14 Best Free Quillbot Alternatives to Paraphrase in 2023 (2023)

Paraphrasing is one of the writing assistance services that Quillbot offers, along with several other services like the grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and AI typing assistant. Quillbot's paraphrase tool is a popular and popular writing tool that is used by writers to create creative content and reduce plagiarism. Quillbot uses AI to create well-structured and flowing written material.

The 14 Best Free Alternatives to Quillbot for Writing Articles

Here are the 14 best handpicked Quillbot alternatives for paraphrasing and other forms of writing assistance.

1. Parafraseando.io

14 Best Free Quillbot Alternatives to Paraphrase in 2023 (2)

Available for: Free

Parafraseando.iouses a sophisticated AI to paraphrase sentences. The paraphrase generator has four modes: Regular, Formal, Creative, and Academic. In addition, it supports up to 15 languages. Paraphrasing.io is a free phrase rephraser that makes content unique by replacing words with synonyms while maintaining high content quality. Parapharsing.io is one of the most popular alternatives to the Quillbot paraphrasing tool.


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Jasper IA, formerly known as Jarvis or Conversion AI, is one of the most popular paraphrasing tools along with Quillbot. Jasper AI helps transform content into natural, human-sounding content. One can simply copy and paste the content into the Jasper AI tool and it will help to analyze the content. One of the main advantages of Jasper AI over Quillbot is that Jasper can generate human-like, natural-sounding content simply by typing in keywords and topics. However, Quillbot only focuses on reposting content and does not generate additional content.

3. Copy Shark

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copia tiburonis another tool that competes with Quillbot's Paraphraser. Copy Shark is an automated content generation tool that can generate AI-powered content from scratch in short and long forms. It is not necessary to write the entire article; Instead, you can type your keywords and title, and the tool will automatically start generating content for the keywords and title you typed.

Lots of people use Copy Shark to generate content for product descriptions, sales pages, videos, social copy, etc. The content generated by Copy Shark looks natural and supports more than 20 languages ​​to generate the content. Some languages ​​supported by Copy Shark are French, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, Danish, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, etc.

Copy Shark price changes from time to time. Therefore, it is always recommended that users visit the Freuqnetly website to check the prices before purchasing the tool.

4. Rewrite tools

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Available for: Free

rewrite toolsoffers a great professional tool to help you create amazing content. As an alternative to Quillbot's rewrite tool, the rewrite tools are free. You can select any word from the list of suggested synonyms to write a matching statement that has been paraphrased. You can also add words to the paraphrased sentence using the Paraphrase tool. Allows the author to add creativity.

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5. rotating robot

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Available for: Free

rotating robotIt is a free web tool with no premium features. This tool has gained popularity among writers, teachers, students, and content creators. SpinBot can create original AI-powered readable content. With the help of SpinBot's paraphrase tool, you can ensure that your writing is engaging and relevant to the topic.

6. Grammar

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Available for: Free and Premium

grammarianIt's not exactly a paraphrasing tool, but it will help you create better sentences with its auto-suggestion feature. It's a better grammar checking tool than Quillbot because it includes tone suggestions and a rewrite option. For example:

All you have to do is add your text and Grammarly will highlight any problems. Hover over the underlines to see suggestions, and click a suggestion to accept it.

7. Article Rewrite Tool

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Available for: Free

article paraphrase, in its simplest form, is a free writing tool that reuses content that has already been written to create new content. The Article Rewriter tool allows users to create as many copies as they need for their needs. It uses sophisticated algorithms to create unique, high-quality content.

8. Plagiarism detector.net

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Available for: Free

It has the ability to create unique, readable, and plagiarism-free content. It is a free tool.PlagiarismDetector.netis a web-based makeover tool built with advanced algorithms.

9. Pre-Post-SEO

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Available for: Free

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Pre-Post-SEOis a free online tool. To distinguish the paraphrased text from the original, the words and sentence structure are modified without changing the meaning of the sentences.

10. Help from my job

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Available for: Free

MyAssignmentHelp.comis known for providing the best paraphrasing tool for students and has always provided them with the correct solution. However, it can be used by anyone from content writers to researchers. The paraphrased document is mostly well structured and original. To use the paraphrase tool, you need to register, which is completely free.

11. SpinRewriter

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Available for: $57 per month / $77 per year (see website for clarity)

Unlike QuillBot,SpinRewriterenables the mass production of paraphrased content. In other words, you can quickly create up to 1,000 variations of any published article, export them all, and upload additional articles for bulk rewrites. SpinRewriter is a paid platform, but it is widely used for mass production and certainly saves time. New users receive a 5-day free trial before purchasing.

