, Clare ^ Sauer, Jennifer Saxon, Stefanie ^ Saxton, Tara Sayyah, Heather * Scala, Rosemarie *

Schalk, Marian ^ Scheetz, Kari ^ Schmidt, Cindy ** Scott Jr, Wayne * Sefcik, Michelle ^ Seipp, Angel ^ Selvy, Stacey Serrano-Velez, Arlyn ^ Sharp, Sharon ^ Shepherd, Vivian * Sherwood, James Neil ^ Shuber, Kimberly ^^ Siligrini, Theresa ^ Silva, Arnold * Simmons, Michelle Simmons, Volanta Simmons, Wendy ^ Simon, Laura * Simpson, Armin ^ Sizemore, Kimberly * Slaughter, Kevin R * Small, Sabrina Smith, Amber L Smith, Cheryl Smith, Dawn Smith, Jennifer ^ Smith, Kirby Smith, Robert Smith, Tachikie Snook, Sandi Solomon, Amanda * Sorce, Ashley ** Sorenson, Kerri ** Southerland, Shellianda Spangler, Penny ^ Spaulding, Kerri L ** Spears, Marica Sperry, Mark ^ Spruill, Marie Stamper, Tabatha ^ Stanley, Kathrine A. Steinbrook-Palmer, Shawna * Steinfeldt, Theresa * Stennett, Brenda Stephens, Kelly ^ Stephens, Rosener Stevens, April L. Stewart, Denise Stewart, Kelly Stiller, Karrie ^^ Stires , Dawn J Storr, Jessica Stotz, Abbey ^ Stow, Rena Stoynoff, Cheri ** Strickland, Cherie ^ Strojny, Karen **

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Stroud, Jessica ^ Stryffeler, Mary Stucker, Sandra Stuteville, Shandi * Stutzriem, Christina * Sundstrom, Lina ^ Suon, Romduol ^ Surber, Lisa * Swan, Renee ** Swanson, Jessica ** Tacti, Jamie * Taubman, Lisa ^^ Taylor , Jannell L^^ Taylor, Nicola Taylor, Shelley ** Teasdale, Aleesha Temple, Annabel ^ Thomas, Tammy * Thompson, Denah M Thompson, Heather Thompson, Rhonda Thompson, Sarah ^ Thompson, Shelina ^ Thurston, Sandra Tirado, Tieasha Tkach, Maria Totherow, Brandi Trezvant, Quetoyia Tucker, Lisa Turner, Angélica ** Van Swol, Maria Vann, Claudette Vega, Amanda F * Venn, Jennifer Vest, Rhonda ^ Vincent, Linda ** Vito, Melvina ** Vizzier, Brandie M ** Walker, Catherine ^ Walters, Adrienne Ward, Mary Wardlaw, Maureen ^ Warren, Jeanie ^ Washington, Celina Washington, Linda * Waters, Lisa * Watkins, Shawnye * Webb, Jennifer Rene ^ Weber, Helen E * Weismiller, Ruth L ^ Werner, Angela West, Melinda ^ Westby, Nicole ^ Westover, Bonnie ** Whitaker, Cynthia White, Alicia Wieglenda, Sherralle


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Williams, Crystal Williams, Justine Williams, Melisha ^ Williams, Norma ^ Wilson, Stephanie Wogman, Stephine ** Wolfe, Sonya ^ Woody, Christopher S ** Wootten, Amanda Wynes, Maryalice ** Yarochowicz, Shannon ^ Yerion, Todd Zeise, Angie ^

Abatecola, Don Abramson, Jonathan Adams, Colleen Adderley, Jonathan Allen, Luigi Al-Wazzan, Valencia M. Arizmendi, Brucelle A. Barler, Dawn M. Barnett, Eleisha Barua, Joydeep Batten, Detrice Beasley, Roy Boykin, Peter Buckmire, Kester Bunner, Patricia Burton, Cierra Chaney, Tommie Clark, Josey L. Cockerham, Charmaine Cole, Miranda D. Collins, Christopher Craft, Mariana Dagle, William C. Dague, Michele Danforth, Danny Davie, Robert DesAutels, Frederick Elison, Angie Elliott, Roger Fanelli, Todd Featherson, Shakela Fields, Keiya Finch, John Fretwell, Jayleen Fullen, Melissa Gibbs, Melinda

Goines, Gregory Grams, Aubrey Hale, Bruce G. Halfpop, Tyler Henningsen, Patrick J. Hietschold, Julie Ince, Terrell Kanakam, Anu Kane-Saenz, Shannon Kantor, Robert J. LaPeire, Geoffrey Larsen, Maureen A. Laurie, Adam Law , Lateef Lech, Katie Lindgren, Katharine Lizama, James Maldonado, Hector Martich, Luisa McCain, Taracha R. Mckissick, Travoris L. Moreno, Eric Needham, Karen Ness, Joshua Palmer, Jeff Park, Sung Patterson, Troy W. Patterson, Trudy Pauly, Mark E. Peter, Boby Pritikin, Steven Quiros Rojas, Moises Ramos, Gerard Reece, Faye Rieder, Michelle Ringgold, Reginald Ripple, Stephen Rock, David Rodriguez, Eric Rose, Desmond Ruiz, Lillian Victoria Sapp, Wade Sawyer, Louise Scales , Barb Shearer, James Silva, Diogenes Sims, Rashad Small, Valerie Smith, Ronald Stachmus, Stephen Stallworth, Hattie Stevens, Regina Stewart, Lisa Stroz, Marc Subia, Jose Toure, Mohamed Vincenti, Mark

Wach, Kelly Webb, Randall Williams, Teanna N. Wilson, Shamika R. Woodring, Kimberly Wright, Doris Wyskochil, Yvette Young, James Young, Jeffrey

Bachelor Abalos, Edgardo Abraham, Yvonne Ahmed, Afee Alberto, Sam * Ali, Nizam * Alkire, Steve ^^ Anderson, Colleen ^ Anderson, Jessica Anderson, Norman Anderson-Townsend, Debra * Anthony, Todd D ^ Antolinez, Wilman ^^ Archer , Patrick Ardines, Odalys Armstrong, Kelly D ^ Arthur, Roderick N * Avila, Ronnie * Barfield, Kimberly Barnes, Elizabeth ** Barrington-Revel, Michelle E Bashaw, Linda Baumeister, Denise * Becker, Shaun ^^ Beddow, Robert * * Benjamin, Eddie Berkebile, Dave * Betler, Samantha ^ Bishop, Martin ^^ Bledsoe, Kimberly Blondin, Christopher Boden, Nichole Boehm, Nathan ^ Bond, Sarah ** Bonine, Roger ^^ Booker, Chezaree Bost, Anthony E Ambos, Anja ^ ^ Bozeman, Carolyn ^ Braddy, Michael ^ Brookland, Dwight ^ Brosh, Dov ^^ Brown, Richie ^^ Brown, Shakerra Brusseau, Nycole ^ Burrows, Myra Byrns, Christy ^

Cain, Angelina Campudoni, Victor E. Cannizzo, Giovanni ^^ Carlisle, Richard Carter, David ^^ Chance, Laquanda Chandler, David ^ Chike, Chike Patrick ^ Christy, Kasey Clark, James ^ Clark, Tauja Claypool, Shawn E ** Cochrum , David ^ Coleman, Bryan ^ Coleman, Talibah Collier, Brigitte * Collins, Andre Condron, Sean ^^ Conlin, Shawn ^^ Cook, Brenda S ^ Coon, Tracey ^^ Cooney, Timothy ^ Cordova, Christopher ^ Corner, Randall L ^ Corte, George ** Cottrell, Jerry L ** Cox, Christina J Craft, Aaron ^ Cruz, Gerad Cruz, Luis Curl, Darwin Dave, Jacques Davis, J ^ Davis, Mario ** Davis, Tim * Daye, Dorothy * De La Paz , David Deas, Tony R. DeCorte, Michelle ^ Delgado, Richard Alan * DeVore, Zeth ^ Dinh, Chieu Dixon, Jacob Do, Phil Dodd, Jose ** Dodder, Richard ^^ Dornink, Adam * Dowen, Tracie ^ Dudley, DawnMarie * Dunaway, James Robert ^ Eckhouse, Nicole ^^ Edwards, David ^ Egan, Ronald Elenowitz, David ^ Elliott, Richard Elter, Carroll ^ Erb, Duncan ^

Etienne, Mackenzy Etuh, Ogechi U Evans, Angela * Evans, James * Fairchild, Lisa Farabaugh, Joe ^ Farmer, Lori S ^^ Farnham, Robert ^ Fede, Nego * Feldman, Marisa Filiki, Filiki * Fox, Richard ** Gangl, Jeremy ^ Gatlin, Frank ^ Gatto, Daniel ^^ George, Kwanza Gibson, Brenda Gillespie-Thompson, Marcella ^ Gima, Joseph ^ Goode, David * Graves, Ross ^ Grice, Bruce * Griffith, Tedford ^ Grillo, Beth ^ Gulacsy, Dan Gunter, Jack Haddy, Sean ^ Hadley, Christopher L ^ Haight, Jennifer M ** Hall, Keena Q ^ Hammond, Kenneth ^ Hann, Teshia Hansen, Blake ^ Harris, David ^ Harris, Sameed Harsch, Bert ^ Hart, Judith Hartjes, Katie Heidenreich, Annette ^^ Henderson, Charlene Hensley, Clemens ** Hill, Jeff ** Hill, William ^ Hlywa, Crystal ^ Holboke, Kristopher ^ Holland, Maria Hunter, Bret ^ Huntsman, Jeffrey Hutchinson, Lamika R * Inman, Mary ^ Irimia, Mihai ^ Irwin, Tyler ^ Jackson, Daryl Johns, Ronald ^ Johnson, David Johnson, Felicia