12. Rotating head

14 Best Free Quillbot Alternatives to Paraphrase in 2023 (14)

Available for: $47 per month / $107 per year / $307 one-time fee

SpinnerJefeuses AI to create natural content similar to human writing and uses advanced algorithms to ensure uniqueness through paraphrasing. Supports more than 20 languages. SpinnerChief is available in desktop and web versions. Unlike Quillbot, SpinnerChief offers a team version. This version has some special features for team use, such as creating, managing and accessing multiple users on different computers with their own member accounts.


14 Best Free Quillbot Alternatives to Paraphrase in 2023 (15)

Available for: Free

Paraphraser.iois an efficient paraphrasing tool and is considered the best Quillbot alternative due to its accurate paraphrasing results and the ability to paraphrase up to 600 words in its free version. Also, it supports multiple languages ​​and paraphrases the content keeping its real intent. If we talk about the working process, it includes 4 different modes that will change the structure of your content and make your existing content unique and smoother without spending too much time effectively.

14. Paraphrase Tool

14 Best Free Quillbot Alternatives to Paraphrase in 2023 (16)

Available for: Free


This is a free AI-powered paraphrasing tool that you can use to rephrase your essays, stories, sentences, articles, and other works. The target users are students, professionals, researchers, poets and storytellers. The free version allows you to retype up to 10,000 characters. Asparaphrase tool, you can achieve high-quality results on a human level.

You can opt for any of the alternatives based on your requirements and the purpose of the rewrite. The list has been carefully selected after careful research and analysis.

The cons were Quillbot

Although Quillbot is the most widely used tool, it has some shortcomings that may lead authors to search the web for other tools. Here are some limitations of Quillbot Replay:

  1. Quillbot's free plan only gives you 700 characters to paraphrase, that's up to 125 words.
  2. The results of paraphrasing can sometimes seem unnatural. Therefore, editing and revision may be required.
  3. Also, you cannot submit multiple items at the same time.

Which is better Spinbot or Quillbot?

Like Quillbot, Spinbot is another popular text rewrite tool that rewrites existing content without changing the meaning of the text. Many authors struggle with sentence length when revising. This is where Spinbot comes in, parsing existing content in three different formats: short, buffered, and long.

The person can choose the format they want and paraphrase the text logically without losing the meaning of the text.

Quillbot against Spinbot

When comparing Quillbot to Spinbot, we recommend Quillbot for its low cost and ease of use. The detailed comparison of Quillbot vs Spinbot is as follows:

Quillbot and Spinbot Awards:

A detailed Quillbot vs Spinbot price comparison is provided below. Given the price, it's clear to prefer the Quillbot to the Spinbot.

planoQuillbotrotating robot
Annual planification$333.12 per monthR$798.90 per month
Vacation plan₹532.03 per month₹3,994.51 per month
monthly planRs 794.85 per month₹5,991.77 per month

Advantages of Quillbot vs. Spinbot:

The advantages of Quillbot are the following:


  • One can rewrite the required text without registering in the app.
  • Apart from paraphrasing, this app also offers many other features like grammar checker, citation generator, plagiarism checker, etc.

The advantages of Spinbot are as follows

  • Spinbot has a very simple interface and helps users to paraphrase easily.

The Quillbot x Spinbot integration:

  • Quillbot comes with Google Chrome, Word, and Docs extensions, while Spinbot has API integration.

Disadvantages in Quillbot and Spinbot:

  • Spinbot requires Captcha to process the request while Quillbot does not require Captcha to process the request.
  • Quillbot has character limitations in the free version.
  • Spinbot only has paraphrase abilities, making it completely limited.

Frequently Asked Questions about Quillbot Alternatives

Find frequently asked questions about Quillbot alternatives below:

What are the (free) Quillbot alternatives?
Paraphrasing.io, paraphrasing tool, rewriting tool, article writing tool, etc. are some of the free alternatives to Quillbot.

What is a paraphrase tool?
The best paraphrase tool online is a paraphrase tool that can be useful for researchers. This rephrasing of the sentence changes words and lines as it goes along. Take old text as input and generate original and new text in seconds.

Is Grammarly better than Quillbot?
Quillbot is a better option if you're looking primarily for a paraphrasing tool, and Grammarly is a better option if you're looking for a more robust AI for grammar checking.

Which is better, Spinbot or QuillBot?
Both Spinbot and Quillbot have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you want to save money, we recommend Quillbot, which is significantly cheaper than Spinbot.

Can Turnitin recognize Quillbot?
Turnitin does not recognize Quillbot or any other explicit content. Instead, Turnitin can identify grammar patterns, grammatical phrases, and similar sentence structures.

We hope you are already familiar with Quillbot alternatives. If you are self-employed, we are sure that the following resources will help you become a better professional and earn money.

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