Johnson, Leighton ^ Johnson, Robert ** Jones, Bruce ^^ Jones, Shelley Juggling, Evan ^^ Keene, Kipley ** Kelly, Robert B ^ Kenney, Brian ^^ Kenney, Jacob Kind, Troy A King, Kevin Kirk, Scott ^ Kitay, Kenneth T ** Kourouklis, Spiro Krassas, Chris Krummel, John ^ LaBelle, Joshua Lafleur, Yves Landis, Matthew ^^ Lane, Franklin E * Lange, Kenneth ^ Lara, Andres * Lauer, Jerome P ** Leahy, Jonathan ^ Lewter, Tamy Lindberg, Eric M * Linn, Denzel ^ Lloyd, Keith Lo, Phonesavane ^^ Lounsbury, Mark ^ Luckie, Adrian ^ Lundberg, David * Lyons, Neville ^ Mackenzie, Mark ^ Magnolia, Robert ^ Mainprize, Danny ^^ Makki, Mohamad ^ Malik, Hamid ^ Malone, Marie ** Martin, April ^ Martin, Charles Mattatall, Billy ^ Mavrogiannis, John ^^ McCallop-Withers, Belinda * McClain, Eunetra M McCormick, John ^^ McIntyre, Robert A ^ McMillan , Mathew ^ Metzel, Zachary ^ Mikell, Nathaly Mills, Christina Minor, Richard Mitchell, Cheryl * Mitchell, Christopher Moccia, Tom ^^ Montero-Tullis, Kristy * Montgomery, Landon ^

Moon, Russell Moretti, John * Morgan, Anthony ^ Moritz, Michael ^^ Mulligan, Peter ^ Murphy, Michael Murray, Justin ^ Nikolova, Tammy Ochoa-Luna, Stacy * Oppong Boakye, Richard Osinski, Stephen ^^ Outlaw, Anthony ^^ Packman, Robert V^ Pak, Charlie Patrick, Ron^ Patterson, Rosalind^^ Pazera, Ernest S^ Pelliccione, Michael^ Perez, Wilfredo Petteway, Kip*Pierre, Andregegene Pirtle, Travis Platt, Steve*Powell, Renata Price, Adriane Pruitt , Richard ^^ Queen, Juanita M Radford, Ryan K ^^ Ramirez, Charlie A Ramos, Israel ^ Randolph, Robert Reed Rayner, Suzanne ^ Reid, Roger ^^ Reul, Jonathon ^ Rivales, Lawrence ^^ Rivens, Karen Rivera, Betsy * Roach II, Michael ^^ Roark, Samuel Robbins, Henry D ^ Robin, Everton Robinson, Colin ** Rodríguez, Daren ^ Rodríguez, Nidia Rogers, Eunice Rogers, Jerome ** Ross, Jerry ^ Routt, David ^ Rugema, Bukeni * Rupp, Timothy ** Rutherford, DuVerne ** Saeed, Sadia H. Samuels, Towanda ^ Schmidt, Colin * Schober, James ^^ Schurdak, Elizabeth ^^ Schwarz, Holly A^

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Scott, Ramon Shaw, Mark ^^ Shook, Mark Singer, Shawn ^ Singh, Gerald ** Singleton, Robert Smith II, Vernon Smith, Karissa ^^ Snyder, Joshua G ^^ Sonnier, David ^ Sparks, Klenton * Spencer, Jeremy Stam , Keith * Stanfield, Billy ^ Stanfield, Dennis Stanton, Paul ^ Staves, Jason ^ Steele, Kelly ^ Stein, Larry ^^ Stewart, Valarie ^ Stigers, Diane J ^^ Strange, Robert ^ Stylc, Thomas ^ Suckstorff, Kirk ** Sutton, Joshua Swalve, Bryon ^ Swarts, Nicole ^ Sylvester, Jason ** Taylor, Dennis * Taylor, Richard Temple, Patricia ^ Terry, Calvin * Thaler, Rodney ^^ Thomas, Howard ^^ Thompson, Melinda M Tijerina, Eric M ^ ^ Torres, Cindy * Tota, Louis Travers, Paul ^^ Tripp, Brandon Trujillo, James * Tucker, Rita * Tuell, Ronald ^ Utley, Christopher ^ Valadez, Vanessa * Valentine, Marschall Van Gils, John ^ Vanderhoof, Ashley ^ Vang, Johnyee ^ Varghese, Regi ** Vélez González, Angel Vickers, Markie Vrla, John Wakefield, Joshua Waldman, Daniel Walker, Candace Walker, Tammy ^^


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Ward, Trevor * Wasira, Neema * Watnemoe, Vickie L Weinraub, Mike * Weisbrod, Jack ** Wells, Lisa ^ White, Norris ^ White, Robert ^^ Whitfield, Kapatrick A * Whitson, Jonathan Whittaker, Rebecca Whittington, Nechiele T ^ ^ Wilkinson, John ^ Williams, Alvin Williams, Linda * Williams, Simone ^ Williamson, Josh ^ Williamson, Stephen ^^ Wisner, Fay Wittmaak, Andrew Wynn, Natasha ^ Youngs, Patricia ^ Ysunza, Allan M ^^ Zarcone, Matthew ^ Zavilla , Derrick ^ Zelewsky-Rivera, Carol ^

Grado asociado Abeles, Marcus R. Abernathy, Daniel J. Abrams, Joseph ^ Adair, Robert ^ Adams, Jesse ** Adolf, Chris Ahoe, Toni L. Albee, Kevin M ^^ Alexis, Jean Allen, Tamika Ament, James D ^ Amico, Roxanne * Ashworth, Sharon L. Asprocolas, Joseph ^ Atkins, Candice L. Babine, Brigite ^^ Bagley, Jamin ^ Bains, Sandeep Baird, Joshua * Baker, Spencer „Dave“ ^ Baldwin, Diane ** Bardell, Damian ^ Barot, Sandeep Bentley, Jeanna Berry, Jeremy L ** Boling, James * Borchard, Douglas ^ Boyd, Angela ** Boyd, Christopher J

Brookshire, Shainya Brown, Gregory Brown, Michael ^ Brown, Ollie * Bryant, Josh ** Buccinna, James ** Burden, Michael ^ Burek, Richard ^ Burger, Bridie F * Buza, Michael Cabello, Michael ^ Caddell, Michael Calow, Denise * Camp, Stephen Campbell, Matthew * Campbell, Tamara ^ Campton, Christopher ^ Cano, Domingo * Carter, Terron Caruso, William Causey, Joseph ^ Chu, Richard Churchill, James Clark, Curtis Coffee, William ^ Coffey, Allen K Cole Jr. Raymond Cole, Abraham ** Comby, Michael Corbitt, Allen ^ Covert, Jeremy P. Cowan, Donald ** Crocker, Jacob * Cross, William C ^ Cruz-Clark, Nancy Curry, Dallas ^^ Dadisman, David ^ Dailey, Rosia Davenport , Walter Davis, Edlotta M. Dawkins, Shanique ^ Dean, Dustin Dees, Jennifer ^ Defilipps, Patrick J ^^ Dhamija, Pallavi Diaz, Francisco Diaz, Thomas Dickens, Timothy ^^ Eiden, Theresa ^^ Ellis, Renee Entrekin, Timothy ^ Erwin, David E * Espinosa, Robert Evans-Beaubrun, Jacqueline * Favazzo, Christopher Findley, Bevon ** Flemming, Jean *

En cuarto lugar, Joshua ^ Franzen, Joshua Furr, Linda Gabelman, Kristopher ** Garant, Patrick ^ Gesler, Stephanie ^ Girrell, Edmund ^^ Goltsch, Michael ^ Grant, Keith ** Griffin, Jordan Griggs, Monica ^ Grubbs, Kent * Hagerman, Chucky R * Hall, Cecelia ^ Hammack, Thomas Harper II, DeBron Harper, Mikel Hayes, Cassandra ** Haynes, Henry Hernandez, Edgar Hilburn, Vicki ^ Holloway, Chad Honaker, Jared ^ Horne, Victor * Houg, Sam Hougan, Andrew ^ ^ Howden, Sean C * Ishmal, Marcus James, Laverne James, Michael ^ Jankovic, Sandro ^^ Jones Jr., Clyde * Keeney, Jacob Keller, Jeffrey C ** Kellum, Curt Kimball, Christine Kinsley, Scott W. Kryczkowski, Stephen Lanham, Thomas ^^ Larson, Johnathan ^ Liles, Jesse ^^ Lisenbe, Kelsey ** Livers, Beverly Lloyd, Justin ^ Lott, Loren Lubin, Ronald Magee, Wendy ^ Maisonave, Anthony ** Manirampa, Jocelyne Martinez, Eliazar ** Mashburn , Kelly * Mayo, Yvonne McClain, Mark ^ McColl, Tina ^ McGee, James E ^ McIlwraith, Hugh Mearidy, Solomon

Meeker, Rollie Merkel, Michael Miller, Jason * Miller, Paul ^ Mittell, Steven ^ Mlenek, Mark Mobley, Steven ** Mulroy, Nathan Neidig, Keith Nicholas, Deborah ^ Nichols, Edward ^ Nichols, Freddie Noble, Richard Norris, James * * Núñez, Angela M. Nyarko, Emmanuel Oakley, Ronald ^^ Ozit, Jean Bernard ^ Palacio, Christina ^ Pardez, David Patrick, Homer ^ Phillips, Richard L. Pichon, Inga * Pickrell, Brandon ^^ Pineda, David ** Polosky , Debra Poquette, Shawn ^^ Powell, Rosalind Pratt, Valorie ^ Pritchett, Tommy Puckett, Dustin Quarles, Stephen Ramsey, Lloyd * Rapone, Jerry ** Richmond, Bryant * Richmond, William ^ Rider, Darlene * Rodriguez, Fred Romero, Mike Rosario, Carlos * Ruebush, Jennifer J ^ Rutherford, Travis Savannah, Antonio Scamman, Samantha * Scheidegger, Todd L * Schofield, John * Sedlacek, Jerome J ^ Severson, Blake ^ Shaffer, Tony ^ Smith, Aaron Smith, Shannon Smith, Sherry ** Solís, Roberto ^ Sonnentag, Russel Sowich, Tracy Sparks, Clarence Spencer Jr., Calvin

Spires, Ivan ** St John, Jason Stanislaus, Tarsha N * Stewart, Chris Sward, Colleen ^ Tao, Connie Tate, Richard Taylor, Carolyn Teagle, Gregory Tenbus, Dylan * Thomas, George ** Tingen, Steven Todd, Johnny ^ Tomasacci , Jason * Turnbull, Jennifer M. Valdez, Roel Vanderwood, Scott VanWageningen, Brian Vardaman, Joshua J. Velazquez, Jose Vidal, Maria Voskuilen, Trisha * Walker, Randolph * Ward, Kenneth Waters, James Watkins-White, Natasha ^ Weeks, Maurice * Welch, Timothy ^ Wells, Erick Werteen, Katherine * Whitley, Darrell Whittenburg, Robert ^ Williams, Brandon D Williams, Letitia Williams, Lisa * Williams, Micheal * Williams, Racquell Williams, Rion ^ Williams, Tremayne Wonderling, Trevor M * Wright, Wayne Yapo, Ronald ^ Young, Clint Joseph Yucupicio, Michael Zapata, Sherly ^

Zertifikat Carballo, Max Couture, Richard J Cyr, Audra Estwick, Pamela Gallegos, Leticia Garcia, Andrea James, Evelyn Laura, Steven LeDuc, Larry V Martin, Eric

McDermott, Alyscia McEntire, Jasmyne Y. Mulligan, Joshua O'Brien, Justin Pettit, Greg Starks, William Thompson, Omari Uher, Nella

Abdul-Aleem, Hamdiya Fatimah Alvarado, Dellanira Backmon, Latashia Bowen, Twanna Brailsford, Letha Brust, Mary-Ellen Burris, Ashley Burston, Marcia Cockrane, Shane'Pale Collins-Williams, Tamekia Cooper, Justin Cox, Teresa A Crooks, Shannon Cross , Marie Cuda, Deborah Davie, Karen Davis, Danyel Davis, Sandra Davis, Wanda Dawson, Debbie Deas, Tauren Delgado, Anna Dodson, Nicole Drane, Sophia Evans, Marcey Ferrara, Alvin Flowers, Khandi Francis, Sherese Franks delsol, Dianne Fuller, Erica Gilbert, Eva Gilliam, Marilyn Gomez, Kimberly Graham, Randall Grant, Crystal Green, Marsha A. Grenway, Bernard Halterman, Heather Harrington, Gary Harris, Caitlin P. Hartwig, Hilary Hennion, Constance

Hopper, Crystal Horne, La Shaye V. Hull, Lindsey E. Hutchinson, Linda Iehl, Bryan Jackson, Cassaundra Jemison, Vincent Johnson, Maxine Karriem, Khadijah Kess, NaShona Kommer, Jane Lamparelli, Anthony Lawrence, Laresha Lightfoot, Elizabeth Lister-Neal , Amy Lopez, Theresa E. Luciano, Eileen Marion, Latoria Martinez-Foster, Marie Mathis, Hope McGlashan, Tannette Asha Middlebrooks, Taren Mompremier, Ketlie Moore, Alicen Moore, Roblyn Moore, Tiffany A. Morgan, Brandy Nabi, Gila Namakula, Dorothy Opoku, Lynda Owsley, Dorothy Pelkey, Cathryn Prince, Theresa Roberts, Janine Rupert Jr, Henry Schroder, Susan Scott, Felecia Sellers, Angela L Small, Lisa Smallwood, Donna Smiley, Debbylynn Smith, Dorothy Smith, Lorraine Strong, Tiffni Sullivan, Sina Sweet Coppellotti, Amanda Terry, Tatiana R. Tyner, Toya Walker, Shannon Walters, Carla Warren, Shelia Watties, Rhonda Wert, Jennifer Williams, Rhonda Williams, Sandra Williams, Theresa Wojtowicz, Kelley D

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Woodard, Amy M. Woodson, Thomas Worthams, David Worthen, Laurie Xavier-Freyr, Victoria Yansaneh, Dena Young, Loren

Bachelor-Abschluss Abbott, Felicia Accioly, Joann Ackey, Daphne Adams, Mihaela I Adams, Zackory * Aker, Eric Akporehe, Jennifer ^ Albritton, Melissa ^ Alexandre, Glenia ^ Allen, Samantha Allmon, Steven * Almodovar, Elizabeth Alston, Deborah Aronoff, DeeAnna ^ Arras, Jessica Arredondo, Leslie ** Asbury, Jenny ^ Austin, James Auten, Heather ^ Avila, Nira W * Baldwin, Amanda Banks, Judy Barabino, Lora Barlond, Heather ^ Barnabi, Charles ^^ Barnes-Erickson, Kimberly * Barton, Toni * Becker, Jennifer M * Buche, Zebi ^^ Behrmann, Sandra ^^ Behrmann, Stacy ^ Bell, DeAnna ^ Bennage, William W * Bülow, Charles ^ Blackmon, Christina ^ Blain, Amanda Bogdan-Cumpston, Cynthia ** Bojorquez, Sarah J ** Bolden, Audrey * Bolden, Linsley ^ Bonner, Markita Bonner, Markita R. Boren, Dawn ^ Boss, Jason M. Botelho, Randy S ^^ Bouler, Shannon Bowen, Michelle *


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Bozarth, Jamie ^ Bradley, Desarea Brazio, Anna M. Breamadrid, Ana Brooks, Amanda Brooks, Christin Brooks, Gina * Brown, Catherine Brown, Colleen ^ Brown, Heather Brown, Jennifer ^ Brown, Melissa Brown, Rebecca ^ Brunson, Twanna Bryant , Maryland Burke, Sharon Burrough, Brittany * Buruncenco, Elena Bush, Steven ^ Butcher, Jimmy Butler, Jennifer ^ Byabazaire, Paula * Caballero, Viviana Cain, Deborah ^ Carman, Laura L ^ Carpenter, Breanne Carruthers, Karen * Carter, Florence * Chacón, Samantha ** Chambers, Jessie ** Chatoo, Devindra Chatterson, Jalene Childers, Kimberly ^^ Cleveland, Elana ^ Clouser-Hollis, Meagan ** Coates Sr, Steve ^ Cobb, Julie ^ Coghill, James Prentiss Cole, Tanya Collins, Rhonda ^ Comer, Brandy * Conley, Ammisty Cooper, Brett Cotnoir, Christina Coughlin, Antoinette * Coyne-Perkins, Kelly Crampton, Kimberly * Crawford, Charles F. ^ Crofut, Steve ^ Cummings, Carol ^ Cummins, Robert ^ Cush, Carlene * Dalton, Holly T ^ Darroux, Daffney Daugherty, Julie ^ Davidson, Lana * Davis, Alex *

Davis, Patricia Daye, Setera ^ De La Puente, Heidy DeCarlo, Michelle DelleDonne, April A Deshotel, Jessica Dimick, Linda Dixon, Lacey Dixon, Tara ^ Donahue, Kristina ** Downing, Anne Doyle, Kelly Drakeford, Chicquita Dukes, Yolanda Dunbar , La'Keilah N Duntley, Tricia ** Eby, Bonny K * Edelbrock, Amanda M Egleston, Sharon ^ Ehrismann, Charles A ^ Ellis, Shirley J Erndt, April Facey, Sharon ^ Farkas, Eszter Farley, Beth ^^ Fasig, Sarah ** Feltner, Kelly ^ Fiebelkorn Tronvold, Debra ** Figueroa, Ilka Flammia, Robert ^ Flickinger, Tim * Ford, Kirkstern W * Ford, Nina Forsythe, Amanda Fountain, Cassandra Francois, Vanessa Fred, Katherine Galesky, Belinda ^ Galli, Monica * García, Hokulani Gerace, Daneaye Alemania, Maureen ^ Giammarino, Joanna ** Giberson, Alex ^ Giudice, Thomas Glazier, Cassandra Glodowski, Sherri A ** Glover, Jon T Glover, Shelda G Goeas, Georgia ^^ Gonzales Shelvin, Zelda Gonzales , Lisa K** González, Juana Gordon, Kathleen* Griffith, Karen** Grisham, Betsy* Bräutigam, Eu ganar n ^

Guevara, Melanie ^ Gunn, Teri Gwyn, Terri Haggard, Grace Harrah, Kathy Harriott, Solange A ^ Harris, Donita * Harris, Scott J * Harris, Sharon ^ Hatton, Bonnie ** Haworth, Michael ^ Heathcote, Pamela ** Heinz, David J ^ Helm, Courtney * Henderson, Brenton * Hernández, Angelina Hernández, María E Hernández, Natalie Hertzler, Toni ** Hobby, Elizabeth ^ Hodges, Jennylee Holloway, Victoria * Hong, Davis Horton, Laura Hoskin, James ^ Howard, Melody Hundley, Amanda Hutchinson, Maurice L Ingalls, Sue L ** Isaacs, Chrystal * Jackson, David Jackson, Larry Jaha Adams, Janelle A Jamison, Joan ^ Jarrett, Roxanna R Jennings, Vera ^ Johnson, Chandler Johnson, Jamal L * Johnson, Latoya Johnson, Laurie ** Johnson, Rebecca ^^ Johnson, Sandy ^ Jones, Alexis ** Jones, Chaya Jones, Lequita Jones, Valerie Kalemba, Jennifer Kayvan, Lori ^ Kee, Rosa Keller, Eileen Kelsey, Keith ^ Kemp, Christopher K ^ Khan, Mehvish Khreis, Robin King, Holly ^ King, Linda ^ Kirby, Brian L ^^

Kirk, Marlene ^ Kline, Joan M * Knight, Rose Krum, Carrie Anne ^ Lackey, Sarah ^ Lamb, Julie Landers, Evaleen C ^ Lanham, Keith ** LaPlant, Gloria Lawrence, Sonja Lebro, Nanette Ledford, Melissa Leffew, Ashley Leifker , Renee ^ Leone, Frank ^ Leslie, Kimberly Lespinasse, Dorianne * Lewis, Jennifer Lewis, Sue Libby, Amy Lindsey, Robyn ** Lisk, Justin ** Little, Margaret * Livingston, Mark ** Long, Julia Long, Julie J ^ Lowrey, Patricia S^ Lugo, Jennifer Lynn, Dennis * Lyubimova, Yulianna Macdonald, Natalie Mack, Chernea Madden, Michael Malin, Kim Maly, Hannah * Marsee, Cherie Marshall, Alecia Martin, Shari * Martinez, Max A. Mathews, Suzanne ^ Maxey, Kimina Mayerck, Renee Mayfield, Judith * Mays, Victoria Mays-Johnson, Angela * Mcadams, Chandler McCain, Natasha McCain, Nickeyia L ** McClure, Jessica Seaton McDaniel, Joseph D McLean, Giovanna Meadows, Nicole Mecozzi, Steven * Melohn , Jennifer Meyer, Linda Michael, La Trina Mielnikiewicz, Melissa

(Video) Palace 101: An Introduction to The Palace Project

Miller, Jennifer * Mitchell, Hether * Mitchell, Jessica Mitchell, Sylronda ^ Mitchell, Sylronda ^ Mompremier, Lautie * Monica, Lainie * Monsanto, Grismilda Montgomery, Brenda Moore, Michelle * Moreau, Angelique Morgan, Angela * Morgan, Catherine Morgan, Wiendi Morrison, Jane ^ Mudersbach, Kelly ^ Mullins, Heather H * Neff, Jodie N. Newkirk, Myesha Nishimura, Thomas * Nonemaker, Regina ^ Nunez, Priscilla ** Oaks, Karen * Obran, Dale ^ Olen, Catherine L ^ Oleson, David * * Oliver, LaTisha * O'Neil, Lynda * O'Rourke, Jessica R ^ Ortiz, Jennifer Ortiz, Pamela Oswald, Sumer Ottenwalder, Julyssa Oystrick, Lindsay ^ Ozur, Jeffrey ^ Pacetti, Loretta * Palmer, Joet Palmer, Laycosstia L * * Panetta, Michael * Paradis, Pamela A. Parsons, Robie Pastor, Sarah ^ Payne, Debbie ^ Payne, Jonathan * Pettigrew, Colleen ^ Philabaum, Amy Pinkerton, Carmen * Pittman, Mark Poe, Brittany Polacheck, Amber ** Pollak, Deborah Porter , Jackson T ** Quindt, Lori ^ Radakir, Mai ^ Raggi, Muriel ** Reed, Shannon ** R Ed, Wilhelm

Remillard, Holly Renick, Kathie * Reyes, Syliam Rick, Teresa ^ Rivers, Samantha * Robison, Bryan * Rocker, Brandi ** Rodriguez, Nicole Rogers, Tamika Rohman, Adrienne R ^ Ruminski-Mitchell, Laura Rush Jr, Richard ** Russo , Jennifer ** Ryan, Sharon ^ Sabourin, Adam ^ Saffold, Dawn S Samples, Thomas Sams, Kent M Sanborn, Sarah Sanchez-Thormes, Leandro Sanders, Sylvia Santiago, Melissa Sapiel, Holly ^ Saraceno, Beverly Sarratori, Marc * Sautter, Elizabeth ^^ Schlotterbeck, Joy E ^ Schmidt, Denise ** Schwarz, Diana ^ Scipio, Yvette ^ Scott, Ravin M. Scott, Tyrone Seidner, Evelyn ^ Seybold, Susan ^ Seymour, Christie * Shannon, Adrian Sharp, Grandolyn Shewmaker, Nichole Shifflett, Ashley D. Silveira, Lyat ^ Simon, Imebet R. Sims, Leena Sims, Stephanie * Sisco, Christian ^ Siwinski, James ** Skinner, Jason Smith, Heather ^ Smith, Samantha ** Smith, Shameka Smith-Chipp, Robyn ^ Snyder, Courtney * Soffel, Bob ^^ Souza, Joseph * Spangrud, Irma ** Stanley, Melvin ** Stetler, Natalie ** Steward, regi nald

Stewart, Sarah J* Stoddard, Tracy ^ Stone, LaKesha Strickland, Kelly* Stuhltrager, Matthew Sturchio, Erik Sullivan, Peggy Summerlin, Melissa** Swain, Tangela Sweeney, Karen Swint, Nicole Talavera, Isidro* Tash, Lillith* Tedesco, Annie M. Terrell, Benjamin * Theeuwes, Joseph * Thomas, Deloris L. Thompson, Denise Tims, Marion * Tisdale, Lucynthia Tolbert, Devetta * Toney, Angela Travi-Clark, Jessica * Trillo, Mary Trout, Natalie Tullar, Kim Underwood, Karen ^ Valenzuela , Gloria Lucia * Van Wagenen, Bree * Vargas, Adriana Ventura, Danielle * Verdusco, Damione ^ Voorhies, Brandy Voskanyan, Marina ^ Voss, Angela Voss, Stephanie M ^ Vroom, Cheryl ^ Wade, Kenisha ** Walker, Denise * Walker, Norman M. Watford, Natalie D. Watkins, Anna M * Webber, Noelle ^ Wester, Crystal ** Whitaker, Natasha White, James ^ White, Mary * White, Mervin Whiteman-Wampole, Amber ^ Wiater, Magdalena M ** Wiggins, Bonita Willard, William L. Williams, Casey E. Williams, Jean ** Williams, Owen Williamson, Phyllis **

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Wilson, Jessica N^Wilson, Katina Winn, Ervin Wolff, Sharon Woodard, Candice Woodrow, Rick Wooley, Charity^Yates, Justin Ybanez, Andrea^Young, Nancy Young, Priyawatee Young, Solomea^Yousef, Amal*Zahn, Jennifer*Zebert , Debra ^ Zepeda, Jenelle Zivic, Zvjezdana * Zoyes, Michael ^^

Adkins, Stacia ** Aguas, Keri * Ali Nur, El Hajj Abdus Allen, Denise ^ Anderson, Britney Bailey, Laura * Bailon, Michele Barker, Melissa ^ Barney, Ceaira * Barrera, Lourdes ^ Barrett, Katherine Bartley, Kate * Batzer, Ashley Beller, Lindsey Bishop, Dannielle ^ Blair, Megan Boehlert, Michelle ^ Bolaños, Alejandra Bonilla, Melissa Boone, Tristan * Bouanga, Natalie Bracey, Shaniece Breazeale, Jeri Breazeale, Molly Burch, Shauna ^ Butterfield, Jeanne ^ Camp, Carlon ^ Campbell , Mary Louise Capolino, Lesley ^ Caramella, Stacy Carpenter, Heather ^ Carter, Jaleesa N. Cassell, Jeanette ^ Chapin, Tanja ^ Chavez, Dina Chavez, Marlon * Checchi, Steven ^


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Christensen, Inger ^ Clark, Sonji Clay, Sonia Clover, Karen * Cobbins, Matthew Collier, Desiree Continanza, Jhoshua Cooper, Debra Correa, Jennifer Cox, Christy * Crane, Tina ^ Cronin, Tiffani Crowner, Timothy Curran, James Davis, John Deloach , Kristy ** Deloatch, Darian Delong, Robin Dempster, Dwight * Denis, Asheley Rose DeVack, George ** Diaz, Lisandro * Dieckhoff, Marilyn ^ Diehl, Stori * Dixon, Jeannie ^ Dobony, Christina ^ Dwire, Elizabeth A Easterling, Katie Gibson ** Eckert, Nicole C. Ector-Fuentes, Regina ^^ Eldridge-Dickens, Heather Elrod, Sarah ^ Erwin, Reginald Felton, Tynetta Fields, Angela ^ Fill, Kaile * Fitts, Colleen Fladoos, Ashley Flanagan, Lisa Flenorl, Theodore Forbes, Janice ^^ Franklyn, Rebecca ** Galarza, Aixa * Gallo, Belman Gard, Lucinda A Garfield, Angela Garland, Teresa Geimausaddle, Crystal ** Giba, Emma * Gibson, Jalisa L. Giles, Karl Gillard, Patricia * Glover, Theotis O * Goff, Jerilyn^ Goldermann, Michelle^ Goodwin, Angela Goss, Andrea A.

Graczyk, Cheryl ^ Graham, Marlo Granados, Christine ** Gurule, Manuel ^ Guzman, Jennifer * Hall, Andrew Hamilton, George ^^ Harden, Michelle Harris Strunk, Leslie Hartfield, Tequila Hasselman, Cameo ^^ Havior, Elizabeth ^ Haws, Stefanie F * Hensley, Elizabeth Hernandez, Roberto * Herndon, Martha Herrera, Jose Hill, Kristen Hill, Tammara L Hinkle, Megan Hockaday, Michelle Hodges, Catherine Hoosein, Shaimah ^ Howard, Twanya L Hughes, Erica Huntsinger, Susan ^ Hutchason, Marylea ^ Hutto, Jenalee Ikirt, Michael Inthiphap, Vansy ** James, Ericka C. Jeffries, Ernestine ** Jenkins, Kristina Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Shari ** Johnson, Stephanie * Johnston, Michelle ^ Johnston, Sherri ** Jones, Chinua Jones, Lora M^Jones, Sandra Jorgenson, Brittany^Kalk, Beatrice Kelly, Natalie King, Julie*King, Yvette Klotz, Mindy Knuth, Summer Koch, Larry Krishnappa, Yeshoda Ladday, Tina^Lambert, Jennifer Landrum, Stacey Langley, Frances^Lattimore , Kimberly Leavitt, Valerie ** Lee, Clinton M

Zitronen, Christopher ^ Leskovec, Jeanne ^ Lester, Vicki ^ Lewis, EvelynJoyce ^ Lingenfelter, Janice * Lofton, Jalesya Logan, Sheryl K ^^ Lombard, Rachel L Lominario, Sabrina ** Lopez, Lina Lovelace, Richard ^ Lundquist, Sarah Lundy, Autumn ** Maiden, Elizabeth Major, Tonya Mallard, Roy ** Marchlik, Kristin * Marquez, Ana * Martinez, Victoria ^ Mattix, Linn ^ McCabe, Melanie N McClellan, Cassandra McDermott, Ken * McGrew, Natasha Mckinney, Bryant Mehu, Ricardo ^ Metcalf, April Miller, Glen Mitchell, Kayla ^ Mitrovic, Daniela ** Moore, Kandida Muñoz, Daniel Mykytka, Penny ^ Nesbitt, Shanice Ninness, Kimberly ** Norstrom, Monica ^ Ogle, William Olsen, Katie * O'Neill, Tracey C ** Osfar, Tina ^^ Page, Vicki * Paree, Dawn ^ Paridee, Jimena ^ Parramore, Ashley Passons, Kristine ** Paszek, Jacqueline ^ Paulson, Kelli * Peña, Patricia Pérez, Tabatha Perich, Sara ** Peters, Wendy Petersen, Julian Pinkney, Aniceia Polis, Rachelle Procell, Kary Pruitt, Billie Quarles, Gena^

Quay-Pedersen, Sherry ^^ Ranieri, Julie * Rannow, Rhianon ^ Ravenkamp, ​​Heather Reinbolz, Johanna * Reyes, Patricia ** Reyes, Phyllisina * Reynolds, Misty ^ Rich, Samantha Riley, Andrea Robinson, Doris * Robledo , Cori L. Rogers, Andrew ^^ Rose-Baker, Carian * Rubiera, Stefanie ** Ruscito, Jennifer ^ Saenz, Claudia Sajjad, Ayesha Salerno, Renae Salimbene, Sandra ^^ Sandoval, Moises * Saucke, Helen Schuchman, Geoffrey ^ Scott , DLynne ^ Sekinger, Rachel * Sessom, Sylena D Seter, Heather M ** Shinglock, Elyse Shryer, Shawn W ** Siferd, Lynn ^ Siple, Elizabeth Smethers, Michelle L * Snider, Mary-Jo Snyder, Jackie ^^ Spears, Tina * Stafford, Leslie * Starzi, Nicole ^ Steele, Rachel * Steinbrunn, Elmer * Stevens, Melissa ^ Stewart, Corby ^ Stults, Whitney E. Sweet, Gayle ** Swigart, Alan Talsma, Alisha Taylor, Latrina Thai, Michelle Thornburg, María * * Tillman, Bobbywayne Traywick, Talmadge ** Tuersley, Faith ** Turner, Natasha * Turrell, Nichole Van Heuklon, Jessica ** Vanzant, Margie * V ar gás, Abby * Vásquez, Tonia **


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Vélez, Laura Villoch, Jennifer L Wade, Jennifer ** Wall, Jamie * Waugh, Renee ^ Weaver, Cathy Weaver, Kynyatta D Webb, Ethlyn Weber, Sharon * Welch, Tiffany ^ Welty-Vigil, Vicki * Wenzel, Susan Werner, Holly ^ Wilbur, Jessica Wilkinson, Kathryn * Williams, Erica S Williams, Joannicea K Williams, Tonja Williams-Hubert, Renice ** Testamentos, David Wilson, Catrina Wingo, Mark Winje, Eva ^ Woodard, Cynthia ^ Woodring, Bridgette * Woodrum, Brandi S Worland, Justin Wright, Amanda ** Yaegle, Janice ^ Ybarra, Lisa * Zaremba, Faith

Zertifikat Allmacher, Shana Andrasco, Cathleen Balfour, Desiree Bickler, Erin Bourque, Margaret Brown, Kolena Bunnell, Belinda Campbell, Jonathan Campbell, Vanessa Capps, Tasha Carlson, Alisa Ciraulo, Anna Darkentell, Michelle DeSosa-Rocha, Darla Dingess, Jennifer L. Donald, Barbara Douke, Adrienne Duke, Amber Frey, Kristin Harris, Denise Hastedt, Leigh Hill, Vondolyn Johnson, Nicole Kellogg, Laura

Kelly, Timothy Lansdale, Shannon Lawson, Trevor Leon, Johana Masters, Cortney Mio, Susan Nandlal, Michele Paranial, Bradley Peck, Amy Phillips, Trevor Powell, Sonya Rose, Aimee Seon, Janae Slifka, Deborah Smith, Celina Swanagan, Mary A Towns , Robin Turbiville, Karissa Turner, Tara Valmond, Andrae Villarejo, Maria-Elena Vivacqua, Kimberly Walker, Shaylene Young, Ciera

Krankenpflege-Master Affeldt, Sarah Autajay, Franz Baker, Bonnie Benjamin, Terri Benny, Joshny Boujon, Amandine Bramstedt, Stacy Brown, Kelly Burden, Veorah Camarena, Marissa Canty, Twanna Carithers, Crystal Carroll, Lisa Catlin, Dawn Clark, Crystal Corbett, Marilyn Culp, Rebecca Davis, Marcella Deckard, Shana Dudley Hoof, Yolanda Duke, Juanita Dular, Janet Feeler, Angela Fenn, Sharon Garcesa-Duque, Josephine Gibson, Andrea Gonzales, Connie Gonzalez, Bethsaida

Grissom, Julie Hammitt, Kurtis Hansen, Ronda Harris, Kizzie T. Hastee, Debra Hemsley, Sharon Herrin, Marcella W. Hollman, Sasha Huelskamp, ​​Mary Irwin, Barbara Jenkins-Hammond, Loleta Joaquin, Annice Kent, Vicki Kitchen , Teresa Lewis, Rena Lewis, Sharon Lopez-Briseno, Maria Clarissa Lurie, Sheri Lyons, Janet McGowan, Gloria Mendoza, Nancy Meyer, Gail Moore, Marion Mulford, Jill Murray, Cynthia Onyeokeh, Gloria Ortiz, Sarah Pangani, Ndaipamo Ella Passick, Jessica Pavela, Ellen Raparla, Amor Rerko, Charlotte Richards, Marcia K Rider, Laura Robinshaw, Gay Marie Robinson, Joe Ann Robles, Diane Saretsky, Sheri Scott, Debra Sepulvado, Michelle Sevedge, Susan Smith, Andrea Smith, Cindy Smith, Cynthia Smith , Sandra Sparks, Cindy Stuckey, Lanette Tabern, Dianna Tieman, Karen Tollari, Amanda Vance, Judy Varnadoe, Tammie Watkins, Devin Whiten, Myra Whitson, Dorothy Zercher, Suzanne

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Licenciatura-Abschluss AbuNuwar, Danielle ^ Adepitan, Oluwole ^ Adi, Rose Ahner, Lynne ^^ Aligwekwe, Doris Coleman ^ Allhusen, Donna ** Allmendinger, Jennifer ^ Altstaetter, Lynn A ^^ Anderson, Pauline * Anderson, Sheryl ^^ Andrews, Kelsey ** Anspach, Kelly ** Appeman, Krista ^^ Austin, Joy ^ Banks, Brigette * Bauman, Ellen Bazzano, Samantha ^ Beaubriand, Heidi ^ Bedford, Michele ^ Berman, Luke Daniel ^ Boller, Heather ^ Bonner, Dana ^^ Borden, Sandra K * Boston, Suzanne * Bridges, Nicole L ^ Brower, Pamela ^^ Brown, Madelayne O * Brown, Stacey ^ Brown, Tabetha * Bullock, Nancy ^^ Burke, Ninon ^ Burlew, Helen ^^ Byrge, Libbie J ^ Cabra, Elizabeth Callan, Kimberly ** Cameron, Jacqueline ^ Cann, Sandra * Capel, Emily ^ Carey, Lisa ^ Carney, Joanne ^^ Casey, Suzanne ^^ Cavolo, Deborah ^ Chacko, Sheeba ^ Chapman, Tracy ^ Colabufo, Angela M Cook, Lynnette * Copeck, Charles ^^ Corcoran, Rebecca ** Cousineau, Michelle * Darling, Rebecca ** Dart, Tericia * Davila, Veronica Davis, Michelle * Davis , Robin ^^ Davis, Suzette**


kaplan university

Day, Laura ^ Dearth, Pat ** Delia-Smith, Nadine ^ Dikeman, Stacy ^ Dill, Jennifer ^ DiTomasso, Eileen ^ Dorisca, Belinda ^ Dumas, Casey ^ Dunckel, Linda ^^ Durnil, Abby ^^ Edwards, Amy ^ Ellis , Stacey ^ Erb, Kathryn ^ Ernst, Jolynn ^ Esparza, Merlina L * Etheart, Therese Fabricante, Carol ** Faustin, Judith ^ Fay, Suzanne ** Ferguson, Sarah M * Ferris, Coleen * Francis, Melissa * Frisby, Shakia Funaro , Kristen ^^ Galloway, Nadine ^^ Gembicki, Jennifer ^ Givens, Tammy ^^ Gladkowski, Christine ^ Glasier, Linda ^ Glushko, Melanie ^ Gorby-Keller, Brenna ** Govoni, Sharon ^^ Graiser, Stephanie ^ Gray, Mariette * Greig, Brian ^ Griffy, Terri ^ Gullion, Lynette * Gunn, Dacia ^^ Hagler, Shaun Hahn, Susan ^ Hamler, Bridget * Hansen, Renee ^^ Harris, Donna * Hart, Norma ^ Heilman, Christine ^ Henk, Jacy ^ Henry , Catherine Herlan, Maureen ^ Hicks, Crystal ^ Hirsch, Kimberly ^ Hlavacek, Sheryll ^^ Holifield, Sherry ^ Holley, Lee ^^ Holmes, Evelyn * Houenstein, Deborah M ^ Hovey, Margaret ** Hul UE, Penney ^^

Hussey, Kathleen ^ Jackson-Molyneux, Dianna * Janco, Felecia ^ Janvier-Couto, Renee ^ Johnston, Alene * Johnston, Dana ^ Jones, Lillian ^^ Jones, Shauntay ** Julian, Sara ^ Kaniewska, Monika ^ Kates, Michael ^ Kirwan, Kelly ** Klein, Julie ^^ Knudsen, Chloe ^^ Konrad, Kellie Lail, Linda W. Lamphier, Cynthia ^ Landry, Michele ** Langelier, Jaime ^ Lavelle, Ursula ^ Lawson, Hilary ^ Lee, Darcy ^ Leviton, Susan J ** Lewis, Holly ^ Lewis, Shawn ^ Linder, Angela ^ Linga, Bethzaida * Littlejohn, Gracelyn ^ Lowney, Suzanne * Luker, Angela ^ Lynch, Wesley ^ Mackey, Michelle ** Magee, Heather * Marotto, Debbie ^^ Martin , Sharon Matter, Sheila ^ Maya, Giovanni ** Mccourt, Kathryn ^ McKoy-Holt, Constance ^^ Medina, Rubeleta ** Mehan, Cristin Miller, Shana * Mitchell, Carol ^ Monson, Allison ^ Mooneyham, Noelle R ^ Moore, Nicole ^^ Moreno, Laura F. ^ Morgan, Shamika ^ Morland, Rebecca ^^ Morse, Lucinda ^ Muehlstedt, Julia * Mullen, Jenniffer L. Napod, Nesi Nduka, Francess ^^ Nevitt, Serena ^ Nola n, C Harity ^ Obianwu-Isah, Gloria *

Odum, Stacy ^ Ohaka, Nkemdilim * Okereke, Okpi ** Opare-addo, Margaret Osborne, Michelle Osei, Margaret ^^ Osemwegie, Lucy ^ Overstreet, Tony ^ Park, Jamie ^ Parmley, Tina * Payton, L Christine ^^ Penuel, Billie ^ Perry, Sherry ^ Pettengill, Kimberly ^ Philips, Charlene ^ Pierre, Susie ^ Pilapil, Marieta ^ Piliro, Antoinette ** Ploski, Laurey ^ Poole, Michele ^^ Posdzich, Tracy * Profit, Wendie * Proske, Stephanne ^ Provenzano, Stephanie ^ Provost, Krista ** Pryor, Bonnie Pugh, Diane * Quezada, Cruzmaria ^ Raczynski, Michael E ^^ Radford, Lisa ^ Rainford, Debra ^ Rathke, Ellen ^ Rawlins, Cheriese ^ Reid, David ^ Rice, Ashley M ^ Richert , Melanie Ripperger, Kristy ^ Rittenhouse, Cynthia ** Rivera, Janie ** Robinson, Stacey ^ Rodgers, Antoinette ^^ Saint-Juste, Mireille J * Samuels-Pink, Nadine ^ Sandell, Mary ^ Santos, Hannah ^ Schneider, Kathy ^ Secoges, Teresa ^^ Severson, Angela ^ Shellhart, Kimberly * Simpson, Mary Kay ^ Singh-Rao, Asha ^ Sjostrand, Rebecca Smith, Brandi ^ Smith, K e lly ^^ Smyth, Mary Beth ^ Stirling, Jennifer Sullivan, Nina ^

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Sullivan, Susan * Sweitzer, Catherine ** Taback, Desiree ^^ Tackett, Kristy ^ Teichrow, April ^ Terry, Tracey Thomas, Anne ^ Thompson, Brandy ^ Thompson, Charlette ^ Thorell, Nicole ** Timon, Janee M Torok, Polly ^ Trainor, Leia ^^ Trenkamp, ​​Rebecca ** Twardowski, Jessica ^ Valentino, Olga * Valera, Richelle ** Vance, Kristine ^ Verrier, Pascale ^^


Vick, Andrew ^^ Vincent, Kimberly ^ Waggoner, Lonnie ^ Walcutt, Diane ** Walden, Amber ^ Waldschmidt, Diane * Ward-Ziegler, Susette ^ Warren, Diane ^ Warren, Kelly ^ Washington-Brown, Felicia ^ West, Ann- Marie ^ Whitted, Tisheila ^ Wilds, Linda * Williams, Angela ^ Williams, Lisa ^^ Williams, Melissa ^ Winchester, Michelle ** Witham, Becky ^ Wolfcale, Stacey ^

Wright, Amy ** Wynn, Quiana * Yahaya, Aloriba ** Yerger, Stacy ^^ Yoder, Hollie ^^ Young, David * Yumping-Fleury, Amalia ^^ Zertuche, Jessica *

Lestrade, Esha Murphy, Bridget Palmer, Doreen Powell, Jean * Reid, Marlene Taylor Smith, Stacy Ann White, John Young, Nicole

associate degree


Calliste, Dauriel R * Cantave, Farahnaz Davis, Junette * Derosier, Bobbi-Jo Dixon, Cynthia Edwards, Lenorr Etienne, Michele Happel, Lorelei ^ Hutchinson, Chris

Lilly, Kezia Morales, Cynthia Siems, Kelly

2012 from


KAPLAN UNIVERSITY FACULTY Listed below are all full-time faculty, plus associate professors who attended the graduation ceremony. Please note that not all faculty members will be present.

KÜNSTE UND WISSENSCHAFTEN Battista, Ludmila, MA Bauer, Joanna, MA Baysinger, Che, PhD Becker, Lori, MS Bradley, Juliet, PhD Brand, Miranda, EdD Cumella, Edward, PhD Donnellan, Elizabeth, MEd Grace, Patricia, MS Jordan, Tibe, MA Krois, Dina, PhD Marshall, Catharina, MA McElwee, Lisa, MS Moretti, Nancy, MS Pelletier, Patti, EdD Rice, Lori, MA Ruble, Verlinda, MA Shimony, Eileen, MA Smith Clark, Elizabeth, PhD Stevenson , Carolyn, EdD Streit, Mary, PhD Terrill, Christine, MA Wright, Lisa, PhD

Students at the American Institute of Commerce, later known as Kaplan University. Davenport, Iowa. October 7, 1938.

History of Kaplan University The roots of Kaplan University go back to 1937 with the founding of the American Institute of Commerce. Today, Kaplan University serves more than 53,000 students online and on campus across the country and around the world. With its main campus in Davenport, Iowa and its academic headquarters in Chicago, the university offers a variety of academic opportunities, from certificates and degrees to undergraduate and professional degrees, including a Juris Doctor degree. It has 11 campuses in Iowa, Nebraska, Maryland, and Maine, as well as Kaplan University Learning Centers in Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, and Maryland. Kaplan University began offering online degrees in 2001 with only 34 students and 3 programs. As of 2012, the university has around 45,000 graduates online. Kaplan University offers a different school of thought for higher education. It strives to help adult learners unleash their talents by providing a student-centered, hands-on education designed to prepare them for careers in some of the fastest growing industries. Graduates receive a well-rounded education through disciplined and professional instruction programs. Founded to provide professional business education, the university has achieved this goal for 75 years by keeping up with job requirements, employer needs, teaching methods, and the use of various educational resources and industry-standard technologies and equipment. .

GESCHÄFT UND MANAGEMENT Adu-Boateng, David, DBA Alex, Theodore, PhD Allen, Tina, DPA Altinoz, Cuneyt, PhD Boone, Joyce, MBA Bourne, Beatrice, PhD Brown, Sharon, MBA Carter, Richard, MBA Cates, Steven, DBA Cojanu, Kevin, PhD Deem, Jack, MBA Digiammarino Jr, Enrico, MBA Doyle, Sean, MBA Edwards, Carolyn, PhD Fail, Charles, PhD Felder-Strauss, Jaclyn, MS Flores, Jimmie, PhD Flynn, Catherine, DPM Gates, Dra. Sandra

Alumni Creed As an alumnus, I will uphold the values ​​of Kaplan University by being a living example of lifelong learning. I will use my knowledge to pursue excellence and I will do so with integrity. I will find ways to encourage others to unleash their talents through the pursuit of education, and I will proudly share the results of my academic achievements.


kaplan university

2012 from


Gifford, Crystal, DBA Greenfield Jr., Alfred, PhD Gunzelman, Rita, PhD Hancock, Carol, DBA Herman, Rebecca, PhD Hochanadel, Aaron, MBA Hubler, Monica, DBA Jackson, Jason, MS James, Kim, MACC Janowich, Joan , MA Knapp, Susan, PhD Kuhlman, Bruce, PhD Leatherbury, Linda, PhD Lerner, Elaine, JD Luea, Heather, PhD Machuca, Ana, PhD McCoy, Craig, PhD McDermott, Martin, MBA Minor, Maria, PhD Mulnix, Michael , PhD Nardi, Nazly, DBA Norris Jr., Ernest, PhD Pettine, Susan, PhD Reinhardt, Michelle, MA Ringler, Ilene, PhD Roy, Janette, PhD Ruiz, Jose, MBA Schoenherr, Denise, MBA Self, Stanley, DBA Sparks , George , PhD Starnes, David, MBA Strouble, Dennis, PhD Taylor, Jerry, MBA Tyler, Marion, MS Walters, Kimberly, PhD Zurick, Andryce, PhD

STRAFJUSTIZ Campbell, Terry, MPA Collica, Kimberly, PhD Hulvat, Jennifer, JD Kozyra, Timothy, JD Miller, Cloud, PhD Pardue, Timothy, MBA, MSCJ Quixley, Charles, JD Reynolds, Joseph, MPA

Skinner, Billy, MS Sperling, Jonathan, MS White, David, PhD Winters, Robert, JD Zucker, Marc, MS

ALLGEMEINE BILDUNG Arnold-Wyche, Erica, MA Beach, Brenda, PhD Bone, Sheryl, MA Delong, David, MS Duke, Elizabeth, PhD Erickson, Paige, MA Fail, Russell, MDIV Fussell, Galia, PhD Gregg, Fran, MLS Hannigan , Carrie, MS Harper, Virginia, EdD Harrison, Jennifer, MA Hinton-Riley, Michele, PhD Hofegartner, Crystal, MA Johnson, Nancy, MA Johnston, Mark, MEd Jones, Kelly, MSW Kelly, Teresa, MA Koster, Brian, MA Krishnan, Rathi, PhD Laska, Mary, PhD Lockwood, Robert, PhD Manning, Ellen, DLitt y Phil Miller, Heather, PhD O'Neil, Kathrine, MEd Rafalovich, Adam, PhD Reich, Ann, MA Rosenberry, Lea, MA Sealy, Dawn, MA Shank, Kira, MEd Stallard, Janet MA Stoff, Millie, MS Thompson, Stephanie, PhD Thornton, Jamie, PhD Vaughan, Robert, DMin Vice, Josef, MA Westerhof, Caroline, PhD

2012 from


CONCLUSIÓN Bailie, Jeffrey, EdD Beckett, Kelvin, PhD Brandt, Fred, PhD Cardenas, Judith, PhD Godsall, Lyndon, EdD Rubel, Carol, EdD Russell, Barbara, PhD Tedesco, Marick, PhD Turetzky, Lois, EdD

Gesundheitswissenschaften Benton, Brooke, MS Claire, Jennifer, MS Ford, Tami, MA Friesen, Lisa, MEd Goris, Lidia, MBA Hollander, Christine, MA Koslo, Jennifer, PhD Parker, Holly, MA Robins, Andrea, MS Snell, Michael, DBA Weston, Ellen, MPA Young, Leslie, MS

information systems and technology

Davis, Jenelle, EdD DePriest, Desiree, PhD Dickinson, Karen, MS Edwards-Walcott, Carol, MEd Fenick, Michael, MIT Fudge, Tamara, DMus, MOS Hall, Linnea, MS Jenewein, Glen, MS McDanolds, Jan, MS McKee , Theresa, MBA Reed, David, PhD Renick, Michael, MS Savage, Stephen, MIT Selby, Allison, MS Sluymers, Monique, MIT Williams, Lynne, PhD

ESTUDIOS JURÍDICOS Berube, John, JD Burnette, Sara, JD Chiacchia, Monique, JD Gray, John, JD Lorenzo, Penny, JD McElligott, Jane, JD Renick, Stephen, JD Starcher, Toni, JD

PFLEGE Adelman, Deborah, PhD Alexander, Lucy, PhD Anderson, Lanette, JD, MSN Carl, Linda, EdD Conte, Theresa, MSN Daly, Amy, MSN Edds, Kelley, MSN Fant, Catherine, PhD Flurry, Kellee, MSN Foster, Elaine, RN, PhD Gordon, Jessica, BHS Graham-Brown, Jennifer, AS Gunderson, Barbara, MSN Iemma, Pasquale, RN, MSN Kieffer, Susan, MSN Legg, Timothy, PhD, RN-BC Lewis-Washington, Cynthia, DNP Liken, Michelle, PhD Mason, Wendy, PhD, RN Ramnon, Merlene, MSN Richards, Millicent, MSN Robinson, Marlo, JD Rogers, Tami, DVM Rucki, Sheila, PhD Theiss, Mary Anne, PhD(c) Thomas Eckroade, Melissa , MSN Towne, Tracy, MSN Turner, Cynthia, DNP Whitworth, Tara, MSN Wood, Laura, MSN

The mace The mace was originally a medieval weapon that bishops of the Church carried into battle as a protective device. The mace has survived for over 900 years in the form of a club, reminiscent of its very ancient use. In later times, the mace was carried by sergeants-at-arms, who were bodyguards for kings and other high-ranking men. Both Richard I of England and Philip II of France ordered their sergeant-at-arms to carry a ceremonial mace. Legislative bodies such as the English Parliament have also adopted the ceremonial mace as part of the pageantry and circumstance associated with the opening of the body's session. As universities developed at the same time, they also adopted the mace for use in academic processions. Today, the club is led by the "club porter" who leads the society from the podium, which includes the university president and other dignitaries, to the stage for the graduation ceremony. Throughout history, special craftsmen have been commissioned to embellish the mace so that it carefully embodies the history, traditions and symbols of the academic institution. Often prominent citizens or alumni of a university would donate the apple on special occasions.

August, Andrew, MS Blair, Risa, EdD Caddel-Liles, Sídney, MS Cunningham, Dara, MA


kaplan university

2012 from


The regalia, robes and academic caps worn early on have their roots in a tradition dating back to the 11th century, when the monks who ran Oxford University in England wore shoulder cloaks to protect themselves from scratches when collecting alms and hats to protect their shaved heads from the cold. Eventually, the cape became everyday attire, serving as insulation against damp and cold within the walls of the university and as a permission badge to enter certain university buildings. In the United States, academic robes and hoods were first introduced as ceremonial dress for university officials in 1754 at the institution now known as Columbia University. In 1885, students at many colleges and universities across the country started a movement to allow graduates to wear gowns and caps upon entering college. Eight years later, an intercollegiate committee of university officials adopted the country's first color and design code for academic dress. The university soon adopted the custom of wearing gowns at graduation and other academic ceremonies. Although the code has been revised several times, current academic dress represents changes accepted in 1960 and adopted by nearly 95% of the nation's higher education institutions. In the United States today, academic robes are mostly black; However, some institutions authorize the use of certain colors. The length of the cape, the width of the sleeve hem, and the length of the hood increase with each advanced level. The colors of the hood identify both the specific area of ​​study in which the degree was awarded, as indicated by the velvet trim, and the awarding institution, as indicated by the lining. The following color chart provides a key to the fields of study according to the intercollegiate code:

COLOR OF THE TUFLA OF THE CAP AND THE VELVET EDGE OF THE HOOD REPRESENTING THE AGRICULTURAL STUDY AREA .............................. ... .. ...... Maize (Pale Yellow) Arts, Literature and Humanities..................... . ..... ... White Business Administration .................... Boring Criminal Justice (Tan) .... ....... . .............. Dentistry blue, peacock (blue green) .......... ........ .. ....... . ....................................................... ......... .......Purple economy................................ . ....... ....... .............. Copper Training ....... ........ .. . ............... . .......................... ..... Blue, lighting technology . ................................................................ .. .............. Plastic arts and orange architecture............................ .. . .........Forest Forest............................ ... ....... ............................Russet Health Sciences (Public Health) ...Rose, Salmon (Orange Rose) Cleaning.. . ......................... Cardinal, D Arche (Red) Journalism ............ ................... Brown (Dark Red) Jurisprudence (Law). .............................................................. .... ... . ... .... ...Violet


kaplan university

Science Library .................................................. ...................... ... ............Lemon remedy............ . .......................... . ........ ..................................... Green Music.... . ................................................................ .. ................ ...... ......... ............ .. Pink Nursing............. ............................ Apricot ( Yellow-Orange) Pharmacy............ ................................ ....... .............. Philosophy green, olive green ..... ................... ....... ........................ .. ....... .....Blue, physical education dark .......... ............................ ....... ..Green and wise public administration ..............Blue, peacock (green-blue) Science............... ....... ..................... .......... .. Gold Social Sciences ....... ........ .................. Citron (Green-Yellow) Speech (oratorio) )... ... ........ ...................... ......... ........ .. Gray Technology , silver ...... ............................ ........ .... ...... .. .. ............ Red Theology or Divinity .............. . .......... . .. Scarlet (Light Red) Veterinary Medicine............................ . .... ......... ........Gray


What is the capacity of the James L Knight Center? ›

The theater provides seating for up to 4569 patrons in a plush, comfortable wedge-shaped configuration offering unobstructed, intimate sight lines, superior acoustical dynamics and 16,000 square feet of staging area.

Who owns the James L Knight Center? ›

City of Miami

Where to park at the James L Knight Center? ›

Nearby Parking Options
  • 60 SE 2nd St. - Lot. Great (21) 0.1 mi. starting at. $ 50 .75.
  • 240 S Miami Ave. ( 60 SE 2nd St.) - Lot. Great (21) 0.2 mi. starting at. $ 50 .75.
  • 145 NE 2nd St - GESU Church Lot. Excellent (104) 0.3 mi. starting at. $ 15.
  • 105 NE 3rd Ave. - Cvi.che 105 Valet. Great (62) 0.3 mi. starting at. $ 20.

Where does University of Miami volleyball play? ›

Knight Sports Complex has served as the home facility for the University of Miami's volleyball program since 2001.

How much is parking at Golden Knights? ›

Finding Parking is Easy

Purchase parking for all Las Vegas Golden Knights home games on the ParkMobile app or using app.parkmobile.io. With available lots right next to the stadium, you can find plenty of available parking. With lots starting at $15.00, you can find the lot that best meets your parking needs.

Where to park for Knight Theater Charlotte NC? ›


Located at 550 S. Tryon Street with an entrance on West Brooklyn Village Avenue. Pay as you enter the garage. *The $5 rate is applicable when parked in the garage after 5pm on weekdays, Mon – Fri.

Where do you park for the Cleveland Guardians game? ›

Where Do You Park for the Guardians Game? The Gateway East Garage is advisable when coming for the Guardians games. The parking pass usually comes with game tickets for Cleveland Indians. Fans only have to take a short walk to the auditorium.

Is there volleyball at Harvard? ›

The Harvard Crimson women's volleyball team represents Harvard University in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I women's volleyball. Harvard competes as a member of the Ivy League and plays its home games at the Malkin Athletic Center (MAC) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

How many universities have beach volleyball teams? ›

These collegiate women's beach volleyball teams compete as members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Currently, 93 college athletic programs sponsor the sport, with one more to do so in a future season.

What Florida colleges have beach volleyball? ›

Colleges with Women's Beach Volleyball programs in Florida
  • Ave Maria University. Ave Maria. ...
  • Eckerd College. Saint Petersburg. ...
  • Florida Atlantic University. Boca Raton. ...
  • Florida Gulf Coast University. ...
  • Florida International University. ...
  • Florida Memorial University. ...
  • Florida Southern College. ...
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Can you bring a purse to the Knights game? ›


Show Pros personnel will visually inspect bags and use a “stick” to search as necessary. Two exceptions will be allowed for oversized bags: diaper bags (with young child present) and medical bags. Those bags are also subject to visual inspection and “stick” search. No outside food or beverage is permitted.

How much is parking for Las Vegas Raiders? ›

Most official parking lots at Allegiant Stadium average $100 for gameday and event parking. SpotHero has access to Allegiant Stadium's on-site lots, allowing you to book securely online before heading to the game.

How much is parking at Sleep Train Arena? ›

General Fees

Parking available on all sides of Sleep Train Arena except for the North side. The cost for general parking at all Sacramento Kings games is $12. The cost for general parking for Sleep Train Arena events is $15.

How much is parking in the Theater district? ›

Theater District Parking is a vital, hidden asset that serves Houston's central business district round the clock and the downtown performing arts facilities during show times. The garage spans 18 underground blocks and consists of 3,369 parking spaces.
Mondays – Fridays (2 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
1 Hour$10
Daily Max$20
2 more rows

What is the biggest Theater in Charlotte? ›

Historic Ovens Auditorium, located at 2700 East Independence Blvd, is Charlotte's largest performing arts theater, seating more than 2,400. It has hosted some of Blumenthal's largest Broadway blockbusters, including multiple engagements of WICKED, and popular concerts like the Beach Boys.

Where do you park for the Lion King in New York? ›

Is there on-site parking at The Lion King? The Lion King does not offer on-site parking. The closest parking is at 120 West 46th Street, New York. See more here.

Can you bring water into Cleveland Guardians games? ›

Fans entering Progressive Field are allowed to bring a single, factory sealed bottle of water that is 20oz or less through the gates.

How much is parking in Cleveland Indian Stadium? ›

Official Progressive Field Parking is available in the Gateway East Garage, located just a 2 minute walk from the stadium. Expect to pay between $10 and $15 dollars for parking in the Gateway East Garage.

How much is parking in downtown Cleveland? ›

You have many options for short-term stays in this lot such as $2.50 for 15 minutes, $5 for 30 minutes, $7.50 for 45 minutes, $10 for one hour, and a full daily rate of $12. Evening rates are available if you arrive after 4 pm for $5, overnight parking is also available for $12.

Where to park at Matthew Knight Arena? ›

During events at the Matthew Knight Arena (including Men's Basketball games) shuttle service is often provided from downtown to the arena. Parking is free after 5:00 PM at the Overpark Garage (10th and Oak) and provides a safe, dry parking area right next to the shuttle stop at 10th and Willamette.

Where to park at Pratt Institute? ›

Pratt's parking lots are lettered A through E. Parking lot A (200 Willoughby Main Lot) is for visitors, faculty, staff, and accessible parking. Parking lot B (215 Willoughby) is for visitors, admissions, staff, and faculty. Parking lot C (Stabile) is for students, faculty, and staff.

Where to park for Reynolds Hall Smith Center? ›

Parking in the Symphony Park Flat Lot is available for Reynolds Hall performances for pre-purchase or ADA parking only. Otherwise, you may utilize this lot and purchase parking on site upon your arrival.

Where do you park for the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton? ›

Parking is available at the Stockton Arena Garage located next to the arena. In addition, there are several surface lots along Fremont Street. Surface lots and parking garage accept credit card, ATM and cash payments.

Can you bring water bottles into Matthew Knight Arena? ›


Smoking is not allowed anywhere in or around Matthew Knight Arena. Cans, bottles, coolers or other food/beverage containers and their contents are prohibited. Weapons, fireworks, laser pointers, explosives or munitions are also not permitted inside the arena.

Does Matthew Knight Arena have food? ›

Matthew Knight Arena provides more restrooms, concessions, TVs in the concourse, and better seating than its predecessor.

What museums are free for Pratt students? ›

Museum Memberships
  • Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Address: 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225. ...
  • The Frick Collection. Address: 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street New York, NY 10021. ...
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. ...
  • The Jewish Museum. ...
  • Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) ...
  • The New Museum. ...
  • The Whitney Museum of American Art.
Dec 8, 2021

What grades do you need to get into Pratt Institute? ›

Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for consideration.

Do you need a portfolio to get into Pratt Institute? ›


All high school art, design, and architecture applicants, including photography, fashion design, and BFA in History of Art and Design applicants, must submit a visual portfolio consisting of 12–20 works. Pratt accepts 2-D, 3-D, and time-based media. Portfolios must be submitted by the application deadline.

How many seats are in the Smith Center in Las Vegas? ›

The 2,050-seat Reynolds Hall is our largest venue, featuring stunning balconies, a dramatic stage, and a full orchestra pit. The entire hall can be rented for performances or meetings. Go to previous slide. Go to next slide.

How much is parking at Austin City Hall? ›

The Austin City Hall parking garage is a public parking garage used by City Hall and downtown visitors, residents and employees.
City Hall parking rates.
Daily Rate Mon-Sun 5 a.m. – 5 p.m.Current Rate
0 to 30 minutesFree
31 minutes to 1 hour$5.00
Each additional 30 minutes$2.50
5+ hours$35.00 (daily max)
2 more rows

What are the best seats at the Smith Center? ›

That said the best seats in the Smith Center for both sightlines and acoustics are in a segment of the hall regularly called the “Dress Circle.” This is ordinarily the primary area at the front of the balcony.

Are purses allowed at Stockton Arena? ›

Patrons are subject to search of their persons and belongings at the discretion of venue management. The Stockton Arena has a No Bag Policy. All jackets, pockets and bags (if allowed) will be searched upon entry. Purses, diaper bags and other small personal bags when allowed will be inspected at all entrances.

How much is parking in the theater district? ›

Theater District Parking is a vital, hidden asset that serves Houston's central business district round the clock and the downtown performing arts facilities during show times. The garage spans 18 underground blocks and consists of 3,369 parking spaces.
Mondays – Fridays (2 a.m. to 4 p.m.)
1 Hour$10
Daily Max$20
2 more rows

When did Park Theater close? ›

Closing: The theatre closed in 1963 and the space was turned into retail use. The closure of the Park was discussed in "Trolleys and Park Theatre; now they are both gone," an article in the May 19, 1963 issue of the Highland Park News-Herald.


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